Assistance Program

Berkeley assistance.

There are also programs offered by Alameda County organizations that can help you.

Berkeley Housing Retention Program

This program provides cash grants to Berkeley residents who are experiencing a temporary financial emergency or setback. In order to qualify for the maximum housing and / or rental assistance of $2,000 that the program offers residents, applicants must provide an eviction notice as well as demonstrating with documentation that they will be able to afford their monthly rent and expenses after their temporary financial setback improves.

In the past, the program was administered by only one agency. Now, there are eight administering agencies that are part of the program and provide aid, including various senior centers and the East Bay Community Law Center. To reach customer service, please call 510.548.4040.

The rent assistance program usually gives out cash grants in a one-time amount, but it also gives smaller amounts of money to help pay bills and rent over a few months. The program expects that the household’s income will increase and improve over time.

There are a few ways that you can get help paying rent. One way is to apply for government assistance. Another way is to look for housing assistance programs through nonprofit organizations. You can also ask family and friends for help. Finally, you can look into getting a roommate to help split the cost of rent.

Berkeley energy bill help

The company provides services to the city, including programs and administration. The federal government offers residents the Weatherization & LIHEAP Programs to help with low income heating and energy assistance. The weatherization program provides free upgrades to save energy, including weather stripping, caulking, floor and attic insulation, and compact fluorescent lamps and bulbs.

Some people may even be able to receive energy efficient appliances, such as refrigerators and air conditioners, which can help save money on utility bills. Both LIHEAP and weatherization are programs that help low-income residents pay their utility bills and reduce their gas and electricity usage. This program provides financial assistance to help pay for energy bills. The phone number is 510-881-0300.

Home safety and repair program

The City of Berkeley offers a home safety and repair program that provides minor home improvements and safety improvements. The Berkeley Home Safety and Repair Program provides free home repairs to low to moderate income Berkeley homeowners, the elderly, and other vulnerable populations. The program helps these residents maintain safe and livable homes by covering the cost of necessary repairs and improvements.

If an individual needs help with mobility in order to safely and comfortably remain in their home, they can get access improvements. Some common home repairs that this program can help with are fixing leaks, repairing or replacing doors and windows, fixing roof and gutter leaks, repairing electrical outlets and light fixtures, and installing carbon monoxide and smoke detectors. Additionally, they can help with repairs for dry rot or termites. This article covers information on home repairs.

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