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Assistance from Supports to Encourage Low-income Families community action.

When applying for assistance from SELF community action agency, most applicants will be directed to the Emergency Services Department. This is where residents of Butler County can learn about food, financial aid, and housing. An outreach service will also refer qualified clients to other non-profits in the area for their needs.

The staff from the department will help families who are in crisis by giving them the resources they need to avoid becoming homeless or being evicted. The department provides information and referrals to help people in need, and sometimes there is money available to cover expenses. The skills, knowledge, and abilities that the community action agency staff have are very important to the success of the agency.

Get financial assistance for bills, food, housing and other resources

The Emergency Department staff members look into the area around them and speak with other nearby organizations. This is done in an effort to gather information and create important links that will help clients and struggling residents of Butler County. The goal is to help the community develop ways to take care of themselves and feel confident. The department coordinator of Supports to Encourage Low-income Families meets with different organizations to share information about available resources.

Butler County Ohio families can look into money from the government, as there are cash aid programs, grants for a business or school, and even emergency financial aid. If you need help understanding or accessing supports for low-income families, the staff at Supports To Low-income Families can provide you with more information. There is more information available on free government grant money.

The EFSP grant allows the Community Outreach Center to provide financial assistance to a wider range of people in need. Butler County residents can get free food, clothing, and shelter through direct services or referrals to programs offered by other agencies. The Emergency Food and Shelter Program also provides assistance in the form of cash grants for rent or mortgage payments and utility bills. This emergency program typically runs from February to June every year, but it often runs out of funding by the end of June.

The Utility and Heating Bill Assistance from SELF help low-income families to pay their expenses, get their gas or electric service reconnected, or avoid disconnection. In some cases, the non-profit may be able to negotiate with the utility company to lower the monthly energy bill payments to a more manageable amount. There are a few choices that you can pick from.

The Winter Crisis Program helps people who struggle to pay their heating or gas bills. This program provides assistance to low-income individuals and families. There is a focus on making sure the homes of the elderly stay warm during winter months. The amount of money available for assistance varies from year to year, and assistance is provided once per season.

The Ohio Percentage of Income Payment Plan Plus is a year-round program that offers help with payments to regulated utilities, such as Duke Energy. This program is designed to assist low-income customers with their utility bills. Benefit amounts are based on an individual’s or household’s income. SELF’s case managers also help PIPP clients fill out forms to certify or re-certify them for the program.

The SELF Summer Crisis Program provides financial assistance to people during the hot summer months in Ohio. More items may be given out in Butler County, such as free fans and air conditioners, to help households that qualify to stay cool during the hottest part of the summer. The needs of senior citizens, people with medical conditions, the disabled, and others who have received disconnect notices from unregulated utility companies come first. If you need help paying your utility bills in Ohio, there are several programs that can help. You can find more information on these programs on the Ohio Development Services Agency website.

The Weatherization Assistance program helps people save energy and money by making improvements to their homes. This program was created for residents of Butler County to have a place to live. Self is partnering with the Community Action Partnership of the Greater Dayton Area to install materials that will serve as the Intake Center for its service area. The homeowner will receive free energy-saving home improvements that will save money on their energy bill. The goal is to help lower income and working poor clients save money on energy by making their homes more energy efficient.

The Neighbors Who Care Home Repair Program helps low-income Butler County homeowners by providing free mobility modifications and home repairs. This service provides assistance to low-income families who need help. This may include senior citizens, people with disabilities, and homes with young children. Someone who is applying for this assistance needs to be unable to do the work required physically or financially.

SELF financial literacy, job programs and budgeting resources in Butler County

An Individual Development Account is a way to save money while also working towards a goal, such as buying a house or starting a business. The account is set up so that a certain amount of money is set aside each month, and the account holder can only access this money once they have reached their savings goal. This helps people to save money and achieve their goals. Matching grants may be provided to help clients save money so that they can buy a home, start a business, or go to school. Households with two people who meet the requirements can get up to $4,000 in savings that are matched by the government. An IDA from community action is a savings account that also teaches people personal financial management skills, like budgeting, creating savings strategies, setting goals, and financial planning. This helps people meet their financial goals.

Where can I go for help starting a business in Ohio? The Microenterprise Program provides instruction in starting and operating a small business over several weeks, including help with writing a business plan. This is for people who make a certain amount of money or less.

If you qualify, you will get the following benefits for free. This class will provide information on how to create a business plan and address legal issues related to starting a business. If you need help getting started in the class or starting your business, there is support available. Some people may also be eligible for a low-interest loan.

JOBS NOW is a state of Ohio and SELF run employment program that helps individuals set and achieve goals. It also includes information on job coaching, referrals to other agencies, and support services such as transportation or work clothing.

The workshops held also includes classes on employment skills and opportunities, taught by community business professionals from different organizations. The center provides free computer use for job searches, mock interview practice, resume creation, and budgeting.

The book “Self-Sufficiency and Getting Ahead in a Just Gettin’ by World” provides individuals who are living in poverty with guidance and case management. Specialists will help them achieve success and stability. This means creating a written plan for success that is divided into smaller, achievable parts.

The employment service will have support specialists who will help participants with their employment goals. In addition to job coaching sessions, there are referrals to other agencies and wrap-around supports, personal money management classes conducted by LifeSpan, and much more.

Families who have low incomes can improve their financial situations by saving money. There are different ways people can save money, such as reducing the amount of their bills, expenses, and putting money away for the future. SELF offers workshops and classes on how to save money effectively. You can find tips on how to save money from their website.

Low-income families in Ohio can get free help filing their state and federal taxes through the Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) program. The Earned Income Tax Credit is a refundable tax credit for low-to-moderate income working families. In order to help working poor families in Butler County claim this credit, highly trained volunteer tax preparers are available. There is also help available to prepare tax returns, and file them electronically, at no cost for eligible residents.

Apply for Emergency Services Department – SELF assistance programs

The headquarters of SELF is in Hamilton, Ohio. To begin the intake process, please call 513-868-9300.

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