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Assistance programs in Wilson County Tennessee.

What are some non-profit organizations in Lebanon and Wilson County, Tennessee that can help with expenses like bills and rent? You can get help with your mortgage and debt from foreclosure counseling and debt management programs, as well as get free food.

Help with rent and utilities in Lebanon and Wilson County

If you are in danger of being kicked out of your home, call the Lebanon Help Center at (615) 449-1856. The location may be able to help with utility bills that are overdue, medical prescriptions, free clothing, and food. They also help people who are old/sick with cancer to get the medicine they need. In some cases, you may be able to get gas vouchers for doctor’s visits that are out of town.

The help offered by the center is for those who are eligible for the program. Low-income individuals who meet certain qualifications may be able to receive financial assistance for expenses such as utility bills, food, gasoline vouchers, and medications.

The Mt. Juliet Help Center is another option. They offer financial assistance for utility bills up to once per year. The phone number is (615) 754-4357.

The Salvation Army provides support for the region. There are many different types of social services and assistance programs available to people in need. These programs can provide financial assistance, help with basic needs such as housing or food, or offer other services such as counseling or job training. Call the agency for information on referrals for financial assistance. The Wilson County Department of Social Services may be able to provide emergency financial assistance for utility bills, rent, free food, free Christmas gifts, and school supplies, depending on availability of resources. Other resources for finding cheap or free food include a thrift store, food pantry, or programs focused on senior citizens. Case managers help people who are working but do not have much money. The Salvation Army in Wilson County provides assistance to those in need. This assistance can come in the form of food, clothing, or financial assistance.

There are various forms of assistance available for low-income individuals in Wilson County, including help with housing and rent, as well as access to homeless shelters. There are many organizations that offer financial assistance to those who are struggling to pay rent, utility bills, or deposits for housing. They also offer shelter and transitional housing for women and the homeless. Both charities and the government may provide assistance. To find out more about renting or getting housing assistance in Wilson County, please visit the website or contact the office.

Assistance programs from the Mid-Cumberland Community Action Agency

This agency provides assistance to those in need so that they can become self-sufficient.

A program that helps people during an emergency or crisis situation. This program provides financial assistance in the form of a cash grant to individuals and families who need emergency help with housing, rent, and utility costs and bills. It also provides information and counseling services to those in need.

Assistance with repairing one’s housing. Grants are available to low-income homeowners to help with the repair or replacement of septic systems, the construction of wheelchair ramps, and the provision of safe water supply.

This refers to medicines and devices that are used to treat medical conditions. The community action agency provides help and vouchers to those who don’t have prescription drug insurance or who can’t afford to pay for medications. This program provides assistance to eligible individuals in obtaining medical supplies and equipment.

The Low-Income Home-Energy Assistance Program helps low-income families with their energy bills. This program helps people who have a low income, are elderly, or have a disability, to pay for their heating and cooling bills. Emergency energy bill assistance is also made available for families who are struggling to pay their energy bills.

The program helps with the down payment, and the monthly payments are made directly to the car dealership. The transportation program provides assistance to those who cannot afford the down payment on a new or used car. The program pays the dealership directly, and the monthly payments are made to the dealership as well. The agency understands that having a car is essential to being independent. This program provides financial assistance to help people pay for minor automobile repairs that may be required to keep their vehicle in good working condition.

Foreclosure is the legal process through which a lender seizes and sells a borrower’s property—usually a home—in order to pay off the borrower’s debt. Debt assistance is help provided to a borrower in order to pay off their debt. They can refer homeowners and people with unmanageable debts to counselors and agencies that are approved by HUD to help with foreclosure.

Call the Mid-Cumberland Community Action Agency at (615) 742-1113 to talk to someone who can help you. There are many programs available that offer grants, loans, and financial literacy education. The Michigan Community College Association offers a variety of programs to help community colleges in the state. These programs include professional development for college staff, grants and funding for college projects, and advocacy on behalf of community colleges at the state level.

Buffalo Valley Inc. helps people with their housing needs. This can include finding a place to live and getting help from the government to pay for a security deposit. The organization is geared towards helping those who are homeless or at risk for homelessness, and may be able to provide assistance with finding housing or connecting with case management services. They provide many services in Wilson and surrounding counties. The number to reach someone is 931-359-3052. There are programs in the Buffalo Valley area that can help with housing costs.

Health and medical care at reduced costs

Charis Health Center is a clinic that offers healthcare at reduced fees based on the applicants household income. They offer services such as health screening, general checks ups, and other medical services. The clinic will also offer referrals for other services, such as reduced cost testing, and will provide access to specialists if needed. The number 615-773-5785 can be written as (615) 773-5785.

The Wilson County Health Department – Primary Health Care Services offers medical services and health care to low to moderate income individuals on an ability-to-pay basis. The programs target low-income, underinsured, uninsured and working poor residents of the community. To place a call to (615) 444-5325, use a phone to dial the number.

Food pantries and distribution centers

The St. Francis Cabrini Catholic Church provides a food and grocery program for families or individuals in Lebanon, Tennessee during difficult times or emergencies. This food is for people who can’t afford to buy groceries or who don’t have access to a grocery store. Please call the number (615) 444-0524.

The Wilson County Food Donation Program provides a food pantry for people in need. The pantry is stocked with donated food that can be accessed by anyone who needs it. The phone number 615-547-9316 is a US based number.

To find other food pantries and soup kitchens, look up food pantries and soup kitchens in the area on a website like Google Maps. Non-profits use donations and the help of volunteers to provide food for families who are struggling. To find Wilson County food pantries, you can search online or ask your local government office for help.

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