Ashby House housing programs

The Ashby House is committed to providing housing and other essential services to a variety of people in Saline County. There are a variety of assistance programs available for substance abusers, such as the Bridge House, the Light House for single women, and an emergency shelter. There is help available to deal with the crisis and to get the client back to a stable place.

This means that the client will learn how to take care of themselves and their belongings, how to cook and how to manage their finances. This will help the individual to have a stable living environment. The event will offer assistance with employment, credit repair, and other topics.

The emergency shelter from Ashby House is open all year round and staffed 24 hours a day. The location can both provide food and shelter for people. The site will offer a warm and safe place to stay for people who are in a difficult situation. It also helps with social services that are related.

Guests of the shelter try to become independent again. This is done as a meal is served and as people have a safe place to sleep. The staff from the charity work with the guests/homeless people to make sure they never have to come back for another stay. They try to help the person find a long-term place to stay.

The thrift store has a lot of stuff available for cheap, or even given away for free. The Ashby House is located in a prime location that attracts shoppers from all income levels, local towns, and walks of life in Saline County. The store not only has high-end, vintage, brand-name goods (for lower prices) but also has classic styles of shoes, clothing, shoes and accessories. Different kinds of clothes can be bought. The store is open every day from 9am to noon.

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You can also buy furniture and household items. There are household items you can use to furnish your home, including small appliances, chairs, electronics, couches, glassware, and linens. There are also mattresses and items for babies, such as car seats, which are designed to protect them while traveling. Other free resources may be available to families who are struggling.

12th Street, it can be beneficial to donate any items that you no longer need. Donating items to Ashby House is a great way to get rid of items you don’t need anymore, while also helping out people in need. Ashby House provides affordable items to people in the community, so your donation can make a big difference! Santa Fe’s community will be improved as a result of the project. Shoppers can save money by being mindful of their spending and allocating their money to other needs or bills they have. There are also special sales on some items which can attract people looking for a good deal to those seeking a unique item.

The Opportunity Knocks Workforce Development Program helps low-income unemployed or homeless people in shelters find work or gain new skills. This is accomplished by providing job training and work-readiness services that may include some or all of the following.

Ashby House provides employment counseling and case management services to help clients learn job skills and find employment. The staff also provides Career Counseling and Career Awareness. Referrals to other programs that can help with things like fuel bills, housing, and child care. They also help the homeless with things like avoiding scams, getting debt assistance, and learning financial management skills. They also offer computer classes in Microsoft programs. Other topics that are covered include helping with resumes or cover letters and job hunting.

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Some other things that the charity offers are: Legacy House is a safe haven for pregnant women who are homeless or having housing challenges. They will be provided with the resources and support they need to have a healthy pregnancy and delivery. There is even a small house with a few apartments that the client can live in as they improve their situation.

The Bridge House is a place for people with substance abuse problems to get help. This includes people with issues with drugs or alcohol. Ashby House provides financial assistance through Medicaid or federal block grant funding. A professional will help someone who is addicted to drugs or alcohol to recover and live a sober life.

Those seeking long-term support will be enrolled in a Case Management Program. There are community resources that can help low-income women, seniors, and children from poor families.

This means that if you go to a DSS center, they can help you with getting Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid Health Care, Cash Assistance, SNAP Food Stamps, and Employment. Since finding housing can be difficult, the case managers can help families in the Salina County region find affordable housing.

How to apply for housing resources from Abby House

The Ashby House is located at 204 S 8th St, Salina, KS 67401. To contact the non-profit, call (785) 826-4935.

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