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Bradford County Pennsylvania assistance programs.

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TREHAB Community Action Agency is a local, non-profit organization that serves six rural counties in Northeastern Pennsylvania. This company operates in six different counties. These counties are Bradford, Susquehanna, Sullivan, Tioga, Wyoming, and Wayne.

They provide resources and assistance programs to low-income and other struggling people. There are many options for people in need. Some of them are listed below. This non-profit provides loans and referrals to government grants to help people in need.

The Pennsylvania Housing Finance Agency’s Emergency Mortgage Assistance Program helps families and individuals who are facing a home foreclosure. The program provides counseling and assistance to help people keep their homes. The programs will help people who are in a difficult situation and are experiencing a crisis. It is not a welfare program. There are other programs that can help you if you are facing foreclosure.

The Heating and Utility Bill Assistance program provides financial assistance to customers who are behind on their heating and utility bills. This means that it not only gives you the initial help that you need, but it also stays with you and helps you afterwards. Some of the programs offered by local utility companies in Pennsylvania include PPL On Track, the Pennsylvania Dollar Energy Fund, PPL Operation Help, and Assistance from Valley Energy.

This program will help with things related to housing and renting, like giving advice about what to do, helping to pay utility bills, talking to landlords and tenants to help them get along better, and giving general advice and support. If there is available funding, Bradford County families may be able to receive assistance with housing relocation, one-time rental assistance, or emergency shelter if they have been evicted or lost their home. The Wayne County Emergency Fund offers financial assistance to those who are struggling to pay for food or shelter. The Homeless Assistance Program provides resources and support to those who are homeless or at risk of becoming homeless. They can use the money for things like a security deposit, or other rent or mortgage payments.

The Emergency Food Aid Program provides low to middle income families in Bradford and Towanda with food commodities and groceries. The resources are intended to provide food assistance to families and individuals who are experiencing food shortages and crises. Suite 101, Towanda, PA 18848. Some of the free upgrades that the community action agency of Bradford County Pennsylvania offers include: -Insulation for attics, sidewalls, and floors -Furnace tune-ups, repair or replacement -Caulking -Weather stripping -Replacement of windows They are located at Montrose, PA 18801-0366 and their phone number is (570) 278-3338. This charity based in Towanda helps those who are working poor and struggling members of the community. They are a Christian Church. There may be some funds available for emergency expenses such as heating bills, gas vouchers, or food. Other programs provide toys and shelter to the homeless, and drug addiction counseling. In this focus, the clients are striving to be self-sufficient. The case managers help the clients to work on being self-sufficient.Case managers help clients work on becoming self-sufficient. They put an end to the difficulties. Then they follow up to ensure the client is sticking to the goal-based process. The Bradford County Salvation Army provides assistance programs to help those in need. These programs include providing food, clothing, and other necessities to those who cannot afford them. The Salvation Army also provides financial assistance to help with rent, utilities, and other bills. An object is a noun or a pronoun that is governed by a verb or a preposition An object is a word that shows what someone or something is affected by an action.

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