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Assistance programs in Union and Madison County.

There are many programs that can help low income and working poor families with things like money and free items. If you live in Madison or Union County, Ohio, you can get help with your rent, security deposit, utilities, or mortgage payment. The sick can receive free medical or dental care. There is also help for children, including free Christmas gifts, school supplies, clothes, and more. This help is provided by organizations, businesses, and individuals who want to make sure that every child has a happy holiday season.

In addition to churches and charities, there are also organizations that provide debt counseling and assistance with bills and credit card/auto loan payments. There are also job training programs, free drug and alcohol support, emergency cash aid from the government and many other social service programs.

Financial assistance for bills and rent

The Salvation Army of Union County provides housing assistance for families and veterans. Some organizations offer money to help pay for things like security deposits, utility bills, and rent. Other resources that may be available include an emergency food box, furniture, and more. Some other services that are offered are budgeting classes, referrals to free Christmas toys from Angel Tree, and back to school supply backpacks. The address for the business is 232 N Main St, Ste F in Marysville. The phone number for the business is (937) 738-7604.

The Community Action Organization of Madison and Union in Marysville, Ohio has a phone number of (937) 642-4986. This means that there are more than 10 programs available for people who make a certain amount of money or less. The non-profit will help clients get money from HEAP to pay for heating bills. There may be more money available as loans for things you need to pay for.

The organization provides Head Start applications, processes surplus USDA food or commodities, and offers credit counseling. Other services may include applying for state and federal government programs, as well as case management. The Madison County families can use the center at 255 W High St, London, Ohio 43140 and the Union County site is in Marysville at 232 N Main St. Ste D. The main phone number for the Union County site is 937.642.4986.

The Veterans Service Office – Union County helps veterans and their families in a variety of ways. They can help with things like getting benefits, finding a job, and getting housing. They also provide counseling and other support services. The organization can help veterans get to VA medical facilities, help with applying for VA benefits, and provide emergency and temporary financial assistance. If you need help with food, rent, medication, or car repairs for work, you can go to the office. In Union County, please dial (937) 642-7956 for assistance. An office that provides similar services to veterans is located in Madison County. This location can be found at 1 North Main Street in London, OH. The room number is 011 and the phone number is (740) 852-0676.

The Hope Center is a place where people can go to get help with various social services. Some ways that people in Madison and Union County can get help are with paying their gas and water bills, getting clothing, finding shelter, getting legal aid, and getting furniture or appliances for a new home. The address of the location is 212 Chestnut Street, Marysville, Ohio 43040. Call for information on water bill assistance, or find more information online.

Union County Senior Services provides meal delivery and congregate dining options for seniors. There are recreation programs and outings specifically designed for senior citizens and their caregivers. You can get help from the state of Ohio Benefit bank for programs such as SHIP or Medicare applications.

The purpose of the senior center and its services is to protect the elderly, provide them with food, and ensure they receive medical care. There are also fun activities for site users. The phone number is (937) 644-9629, and the office is located at 1234 Elm St. in Marysville, OH 43040. There are many senior financial assistance programs available to help seniors cover the costs of living. These programs can provide funding for things like housing, food, and medical care. Some programs are specifically for seniors, while others are open to all adults.

The Salvation Army has a family center in London. Some people may also have money for rent or a deposit. Other resources available include Christmas gifts and meals from the Angel Tree program, as well as shelter and transitional housing. The school also has a store where students can get supplies and household goods for free or at a low cost. The phone number is (740) 852-3511.

There are a number of non-profit organizations that help families save money, budget, and live within their means. There are workshops held by Union County agencies and free credit counselors. There is a lot to learn about managing your money, from saving money on transportation to reducing the interest rates on loans. There are also money management workshops that can help you learn more about how to manage your finances. There are many ways to save on transportation costs, including carpooling, taking public transportation, biking, and walking.

Medical and dental programs

Grace Medical Clinic is a clinic that provides free medical and dental care to patients of all ages who are uninsured in Union County. To make an appointment, please call (937) 303-4209. There is free dental care available for both adults and children in the region.

The Madison County Health Partners Free Clinic provides a range of medical services, including internal medicine, OB-gyn, diabetic education, psychiatry, physicals, pap smear tests and mammograms. if someone needs help getting medication or dental care, there are programs that can help them get it for free Call (740) 845-7286 There are clinics in Plain City and London. You can also find a list of health care clinics in Ohio.

Pantries and free food banks in Union and Madison

The Marysville Food Pantry is located at 333 Ash Street. You can reach them by phone at (937) 644-3248. This organization provides groceries, paper products, weekend snacks for children, and hunger prevention services.

Plain City Pantry is a place where people can go to get free groceries, free food, toiletries, clothing, and holiday meals. The number 614-733-0900 can be called for assistance.

Richwood also has a food bank at 235 Grove St, which is located behind the Civic Center. This is a phone number.

The Richwood Emergency Assistance program provides financial assistance to low-income families who are part of the North Union School District. Gift certificates and vouchers are given out.

The London, Ohio branch of Food Through Faith provides food to those in need. This is a phone number.

The emergency food pantry has meals for seniors and children from families with low incomes. In addition to Thanksgiving and Christmas meals, small presents are also available. The phone number is (740) 852-1980.

The Madison County food bank provides food for people in need. They can be contacted at (740) 852-5822. The non-profit provides services to London, Sedalia and South Solon.

The Mount Sterling Community Center provides food assistance to those in need through either providing a box of food or helping clients apply for WCI vouchers or EBT food stamps. This is a phone number.

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