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Assistance programs Columbia County FL.

Where can Columbia County residents go for help? The state of Florida has been greatly affected by the weak economy and recession and needs a lot of help. from the government You can get help from the government with things like paying your rent, getting utility bills paid, getting food, and getting help with your mortgage.

The Suwannee River Economic Council, Inc. offers an Emergency Assistance Program that is open to all families in Columbia County. This program provides financial assistance to families in need, making it an inclusive organization. Some of the resources offered by the government focus on helping people pay their utility bills and stay cool in the summer, or on providing free food. There are also grants available to help with things like home repairs, rent assistance, prescription assistance, and vouchers for housing.

Residents can inquire about federal government grants for electric bill assistance by contacting their local government office. This is mainly from LIHEAP in Columbia County. The Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) helps low-income households with their home energy bills. LIHEAP is a grant that offers assistance in the form of a cash grant, which is paid directly to the utility company or fuel vendor on behalf of the eligible household. The agency will also have information on various government programs that offer financial assistance, such as the emergency food and shelter program.

The agency also provides case management, referral, and application assistance to other social service agencies. In addition to helping with Florida and state government programs, case workers also help with USDA Commodities. They can also refer clients to either no interest loan programs or public aid such as food stamps. If you need assistance in Lake City, Florida, you can call the number (386) 752-8726 for help.

The Christian Service Center of Columbia County is a nonprofit organization that provides assistance to residents of Columbia County, Florida. Both direct financial aid and information about government programs and non-profits can be offered. The center can provide a variety of services including free clothing, help with utilities and rent, and food boxes. A good supply of food for several days can be provided.

The center in Lake City FL also helps with getting prescription medications, minor auto repair, gasoline vouchers and bus tickets. There are organizations that can provide assistance with obtaining baby items and supplies, as well as hosting baby showers and personal hygiene items. There may also be furniture and household item assistance programs available. Other than providing food, shelters can also offer a place to stay and referrals to other resources.

The Christian Center offers emergency rent assistance to help people who are about to be evicted. Programs that provide free personal care items like shampoo, toothbrushes, soap, toothpaste, mouthwash, combs, brushes, cotton swabs, deodorant, etc. To speak to someone, please call (386) 755-1770.

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