Assistance Program

Arcadia Welfare and Thrift Shop emergency assistance programs.

Arcadia Welfare and Thrift Shop provides emergency assistance along with free food and clothing vouchers. The organization is a non-profit that helps residents of Arcadia, California who meet certain income and other conditions. The thrift store is open to everyone and sells good quality items that have been lightly used. This is a great option for people who are struggling to pay their rent or energy bills.

There may be some financial support available to help with utility or water bills, or to prevent a shut off. The Welfare and Thrift Shop may also have some money to help with back rent for a tenant facing eviction. The money for the project will come from selling things at the thrift store and from donations. Therefore, there won’t be a lot of money.

There may be help with utility bills when power or electric service is shut off. The Arcadia Welfare and Thrift Shop can only provide a limited amount of aid, and staff will suggest that clients try to get an extension on their utility payments or explore other options first. A notice of disconnection is required, as well as proof of income and other information.

The rental assistance program may have funds to be used for one time, partial payments for qualified working poor or low-income people that reside in the area. Other forms of help for homeless people may include help to pay the security deposit on a new home or referrals to transitional housing.

There is very little help available for housing needs, and it is only for special cases. The applicant must be in a one-time crisis and be able to take care of themselves to be eligible for this program. The applicant needs to have an eviction notice and meet other program terms and conditions.

There is also a limited number of Homeless Motel or Hotel Vouchers available from time to time, in addition to the financial aid. This is a program for people who are struggling financially and may be about to be homeless. The help is only for people who live in Arcadia.

This program provides vouchers for stays in local motels for one or two nights. The location must be affordable and meet all other program conditions. These vouchers are only offered depending on the availability of space at a local motel and the circumstances of the caller.

If you need emergency food or household items, you may be able to get them from a non-profit thrift store in the Arcadia area. There are items for the homeless, very low income, and people facing poverty in the area. The items that are usually given out at thrift shops are clothing, coats, blankets, sleeping bags, and similar items.

The emergency food program provides non-perishable food items, fresh fruits and vegetables, and other necessary items to those in need. This program is often done with the help of food pantries in Southern California and other non-profit organizations.

The clothing items from the Welfare and Thrift Shop are for children, women, men, and people who are not as fortunate. The items for sale are mostly used, but they are still in good condition. The site is a convenient place to shop for items that people need or that their families need. If someone has a low income, they may get a voucher to go shopping for what they need.

The Arcadia Welfare and Thrift Shop does its best to help those in need, but its resources are limited. Washington Street, but there is also a satellite office at 1200 18th Street.The main office is located at 323 N. Washington Street, but there is also a smaller, secondary office located at 1200 18th Street. The address for the agency is 1st Ave., Arcadia California, 91006. The agency can be contacted at (626) 447-6864.

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