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Beaver and Lawrence County Salvation Army assistance programs.

There are many programs available in Western Pennsylvania from the Salvation Army that can help you. There are a variety of programs and resources that can help with things like heating bills, food, housing, and more. The not for profit agency provides help or guidance to thousands of residents of Lawrence and Beaver counties every year.

The HeatShare program is a utility assistance program that helps eligible low-income households with paying their energy bills. This assistance is for families who have been told by their energy company that their service will be shut off. The Salvation Army is responsible for ensuring the success of this program throughout the state. For information and referrals, you can contact an office below or call 1-800-842-7279. This will also provide homeowners with free energy conservation tips and maybe even support in applying for government assistance.

Emergency Food Assistance is available all year, even during summer for students or low income families during the Christmas holidays. The Salvation Army provides hot meals and food to anyone who needs it at its Service & Worship Centers and local food pantries. What is being offered are the Backpack Feeding Program for students, access to food pantry, and after school snacks and meals.

The Salvation Army offers resume assistance, job counseling, and transition classes to help unemployed people gain new skills. The organization knows that having a job that pays well is important for being independent, and there might be jobs and employment opportunities in counties like Beaver.

The Birmingham Free Health Clinic provides low-cost or free health care to low-income families and individuals. Some organizations may offer help to those who do not have insurance. If you are interested in learning more about this topic, please call 412-481-7900. This means they will need to arrange and pay for their own transportation.

The Salvation Army thrift stores in western Pennsylvania sell clothing and household items to the public. The store offers a wide variety of items at a discounted price and the items are usually of good to great quality. People in difficult situations who need help paying for clothes may be given free vouchers to use at clothing stores. This can be useful for people going through a difficult time due to a disaster or financial troubles such as a medical crisis. If you are struggling to pay for personal hygiene or household items, you may be able to get vouchers from the county.

Other types of help may be available in an emergency, such as help with rent, medication, and energy costs. Caseworkers will also help families and individuals pay their utility bills to make it through an emergency, by providing financial assistance. Many people may need an appointment at a local Lawrence center, however some referrals from other human service agencies, churches and related organizations may be satisfied without an appointment.

The Salvation Army caseworker will try to help with the financial problem and also try to figure out why the person is in this situation. They may also help with things like money and budgeting, advice, and getting a job. Many clients will be able to receive financial assistance at the end of the day to help with basic needs like vouchers for rent, utilities, and grocery store items.

In Lawrence and Beaver County, assistance is available for Christmas and other holidays. Some of the Salvation Army programs include adopting a family, providing winter clothing and meals, and giving gifts to children. Many people donate gifts, toys and clothing items to assistance programs as a way to give back to their community.

Phone number to apply at

The Rochester Worship and Service Center is located at 378 Jefferson St, Rochester Pennsylvania 15074. The Salvation Army Service Center is located at 240 West Grant St, New Castle PA 16103. To reach either center, dial 724-774-8335 or call the Salvation Army Service Center. The phone number is 724-652-7921.

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