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Blair County assistance programs.

There are programs in Blair County that give out free items to low income families and people who are working but don’t make much money. There are many places to get help with financial needs such as mortgages, rent, medical care, food, and utility bills. Some organizations that can help are government agencies, non-profit organizations, and charities. There are other organizations that can provide financial help in times of need, such as churches, charities, and the government.

Get housing or rent assistance

The Blair Senior Services housing assistance program can help families in need with rent and utility bills. This organization does not make a profit. They usually help people pay for their housing and utility costs every year. Catholic Charities provides assistance to people regardless of their faith. In addition to providing assistance, Catholic Charities also helps with other needs. They can provide food assistance, help with medication, and also help with finding housing.

Both organizations’ primary goal is to keep people in their homes and they will provide aid to help with housing, utility bills, and evictions.

Blair Senior Services has typically given out grants ranging from $800-$1000 to help cover expenses for the first month of rent, as well as the security deposit. Please call the number 814-946-1235.

There are also other charities that help with rent in Altoona and Blair County including St. Vincent de Paul Society and the Salvation Army.

Many organizations only have enough money to provide families with $75 or $100. If they gave the full amount, they would go bankrupt. In cases like this, you would be responsible for any additional costs. They may charge more than $100 in some cases, and you would be responsible for the extra costs. The Salvation Army is helping with food and providing meals, and soon expects to be receiving calls for utility and additional rental assistance.

There are many other organizations in the area that can help with housing or rental assistance. Some shelters are funded by the government, and others rely on donations from churches and other organizations to help families in need. The homeless prevention programs can help with more than just rent in a crisis; they can also provide resources like deposit assistance or legal aid. There is more information available on rental assistance programs in Blair County.

Blair County Community Action Program

The resources below are mostly run by the agency. This agency will receive nearly $200,000 in federal government stimulus funds to create a Homeless Prevention and Stabilization Program. This program will provide case management, housing counseling, employment and job training services, housing search and placement, referral assistance, and some immediate cash grants. The phone number is 814-946-3651

Mortgage and foreclosure assistance

A new program can give residents assistance. The Blair County Mortgage Foreclosure Diversionary Program can help homeowners keep their homes and stop a foreclosure. The program is being managed by the Blair County Community Action Agency.

The Community Action group is a collection of people who have been working together for several years to try and improve living conditions for everyone in the community. They do this by creating and organizing different programs, such as mortgage restructuring, that can help people in the short and long term. The agency helps homeowners who are struggling to make mortgage payments and are at risk of foreclosure. The agency has experience in negotiating with banks and lenders to restructure mortgages so that homeowners can afford the payments and stay in their homes.

The agency also has a partnership with Pennsylvania Housing Finance Agency’s Homeowners Emergency Mortgage Assistance Program. This program provides loans to homeowners to help them keep their homes. It also offers budget counseling services to homeowners so they can learn skills on their own.

If Community Action is unable to help you with your housing and mortgage situation, the case will go back to the courts where judges will try to resolve the issues with your lender.

Blair County mortgage court

This resource provides information for homeowners. The Blair County Community Action Agency suggested that homeowners should have more options. The court will be a partnership between local non-profits and the county court system. This will allow home owners who are struggling to make mortgage payments to have another opportunity to catch up and avoid losing their home. Phone the number (814) 946-3651.

The foreclosure prevention program will help homeowners in Pennsylvania by using the state’s Homeowners’ Emergency Mortgage Assistance Program. The Pennsylvania Housing Finance Agency provides mortgage counseling and financial assistance to homeowners who are at risk of foreclosure.

The mortgage counselors will also talk to people from the lending institution to try to help both sides find a solution. Another part of the foreclosure program includes pre-purchase and debt counseling, as well as money management counseling. Other ways to get mortgage help in Pennsylvania include contacting a housing counselor, looking into state and federal mortgage assistance programs, and reaching out to your lender. This means that there is more than one way to interpret this sentence.

Credit card court

There are two different types of court for people with money problems. One is for homeowners and one is for people with credit card debt. This court type resource was established to help people with credit card cases every month.

The credit card assistance program in Blair County has been very successful, and the Pennsylvania Bar Association has given an award to the Blair County Bar Association this month in recognition of the many attorneys who are helping residents with their financial problems – either for free or for a very small amount of money. This article provides information on attorneys who can help settle debt and negotiate solutions to credit card problems.

Emergency financial assistance in Blair County Pennsylvania

The American Rescue Workers organization provides financial assistance to families living below the poverty line. This can include money for paying for a place to live or for heating bills. The homeless in Blair County may be able to receive a voucher to stay at a motel. Other resources include free food, clothing, groceries, and ongoing support. The address for the Blair County Humane Society is 811 Scotch Valley Road in Hollidaysburg, Pennsylvania. The phone number is 814-695-0762.

The Blair Senior Services Housing Assistance Program provides financial assistance to older residents and senior citizens who need help paying for housing. Both people’s housing needs and other needs can be met. This can include grants for paying for things like rent and water bills. The agency provides free health screenings for older adults and free meals from Meals on Wheels. There are other resources available to help low-income families, such as the Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) program, low income housing, and the Rent Rebate/Tax Credit Information program. The government also offers a benefits screening program to help families find programs they may be eligible for. The location also serves as a place where seniors can go to get help with disability issues and advocates who can help them. Please call 814-946-1235 for intake.

The Society of Saint Vincent de Paul Conferences help people in poverty in Blair County. The three main services provided by the Community Helpers of Central Pennsylvania are a free food pantry, a low cost thrift store, and referrals to financial aid in the Blair County region. The Society of St. Vincent de Paul is typically funded by volunteers and donations. If you need emergency help in Blair County, you can contact St. Vincent de Paul.

The Blair County Community Action Housing Counseling Program can help people who rent their homes and people who own their homes. The HUD government supported organization can offer services such as mortgage default and prepurchase counseling, home equity conversion counseling and information about HUD rent assistance. The TANF program provides residents with supportive services and employment training to help them become self-sufficient. Apply for help with utility bills from LIHEAP. In order to improve the energy efficiency of their homes and protect them from the elements, people should also apply for weatherization. A place to stay is provided for people without homes.

The agency also provides financial education and counseling services. Counselors provide free information and guidance to help protect consumers who are refinancing a mortgage loan or making major repairs, or who are considering homeownership. The agency offers free legal representation and guidance to consumers who want help in paying bills, reducing their debt burden, and managing their financial resources. Please contact the program at 2100 Sixth Avenue, Altoona, Pennsylvania 16602, 814-946-1641 for more information.

The Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher Program is available to veterans in the Altoona VA Medical Center region. This program will allow veterans to rent from private landlords throughout the area. The government provides assistance to veterans with disabilities, mental illness, addiction, or homelessness to help them find safe and affordable housing. To speak to a customer service representative, please call 877-626-2500.

The Salvation Army provides services for people in emergency situations. There is a food bank where people can get free food every day, and there is also a clothing bank where people can get gently used clothing. Other services are also available based on need. In other words, if you’re struggling to pay your rent or utilities, or you need a place to stay, there are organizations that can help. If you need help during the holidays, you can apply for free Christmas toys from Angel Tree or get a food basket.

The charity provides students with free back-to-school supplies, backpacks, and uniforms. You can either have a Thanksgiving turkey dinner, or you can go to the homeless shelter. The telephone number is 814-684-1664. This question is asking for the reader to rephrase the given information in their own words.

MidPenn Legal Services provides free legal services to low income individuals in civil matters in Blair County. Our services include negotiating on your behalf, representing you in front of agencies and courts, giving legal advice, and more. Get help with applying for welfare and food stamp benefits, including denials, terminations, over payments and reductions. If you are struggling with your housing situation, there are organizations that can help you with things like utility shut-offs, evictions, and mortgage foreclosures. People often ask for help with their Supplemental Security Income (SSI) benefits. Call this number if you need help.

is a not-for-profit organization that provides free or affordable social services to people in need. Catholic Charities, Inc. is a non-profit organization that provides social services to people who cannot afford them. These services can include things like food, housing, and healthcare. The Diocese of Altoona-Johnstown is a collection of churches and charities that work together. The Salvation Army can provide people with financial assistance for things like fuel, utilities, and Christmas gifts in times of need. Case managers provide care and support to people who need it and help them to have the basic rights they need. The address is 1300 Twelfth Avenue, Altoona, Pennsylvania 16601 and the phone number is 814-944-9388. Catholic Charities provides assistance to individuals and families in need in the form of food, clothing, shelter, and other basic necessities. The organization also offers programs to help individuals and families get back on their feet and improve their overall wellbeing.

The Blair County Assistance Office provides financial assistance to eligible customers of qualified telephone services, General Assistance (GA), food stamps, Medicaid, Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) Cash Assistance, and more. They can also help with the costs of burial and cremation. The number to reach customer service is 866-812-3341. This expression means that you should continue to try to improve your understanding or skill in something.

Food banks and pantries

The Claysburg Area Food Bank is a food pantry that provides food to people in need through the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) and local charities and churches. 574 South Bedford Street, Claysburg, PA, 16625, (814) 239-2440 is the address and phone number for the Claysburg Public Library.

The Martinsburg Ministerium provides food and groceries to low-income people and seniors.

The Roaring Spring Ministerium collects donations of canned goods and then distributes the food to low-income people. They also collaborate with local churches. The number 814-224-2434 can be written a few different ways. The most common way to write this number is with thehyphen in between the three sets of numbers. However, some people may choose to write this number without the hyphen, so it would appear as 8142242434.

The Society of St. Vincent dePaul of Altoona-Johnstown Diocese runs a food pantry where people can go to get food, a clothing closet where people can go to get clothes, and they may offer emergency financial aid to people who need it. Programs help children, seniors, unemployed, and the working poor. They give them the opportunity to learn new skills, improve their lives, and make a positive contribution to society. This is a phone number.

The Altoona Food Bank is a food bank located at 2100 Sixth Avenue, Altoona, PA, 16602. To speak to someone at the phone number (814) 942-5415

The Nehemiah Project, Inc. is a nonprofit organization located in Altoona, Pennsylvania. The organization can be contacted by telephone at (814) 381-7019.

The Claysburg Area Food Bank provides hot meals to people in need around the holidays. The company provides gift cards that can be used to purchase turkey or ham for Easter, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. The address is 574 South Bedford Street, Claysburg, PA, 16625 and the phone number is (814) 239-2440.

Many other organizations serve needy families by providing soup kitchens and food pantries. There are additional services that provide meals or food for weekend backpack programs for kids. Search for food pantries in Blair County.

Health centers and free community clinics

A clinic for people without health insurance and who have low incomes. The address is Suite D-204, Altoona, Pennsylvania, 16601. Call (814) 889-6111 to start the intake process.

The Altoona Community Health Center is a place where people who do not have enough health insurance can go to get medical care. The center will not turn anyone away and can offer basic check ups, medications, and more. To reach someone by phone at (814) 942-9600

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