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Assistance programs in Riley County.

There are many organizations that may offer financial help to people in Riley County. Some of these organizations include charities, churches, and government assistance programs. Families who are struggling to make ends meet may be eligible for grants or low-interest loans to help pay for expenses like rent, medical bills, food, and utilities.

In addition to providing support to the Manhattan, Kansas area, agencies also provide other forms of support. There may be help with heating oil and winter heating bills, free back to school supplies and clothes for kids, debt reduction and credit repair services, and Christmas toys for kids. There are many programs available to help low income families.

Get help with paying your rent, bills, food and prevent an eviction

The Manhattan Housing Authority has received a federal grant of $150,000 to help residents with rent, security deposits, and utility bills. The TBRA program provides rental assistance to low-income households in New York State. The program is administered by various agencies and charities throughout the state.

If someone is accepted into the program, they can receive up to two years of help with rental payments. This means that participants will not have to spend more than 30 percent of their income on rent. In addition to the funds for rent, security and utility deposit assistance, a one-time loan or grant may be provided to applicants.

There are a number of other agencies and charities that provide help in the Riley Kansas County region. There are other resources available to people with low to moderate incomes, the working poor, and the unemployed. These resources include the following:

The Salvation Army in Manhattan offers several programs to help people with rent and energy bills. The thrift store is the biggest, then there are the basics like food, clothes, and so on. The secondary objective may be to prevent homelessness. The service exist to help people with rent, heating, and utility bills as a last resort when all other options have been exhausted. There is a limited amount of money set aside for unexpected expenses that may come up. If you need help with supplies for school or Christmas, there are places you can go to get free resources. The Riley County Salvation Army provides assistance to individuals and families in need. They can be reached at (785) 539-9399.

At Shepherd’s Crossing, we can help with utilities, rent, medical bills, and prescription costs. Aid is for those who are in a difficult or dangerous situation. This agency also provides referrals and budget counseling. This Manhattan Kansas non-profit provides free resources to help with debt reduction and foreclosure prevention. If you need help, you can call them at (785) 776-1470, or find more details on Shepherd Crossing assistance programs.

is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization. Manhattan Emergency Shelter, Inc is a nonprofit organization that is recognized by the IRS as a 501(c)(3). This means that donations to the organization are tax-deductible. The program also provides homeless prevention and rapid rehousing. The government’s Homelessness Prevention and Rapid Re-Housing Program (HPRP) provides rental assistance to people who are about to become homeless or who are already homeless. Financial assistance can help with rent, heat, and utility bills, as well as moving costs. No money can be used to pay for a mortgage. The number is 785-537-3113.

The American Red Cross has a special program for customers of Westar Energy. The government provides financial assistance for those who need help paying energy bills. This assistance can be used for utility and heating bills. There are other heating and energy assistance programs available in Kansas. This is a phone number.

Patients can go to Mercy Regional Health Center on College Ave Campus for health care. This is a Non-profit health center. They manage and provide various health care programs for patients who are staying in the hospital (inpatients) and for patients who visit the hospital for specific treatments or check-ups (outpatients). The clinic will provide care for patients who are sick or injured. The clinic provides care for all patients regardless of income or background. This number is 776-3322.

The Northeast Kansas Community Action Agency provides assistance to people in the Riley and nearby counties. The non-profit NEK-CAP helps low income families overcome poverty by addressing various challenges. Some of the main resources for starting a small business include finding direct financial support, applying for government grants, having a case manager, and getting referrals. They also help with reducing debt and credit issues.

Emergency rent, housing and utility bill assistance is provided to those in need. This refers to any type of financial assistance that can help someone with their living expenses, such as paying for rent or utility bills. Other organizations, like charities and government benefits, can help with paying rent, heating bills, utilities, and security deposits. There are a number of services available that can help prevent evictions, including free legal aid in Kansas. The homeless can access housing that has opportunities for them.

Infant and child development programs are available through Head Start, which is funded by the federal government. This can offer children free meals, medical and dental care. Not only can children benefit from having a pet, but parents can too.

The Community Action Agency helps connect people with social services they may need. The classes will focus on developing family skills, budgeting, and learning about local community resources. This can include information on Riley County free food pantries, and more. Other government programs offered by the NEK-CAP agency include food stamps, disability cash benefits, and more. This agency provides assistance to those in need in the Northeast Kansas area. They offer a variety of services such as food assistance, housing assistance, and energy assistance.

There are several agencies in Manhattan, KS that help both tenants and the homeless with eviction, foreclosure, and homeless prevention programs. This organization provides financial assistance for rent, deposits, or moving expenses, as well as counseling and legal aid, for people in emergency situations. There is more housing assistance available in Riley County.

The Flint Hills Breadbasket is a health care center that helps to reduce hunger and poverty by making sure that food is distributed to those who need it. This can help people to stay healthy and have enough to eat, which can improve their overall quality of life. Counselors and other specialists will create and support programs that will reduce hunger and poverty in the greater Riley County Kansas region.

Some of the services that are offered include a 3-5 day supply of groceries or free food to feed everyone in the household, regardless of age. Food assistance is offered to help individuals when they don’t have enough food at home to make a meal and can’t afford to buy any. Call (785) 537-0730.

Catholic Charities of Riley County Kansas is a great organization to contact for help. They also collaborate with local churches and government agencies. There are several programs that can provide emergency assistance and basic needs. This organization provides many services for people in need, such as housing for seniors, referrals to food pantries, rental and utility bill assistance, clothing, and more. Case managers can also help immigrants who are disabled and offer referrals to government and regional charities. The main office of Catholic Charities is located in Manhattan, but the organization provides assistance to low-income individuals throughout the county. If you need help, Northern Kansas Catholic Charities has programs that can assist you.

There is always a need for affordable and free medical care. This means that there are places where people can go to get medical help that are either free or very low cost. These places are usually set up by organizations or the government to help people who can’t afford to go to a regular doctor. There are websites that offer free prescription drugs and savings.

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