Alliance for Social Ministry programs in Chesterfield-Colonial Heights.

CCHASM is a charity that provides emergency assistance to the disadvantaged and low income in Chesterfield County and nearby counties such as Prince George. In a crisis, they offer a combination of direct financial aid for certain expenses and referrals to other charities or churches. -A food pantry that is open Tuesdays and Thursdays from 9:30am to 11:30am -A clothes closet that is open Tuesdays and Thursdays from 9:30am to 11:30am -A furniture ministry that provides furniture to those in need -A financial assistance program that provides help with utility bills, rent, and prescriptions

They offer groceries from a program that provides food to people in need. If you want to be supported, you must meet all the qualifications and go through a long and difficult screening and application process. The assistance is a one-time help for people who are in an emergency situation and can take care of themselves in general. CCHASM does not provide long-term support to residents. The charity partners with dozens of food pantries to provide groceries, meals, and canned items to people who are in need.

The goal of this organization is to prevent hunger in the region, including Colonial Heights and Prince George, and really across Virginia. They offer support to children, the elderly, and anyone that is struggling to provide for their family. They help with things like food, money, and housing. In addition to boxes of food, there will also be hot meals and applications to government aid programs like food stamps.

The application for financial assistance is more intensive. The organization occasionally has money to pay for things like utility bills to prevent being shut off, rental expenses, or other essential needs. They also help by providing medications for conditions that could be life threatening and offer referrals to community clinics for check ups and other medical care that might be needed. This aid is not always available and it often depends on the government giving money or donations from people in the community.

If you need help during the holidays, the Thanksgiving Meal Gift Package Program can provide assistance. The Social Ministry provides assistance to those who are in need or are working poor during the holiday season. This assistance may come in the form of food, clothing, or other necessities. The Social Ministry partners with schools, businesses, churches, and charities to provide this assistance. There may be free baskets of Thanksgiving food offered, including turkeys, toppings, and desserts.

The Career Clothes Closet provides free work attire. If you need clothes for an interview or for work, you can get free pants, blouses, suits, shirts, and shoes. Some organizations offer gas vouchers to people in need. This is a professional, office quality clothing store for both men and women in Chesterfield County Virginia. For more information about the clothing closet, please call 804-796-3715.

There is other support available, but it is limited to what resources are available. The Chesterfield-Colonial Heights Alliance for Social Ministry reports that it is seeing an increasing demand for assistance with food, rent, and utility bills, but that its resources are not always sufficient to meet the need. The applicant either does not qualify or there is limited funding.

If CCHASM is not able to help, they may provide referrals to other resources. They work together with other churches and non-profit organizations to respond to the needs of clients.

There are many programs and forms of aid available in Chesterfield, Colonial Heights, Dinwiddie, Hopewell, and Prince George. So the charity and its churches are in multiple counties in Virginia. The Department of Veterans Affairs also partners with the Department of Social Services in these locations to improve the coordination of services and financial aid.

The Social Ministry is a place located in Chesterfield, Virginia. This place is where people can go to get help with anything they need. They can get help with food, clothes, and anything else they may need. The service territory includes many counties and towns. To get more information, call (804) 796-3715.

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