Active Faith Community Services financial support.

Active Faith Community Services is a charity that can help the low income and working poor. It provides services to those who reside in the South Lyon School District. The number of services we offer is large, but the amount of money we have is limited. What is offered is help finding community resources that can provide financial assistance for emergency bills like rent or heat, as well as referrals to social services like government benefits programs like food stamps.

The area that this organization covers includes Lyon Township, South Lyon City, New Hudson, Northfield, Green Oak Township, and Salem. There is help available through referrals.

The non-profit will provide continuous support to families even after they have received aid. Families in Active Faith Community Services, as well as other cities and towns, often struggle with poverty and can be isolated from sources of help and support. The case management process helps families work towards a long-term goal of stability by providing services like credit counseling and employment assistance.

This means that you will have regular meetings with staff members to discuss your progress and any family support needs you may have. Active Faith Community Services employs advocates and volunteers to help clients identify areas of opportunity or strength that could contribute to their success. The client’s progress will be tracked and measured as they work towards their goal, with ongoing advice provided along the way.

One time financial aid or basic needs can be provided by local churches in South Lyon. If you’re struggling to meet your basic needs, you may be able to get help from a resource distribution program. This type of program can provide you with things like food, clothing, and shelter. If someone is in the middle of a crisis, they may not be able to get the resources they need, which can make the situation even worse.

Active Faith Community Services is a organization that helps people with necessities such as food, housing and heat. The challenges must be fixed before we can move on to things like education and employment. This means that Family Advocates can help families in need by providing them with access to resources that can help them in an emergency situation. These resources can come in the form of grants or government aid, and can help the family in a variety of ways.

A diaper bank is a place where people can go to get free diapers. Low income families and single parents often have difficulty affording diapers, which are not covered by government benefits such as SNAP. The charity and its churches will provide resources to qualified individuals as much as possible.

This program provides grants to support food and shelter programs in areas where there has been a major disaster declared by the president. The Emergency Food and Shelter program provides grants to support food and shelter programs in areas where there has been a major disaster declared by the president. This program is designed to help those affected by disasters have access to basic necessities like food and shelter. This organization may receive government money to help with their cause, or they will have referrals to other non-profit organizations that can provide financial assistance. There are funds available to help people with emergency expenses such as rent, food, or utility bills.

The EFSP can assist you in other ways as well. There may be one-time financial support to help people who are about to be homeless or who are already homeless. This can include finding a safe place to stay for a short period of time, and then, when the time is right, using money to pay for either a security deposit or first month’s rent. This means that grants can be used for things like housing and food.

The Oakland County Department of Health and Human Services can help connect residents with affordable auto repair assistance. This can be especially helpful for seniors who may have difficulty accessing medical care without transportation. Additionally, this service can help residents of Oakland County get to job interviews, ensuring they have the best chance possible of securing employment. This service is only offered in certain cases where it would help the person become more independent.

Referrals can help people with disabilities, as well as low and moderate-income individuals and families, apply for potential public benefits from the state of Michigan or the federal government. Some of the government assistance programs that low-income families may be eligible for are food stamps, child care subsidies, and children’s health insurance. Additionally, families may also be able to get help with paying their home energy bills. The staff from Active Faith Community Services will also help residents to get any tax credits that they might be eligible for, such as the Earned Income Tax Credit. These services will help people who are facing a crisis get the money they need.

This is the ability to identify and use the skills you need to live independently. This means being able to do things like cook, clean, budget, and manage your time effectively. This program helps families and individuals from South Lyon who are struggling financially to gain new skills and knowledge that will help them get through tough times. The Building Strong Families curriculum, Budgeting, Life Skills classes cover a range of topics that can help Oakland County residents, including information on home ownership, parenting/family strengths, effective communication, and job seeking.

The Financial Education Coordinators work with Active Faith Community Services to help people with their money management. Classes on a variety of topics such as credit repair, identity theft, budgeting and home ownership are offered. These services can help people gain long-term stability and improve their lives. Counselors can provide guidance and support to help people overcome challenges and reach their goals.

If you need help from Active Faith Community Services, you will first need to go through an intake and assessment process to see if you qualify for financial assistance. This process may also be required by other case management organizations. This process will explore the household situation, and clients will get an action plan for improving household circumstances. To get more information, call (248) 437-9790.

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