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Belmont Community Organization assistance programs.

The Belmont Community Organization is a faith-based organization that provides support to families in need in certain parts of Gaston County. There are many programs that help with money and other needs. Everything from food to money for paying bills, Christmas toys, and other assistance can be provided.

The Belmont Community Organization only covers a certain region. The city of Bremerton as well as Cramerton are both included. The programs also include the area between Interstate 85 and the Catawba River. The organization does its best to provide help, but it is limited in terms of resources.

The Belmont Community Organization offers assistance during the Thanksgiving, Christmas, and back to school seasons to relieve holiday stress and enable families to use their limited financial resources for basic needs and expenses, such as rent or utilities. Seasonal programs can include any of the following:

Some organizations may give out free Thanksgiving baskets to families in need so they can enjoy the holiday. The Community Organization will provide free School Supplies to children to help them be successful during the school year. The charity also has the Sharing Christmas Program which provides gifts, toys, food and general holiday cheer for individuals, seniors, and families in Gaston County.

The emergency financial assistance (EFA) program provides financial support for people with urgent needs. BCO clients who are approved can use EFA to pay for important things they need. There may be a one-time payment available to help you keep your utilities on and avoid being evicted. The non-profit may also have vouchers to help with the purchase of prescription medications, and cover expenses related to job training or new employment. This could include help with costs such as transport to and from job interviews, or the purchase of new work clothes.

The Belmont Community Organization can help with other financial burdens, such as the first month’s rent and security deposits. For those who might lose their job, there may be help with home or car repairs, transportation, and gasoline vouchers. The non-profit will also help with some of the costs needed to get photo identification, birth certificates and other items. The Belmont Community Organization also helps connect clients to other helpful resources in the Gaston County area and nearby cities like Cramerton.

The Belmont Community Organization thrift store sells various items and gives out vouchers to some clients so they can get goods. Many people who stop by the store may also qualify for additional help from the food pantry, so they can effectively combine two stops by picking up a box of groceries as well. If you’re going to use the pantry, bring your own boxes or bags to pack the food.

There are many benefits to using programs that can help households struggling to make ends meet. When parents shop for items like clothing or supplies for their children, it allows them to spend their income on more important bills. The food pantry can offer either free or low-cost boxes of food in a crisis. This can also help a family make it through a difficult period.

The BCO job screening process is done in partnership with local Work Force Centers. This allows us to ensure that only the most qualified candidates are considered for our open positions. Employment will help the client gain stability in the long term. The goal of the program is to provide clients with a practical and informative solution to their situation. This includes providing them with information about local educational resources and employment needs. The program also offers skill building that will help clients improve their employment prospects.

Contact and location

If you want to get support from Belmont Community Organization, you need to live in the area that they serve. For more information, please contact 91 Catawba St, Belmont, North Carolina 28012, or dial (704) 825-4526.

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