Bellingham and Whatcom County Catholic Charities assistance programs.

There are several services available from Bellingham Catholic Charities. The church based group provides emergency shelter through Hope House and gives out information on permanent housing. The organization provides drug and alcohol treatment services, mental health care, and other services to residents of Whatcom County. Some of these services are low cost. The Bellingham Catholic Charity organization helps people with things they need, like food and clothes.

Emergency Housing is a program that helps people who are at risk of being homeless or are currently homeless. The focus is on finding temporary accommodation, such as a shelter. This service helps to find cheaper emergency housing for low-income, homeless clients, rather than them staying in motels for a long time, which costs the community money.

Social workers will try to help people find housing for a temporary stay. The applicant may be assigned a volunteer from the local Whatcom County church to help them with transportation, paperwork, and other needs. The emergency shelter is not only arranged, but clients also go through evaluations and receive recommendations for a long term housing solution, including section 202 vouchers.

Bellingham Catholic Charities is also involved in providing housing for low income seniors and running apartments with partners. The doctor may refer you to a specialist who is located in a nearby county. If someone is in a difficult situation, for example, if they are a migrant farm worker or a woman fleeing violence, then they may be able to get help. There are other senior housing programs besides section 202.

Residents with physical and mental disabilities can get help finding a job through vocational rehabilitation. There is also support for individuals who are struggling with alcohol or other addictions. One of the main challenges faced by the disabled or people leaving rehab as they seek employment is the lack of accessible or accommodating workplaces. Many workplaces are not designed with the needs of the disabled or people leaving rehab in mind, making it difficult or impossible for them to gain employment. Additionally, the social stigma surrounding the disabled or people leaving rehab can make it difficult for them to find employment even if they are qualified for the position. There is a lot of discrimination against disabled people, they often have to face physical barriers, and there is much more. Whatcom County Catholic Charities provides vocational rehabilitation services to help people with disabilities gain stability and earn a paycheck. The services also help people find meaningful work.

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Food and basic needs from Whatcom County Catholic Charities Hope House

An organization that provides food for people who are struggling to afford it. A box of groceries with up to three days worth of canned and perishable food will be given to them. The food will come from different groups like vegetables, fruits, dairy, grains, and protein.

The center, part of Hope House, is stocked with donations from corporate sponsors. There are also financial donations from the Emergency Food and Shelter Program, Feeding America, Hunger Prevention Nutrition Assistance Program (HPNAP), and the local community action agency. These organizations help to provide food for those in need.

This program helps people save money. Too often, when the household budget is tight, the pantry can help fill that short-term need. Whatcom County residents in need of short-term support can visit the Pantry.

They are committed to providing quality service and being responsive to the needs of the clients. The staff at Bellingham Catholic Charities are dedicated to providing quality service and being responsive to the needs of the clients. They share a commitment to serving the community and going above and beyond what is expected. The center will sell thousands of items and people also donate hundreds of items for resale. The Shops is a community-based center operated by the ministry that functions as a thrift store. The store will offer a variety of used items including clothing, books, furniture, electronics, small appliances, DVDs and collectibles. We are proud to offer high quality items in a clean and organized store that is enjoyable to shop in.

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Donations can always be used by the Sharing and Beyond Shops. This means that the expenses can be deducted from your taxes. In order to complete this task, you may need the following:

Small, decorative items that are usually used to fill up empty spaces on shelves, tables, etc. These can be things like picture frames, candles, vases, etc.

For anyone looking to donate, Catholic Charities asks that clothing donations be clean and all other goods be in good, working condition. The contributions help to support families who live in the same area. The money raised from this event also goes towards helping local families in crisis and providing them with financial services.

The Whatcom County Catholic Charity is located at 1133 Railroad Avenue suite 100, Bellingham, WA 98225-5054. Please call (360) 676-2164.

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