Assistance Program

Belknap County St. Vincent De Paul assistance programs.

The Belknap County New Hampshire St. Vincent de Paul provides assistance to those in need. The charity organization provides food, clothing, financial assistance, and operates a thrift store in partnership with churches. There are a variety of resources available for the working poor and low income individuals in the Laconia region.

The store will sell items to the public. This can include clothing, furniture, appliances, and other household items that are either new or gently used. The items for sale depend on what has been donated by the community. The thrift store receives donations from local families, individuals and businesses.

Our goal is to provide low-cost items to people who can’t afford to pay full price. The money raised from selling clothes and other items is used to fund other programs that help people in need.

The food pantry is a program that is used a lot by people. This means that, if there are enough resources, the center can provide each member of a household with enough food for 21 meals. The food that is given to people who need it comes from local food drives, donations from the Department of Agriculture, local fundraising, and sometimes from local grocery stores. Every year, hundreds of people are served Thanksgiving and Christmas meals. If you are able, please consider donating to the food pantry.

The Children’s Foundation is a service offered by the Belknap County St. Vincent de Paul Society that helps children in need. It can help with things like getting around, doing everyday tasks, and communicating with other people. Volunteers and staff work with the guidance counselors, school nurses and local daycare centers to provide support and resources. The St. Vincent Children’s Foundation helps provide school supplies and other materials to children in need.

Some people are asking for sneakers, baseball gloves, diapers, daycare book scholarships, head lice shampoo, and even money to pay for school field trips. The staff and volunteers can all communicate well with the children from New Hampshire and figure out what they need or want. Project Pencil is a resource that can provide backpacks filled with supplies to lower income students in elementary, middle, high school, and college.

The Children’s Foundation uses the school’s free and reduced lunch program to determine who gets assistance, but they also consider special circumstances and possible exceptions.

There may be a limited amount of money available to help you. This means that any money given as a fund or grant is only meant to help support things like welfare or government programs that already exist. They work by providing financial assistance for things like rent payments and security deposits, utility payments, medical bills, child care expenses, transportation, and more for those in need.

In addition to the money, there is also social and spiritual comfort. This service is provided by teams of volunteers who visit people’s homes for free. The focus is on finding ways to help St. Vincent clients. This financial aid is available to residents of the entire region, which includes the towns of Alton, Laconia, Gilford, Belmont, and Gilmanton in New Hampshire.

Disaster relief is available for those affected by the recent storms in New Hampshire. The St. Vincent de Paul Society is a volunteer organization that helps people affected by disasters. The charity and its churches work closely with other non-profit agencies to provide free food, shelter, household and financial assistance to those whose lives have been impacted by an unforeseen natural disaster.

Location of SVDP programs in Belknap County

The main St. Vincent center is located at 1269 Union Ave in Laconia, New Hampshire. The center houses a number of churches, as well as a variety of other facilities. The main phone number for the center is (603) 524-5470.

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