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Black Hills Energy Nebraska assistance programs.

Black Hills Energy has programs that can help low income customers in Nebraska with financial assistance. Resources can provide short term help with things like paying for gas or heating bills, as well as things like conservation measures and other aid. The leading resources available in Nebraska are: -The Center for Rural Affairs -The Nebraska Rural Development Commission -The Nebraska Department of Agriculture -The Nebraska Farm Bureau

The HeatShare program is the main financial assistance/cash grant program. This program’s main purpose is to help low income and other qualified customers keep their utility service from being disconnected, especially during Nebraska’s cold winter months.

This organization is a non-profit. We don’t have a lot of money to give away because we are funded by customer donations. However, they may have some funds to pay your Black Hills Energy bills when possible. There are other services that are available as well.

Additionally, the agency can connect people with other local non-profit agencies in their area. These groups can offer additional assistance such as free budgeting and money management advice. Customers can get help with budgeting from the utility company, or learn how to access other government assistance. Staff can intervene on the customers behalf with the utility company. If you need help with anything, we will be here for you. We can help you with things like applying for Medicaid or SNAP Food Stamps.

If you are facing a disconnection, you should call the company as soon as possible. Black Hills Energy representatives will look into any possible payment plans, extensions, or other solutions. If you are worried you will not be able to make a payment on time, contact the company immediately. If you cannot afford to pay your bill in full, you may be able to set up a payment plan. This means that people are given the chance to sort out any problems they may have, instead of having their service disconnected immediately.

In this case, you should call the company at 888-890-5554. You can make an initial, partial payment on your account. I need to speak with someone about extending my payments, because I’m having trouble paying my bill.

In some cases, the customer service associate can provide information on other resources that are available in Nebraska. They may be able to help people apply for money from outside sources, including government programs. If your power gets disconnected and it would be a danger to your health or the health of anyone in your home, notify your energy provider right away.

This means that if a customer is having difficulty paying their energy bill, their service cannot be disconnected between November 15 and March 15. This Nebraska state law provides guidelines that restrict service disconnections during certain times of the year. Residential customers who are struggling to pay their utility bills from November until March can participate in the program. This means that if you are approved, your account will not be disconnected and you may be offered a payment plan. This will give Black Hills Energy customers more time to get their finances in order.

Some help may be available for reconnecting. Customers will need to pay a part of the money they owe. If you keep up with payments for a year, some of your past debts may be forgiven.

Budget billing is a way for households to even out their natural gas bills from month to month, which can help protect them from spikes during seasons when energy use is higher. The program is available to all households at no cost. There is no income requirement to participate. Black Hills Energy offers Budget Billing, which means customers are charged each month based on their usage from the previous 12 months. This program will help people plan better by having more consistent payments throughout the year. The number to reach the customer service line for the company is 888-890-5554.

Black Hills Cares is another financial assistance program that is funded by donations. Black Hills partners with non-profit agencies in Nebraska to provide services to the community. If you donate money, you can get a tax deduction, and the money will be used to help people who are disabled, elderly, or disadvantaged pay their heating or utility bills. The Salvation Army and the HeatShare program work together to provide this service.

Third-party notification means that you will be notified by a third party if there is something you need to know. This program is not designed to save you money, but it will help you out if you sign up for it. If you designate a third party (such as a friend or relative) to be notified of any missed payments or service disruptions, they will be able to help you manage your natural gas service and avoid service interruptions. For more information, call 888-890-5554.

If you need more information, you can call Black Hills Energy at 888-890-5554. The company will go over different programs and choices with customers who qualify.

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