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Assistance from The Word of Life International.

If you are experiencing a crisis, Word of Life International may be able to provide you with assistance. The charity helps people in the South Bronx area, and they provide many services that people can use when they have nowhere else to turn. If the faith based group can’t provide assistance, then other options for help may be suggested. This means that most of the aid is only given when someone has no other options and has already tried to get help from other sources.

The social services can help with things like getting free food and clothing, or referrals to emergency financial aid. The staff at WOL have worked hard to build relationships with key partners, such as churches and government officials.

The Feed the Community Program provides low-cost, healthy food for community members in the South Bronx, including seniors. There is also help available for children who are at risk of going hungry. Working with others is important in order to provide basic necessities for those in need. They also provide other services such as counselors for their education and referral programs. Many people who are seeking food could benefit from those services.

They also help connect people who need help to the right community service or government programs and act as a support for those who can’t get help elsewhere. This program provides food for people in need in partnership with New York City’s Hunger Hotline.

The Food Stamp Program / Supplemental Nutrition Assistance provides assistance to eligible individuals and families to purchase food. The organization helps people to sign up for food assistance programs.

The case managers will help the individuals to see if they are eligible for other social service benefits like section 8 or SSI disability while they are working on their case. WOL provides a sustainable solution to food insecurity by offering various services such as education and counseling. These services help guide clients towards greater independence.

The Kids’ Cafe and Fruit Bowl Program is a partnership between Word of Life and other organizations such as City Harvest for New York City. The program provides healthy meals and snacks for children in need. This organization provides free, nutritious meals to under-served, low-income children, infants, and teenagers in a safe and healthy environment. School-supplied meals or lunches are not available during summer or holiday breaks, but meals are still served on a daily basis.

The staff also want to help improve the health of the South Bronx community by reducing the number of cases of diabetes, obesity and other nutrition-related problems. The goal of providing families with the knowledge, skills, and tools needed to develop positive meal preparation and eating behaviors will be met by the Nutrition Training program.

The agency will help the entire family, including the children, to develop healthier nutritional habits. Volunteers and counselors provide education on choosing healthy foods at local supermarkets or pantries. This gives them the skills, tools, and attitudes needed to make healthy choices. This website provides information on how to cook healthy meals and how to save money on groceries to prevent hunger.

If you have any medical or mental health issues, WOL can help you. The Hepatitis C Association of New York City provides outreach and referrals to people in the New York City area who are struggling with hepatitis C, HIV/AIDS, heart disease and/or substance abuse-related issues. The Aids Resource Center of Wisconsin provides many services to those who are affected by HIV/AIDS. These services include screenings, onsite testing, referrals, and workshops and seminars.

The goal of these programs is to stop the spread of preventable diseases and offer education to all patients. This project includes many different organizations such as Albert Einstein University Teaching Hospital, Bronx Aids Services, NYC Public Clinics, Harlem United, the National Black Leadership Commission on AIDS, and the Latino Commission on AIDS.

WOL is working to make sure that all residents in the community, regardless of income or immigration status, have access to affordable and somewhat comprehensive health insurance. This is done with private and public health insurance providers to help clients choose appropriate coverage and complete the enrollment process.

The agency has a emergency clothing closet where they distribute gently used clothing, free winter coats, shoes, and other necessary items to the needy, children, job seekers and homeless. The organization provides items for people who are participating in any of their other social service programs, to ensure that each person’s basic needs are met, and to assist them in finding suitable employment.

WOL provides employment support for its clients. This includes help with job searches, resume building, and interviewing. The Word of Life International is working with the Bronx Work Force 1 Office to provide services such as job screening and referral to help residents become self-sufficient and independent. The agency wants to provide a solution that is both practical and informative for the unemployed. This involves helping each client improve their job prospects by providing them with educational support, contacts, and skill-building sessions.

The Immigration Services Program helps immigrants and refugees deal with the problems they face. People can get help with information and referrals, and support in dealing with the immigration process.

WOL partners with colleges, universities, public schools, Head start agencies, and other development organizations to provide a Youth Enrichment Program. This program offers a safe and welcoming environment for young people and teenagers from the Bronx to serve their community. This includes working with a mentor to develop leadership skills and receiving academic support.

The program helps youth, including special needs students, to get involved in positive activities that have benefits for both the teenagers or children and the Bronx community. The goal of Youth Enrichment is to help young people develop skills and knowledge that will allow them to succeed in their careers and educational plans.

The Senior Wellness program provides opportunities for adults aged 55 and over to stay active, make a positive impact on the community, and enrich their lives. The Word of Life organization partners with the Cornell University Cooperative Extension and several other charity and non-profit organizations to offer weekly programming. The services offered at the center are free health and nutrition classes, applications for Medicare, pantry services, health screening, meals, and volunteering or job placement.

The staff and volunteers of Word of Life International can help support people who are less fortunate. The main address for this location is 813 Westchester Ave., Bronx, NY 10455. To reach this number, dial 718-861-5678.

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