Belvidere and Boone County Salvation Army assistance programs.

The Boone County and Belvidere Salvation Army provides a case management process known as Bridges to Hope. This process provides help with critical living expenses, such as housing, utilities, medications, food, and employment needs. It also includes guidance and counseling. The process is for families living on a low income that want to change their future as well as anyone living in/or near poverty.

There is not a lot of money available to help families in need and it comes with conditions. The money also disappears quickly. The Salvation Army Family Services Department in Belvidere provides additional services beyond what is typically offered. Some of the other main ways they assist are by helping with things like transportation, getting a job, or finding a place to live.

The Salvation Army provides various programs throughout the year. For Christmas, they have Angel Tree which gives free presents to kids, Toys for Tots, hot meals, and visits to the elderly. For Easter, they have Easter baskets, ham meals, and more. For Thanksgiving, they have both free food to prepare a meal as well as turkey dinners. They also have free back to school supply drives and summer camps for students. In addition, they have drug and alcohol rehabilitation programs and ministries for women, men, and single adults. They also have a low cost thrift store that sells household items, clothes, and other supplies. Lastly, they have free winter coat drives as well as donation programs for disaster response and relief.

Case management and financial help

At the end of the day, the Belvidere Salvation Army just wants to help the less fortunate get on a better path in life. This is the process where you manage your cases. This is a working relationship between the client and the case worker. This program not only helps the participants, but also brings in others from the community to help, ranging from free credit counselors and job coaches, to DHS social workers and volunteers.

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This process is a partnership between two people with a shared goal. There will be talks about the challenge that are confidential, and at the end of the day goals will be set. The client needs to keep meeting with us to get financial help. Some targets will be about managing money, including income and expenses; saving money; getting a new or better-paying job; learning work skills; parenting; and developing life skills.

If a family has a financial emergency, the Salvation Army in Belvidere will give them money from their pool of funds. Some money may be available to help pay rent or mortgage payments to prevent homelessness. If your utilities are going to be disconnected, emergency funds can help pay for them. If you need medication and cannot afford it, there are programs that can help. NeedyMeds provides a prescription discount program, and there may also be vouchers available to assist with the cost of medication.

The Salvation Army in Boone County, Illinois is a faith-based charity that does not freely distribute funds. The applicant needs to show that they are able and willing to improve their situation through Bridges to Hope or other case management steps. If they attain their goals, then financial aid may come into play.

This form of assistance also helps with finding and keeping a job. Some families that have very low incomes often need help finding employment. This is especially true for single mothers or fathers. If you need help paying for gas or a bus pass to get to an interview, you may be able to get a voucher from a government or community program. The job seeker needs to either have professional work attire or access to a computer or laptop. The Salvation Army in Belvidere will also try to provide needs that are barriers to financial stability.

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Applying for Salvation Army services in Boone County

The goal of the charity is to help those who are struggling financially or are less fortunate. If the residents of Boone County Illinois are willing to help themselves, then the Salvation Army could partner with them. This means that if you need financial support, it will be available to you. Sixth Street If you would like more information, you can contact 815-544-3892, or go to 422 S. Sixth Street. The address of the Belvidere Post Office is Main Street, Belvidere, IL 61008-3740.

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