Atlanta Legal Aid Society free assistance programs

If you need legal assistance, the Atlanta Legal Aid Society can help you. They offer guidance, free legal consultations and representation, and referrals. This organization provides free services to low-income people, seniors, and others who are not as fortunate, in the Atlanta area. The focus is on people who would not have access to an attorney on their own, without help. This includes people who are low-income, have a disability, or are otherwise unable to afford an attorney.

The clients of the organization are people who are struggling to make ends meet, senior citizens, people with disabilities, and minority groups. If you have a low income, you can get help with your basic needs, no matter your age, race, or religion. Help is available throughout the Atlanta area, including Fulton, DeKalb, Clayton, Cobb, Gwinnett and other counties. The Society provides a range of services, including those listed below.

Eviction or Foreclosure Defense is a movement that helps prevent or even reverse homelessness in the area. Lawyers help people who are at risk of losing their homes to keep their homes. This can include people who are elderly, disabled, or single parents. If you are low income and struggling with housing needs, you may qualify for assistance.

The Home Defense Program is the main resource administered by the Department of Homeland Security to protect citizens from terrorist attacks. It can provide lawyers or paralegals to work with tenants on eviction prevention. They can help coordinate between the landlord and the tenant, or review the tenant’s rights. Somebody who has been given a loan with unfair terms or a high interest rate can get help from a financial advisor. The Home Defense Program provides extensive services to prevent foreclosure.

This project will help cancer and AIDS patients get the care and treatment they need. The staff at the center help individuals obtain housing, free health care, and access to government benefits. They also try to empower individuals by teaching them life skills. Call the number for information.

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The Atlanta Legal Aid Society deals with family law issues. They help people who are having difficulties at home. This can include things such as abuse to support for children, including those in the foster care system. Attorneys also work with community-based organizations to use available resources efficiently.

Disability programs can help people with disabilities, or their caregivers, to access services and benefits that are available in the community. There are many disability services in Georgia. This will allow them to, for example, get help in applying for SSI benefits. This means that they can be placed in the least restrictive environment possible so that they can live as normal a life as possible. People with disabilities in Fulton County and Atlanta usually have priority when it comes to getting legal help.

The Society’s Senior Citizens Law Project is for residents over the age of 60 and their spouses. The project provides legal assistance to seniors who need help with issues such as consumer law, public benefits, and housing. If someone needs help understanding their health care benefits or applying for income, they can get assistance from a trained professional. The Legal Aid Society will represent nursing home and personal care home residents when needed. The patients can ask about their rights when leaving the facility and if the conditions of the facility meet the standards.

There is another option, which is the Georgia Senior Legal Hotline. This resource is for the elderly and is offered by the Atlanta Legal Aid Society, State Bar Pro Bono Project, the Georgia Division of Aging Services, and other groups. The website gives users free access to information, resources, and applications for Medicaid and other government benefits. For more information, call the hotline at (404) 657-9915.

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The Probate Information Center is a non-profit organization that assists people who are going through the probate process. The organization provides information and resources to help people understand the process and make informed decisions. The Atlanta Legal Aid Society Probate Information Center is a non-profit organization that helps people who are going through the probate process by providing information and resources. This service provides free assistance with wills, estate debts, and petitioning for financial support. There are other options for people who need to go through the probate process for a loved one’s estate.

The Caregiver Project is a program that helps grandparents or other relatives who are supporting a child that is not their own. Volunteers from various law firms in Cobb, Fulton, and Gwinnett provide free legal advice, representation and other services. The goal is for everyone to work together so that children who have parents that cannot take care of them have stable and loving homes.

It covers areas such as contracts, torts, property, constitutional law and criminal law. In general, law refers to a body of rules that govern the conduct of individuals and organizations. These rules may be codified in statutes, regulations, case law or other sources. Contracts, torts, property, constitutional law and criminal law are all examples of areas of law. The Atlanta Society will help clients with things like employment issues, resolving landlord-tenant disputes, and applying for public benefits. This means that General Law can help you with many problems that have to do with money that you owe, as well as other issues that consumers (people who buy goods and services) face.

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TeamChild is a group of people who work together to help children who are in difficult situations. In the county, lawyers work together to provide services such as Medicaid’s Early Prevention Screening Diagnosis and Treatment, guardianship, and other services to young people. There is also free legal aid for other concerns such as child abuse.

The Hispanic Outreach Law Project provides legal assistance to Spanish speakers in Georgia. The Atlanta Legal Aid Society provides educational resources to the community, advocates for justice, and helps connect clients with social services. Attorneys can help people who want to become citizens by guiding them through the process and making sure they have all the necessary documents. In addition to English, services are also offered in Spanish. For more information, call (404) 377-5381.

The Health Law Partnership provides healthcare for children. This program is designed to help low-income or uninsured families get the social, legal, and economic support they need. The study is for patients who are staying at Hughes Spalding, Egleston, Scottish Rite, or another similar facility. The number you have reached is no longer in service.

Phone number to apply for free legal consultations in Atlanta

There are different numbers to call depending on your location and what you need. The Atlanta Legal Aid Society can be contacted at the following number: ____________. The address of the Atlanta History Center is 151 Spring Street NW, Atlanta, Georgia 30303. The phone number is (404) 524-5811. The Cobb County office is staffed by people who can be reached at (770) 528-2565. Some other counties you can reach out to are DeKalb, South Fulton/Clayton, and Gwinnett.

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