Bradford, Dixie, Gilchrist, Union, Lafayette County assistance programs.

There are a number of charities, churches and government agencies that can offer assistance with things like rent, utility bills, medical and dental care, food and grants for security deposits. Some of these organisations may also offer low cost loans for bills. There are a variety of financial aid programs, food pantries, clinics, debt counseling, and job placement programs available in Bradford, Gilchrist, Union, and other counties. Some people who have low incomes, or who are poor and working, can get help in an emergency.

The Salvation Army of Union and Bradford counties is a very popular and well known charity in the state of Florida. While the resources they have are limited and mostly from donations, the case managers from the center will try their best to help low income people. If they are not able to help you, they will give you suggestions for other places you can try. The goal is to prevent homelessness by offering funds to pay for utilities, including electric, water, and air conditioning. Rental assistance may be available to those who qualify. Other basic needs that must be met are food, clothing, and having a place to go to for a listening ear. This is the address of the property. It is located in Starke, Florida. If you need help, please call (904) 964-6696 for intake. There is another center at 22 Main Street in Bradford.

The Suwannee River Economic Council, Inc. is a non-profit organization that promotes economic development in the Suwannee River Valley region of North Florida. The Community Action Agency is the primary organization responsible for community action and engagement. This means they are in charge of the area and responsible for what goes on. This means that they offer services to older Americans through the Title III program and the Community Care program in the counties of Dixie, Gilchrist, and Lafayette.

The home energy assistance (EHEAEP) offers utility bill assistance for some of its programs. This means that there are people who will come to your house and help you with things like bathing and cleaning, as well as provide company. There is also a system in place in case of emergency, and respite care is available for when your family needs a break from caring for you. The Family Caregiver Support Program will provide information on how to care for or assist a senior citizen or disabled family member. There are opportunities to learn and train, as well as special events. The Florida utility assistance program helps low-income residents with their utility bills.

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The Administration also manages the Community Services Block Grant program. These funds help with emergency financial assistance for buying medications, utilities (LIHEAP), and food vouchers. The agency provides home-delivered meals for residents of Bradford County. Transportation assistance means that someone will give you a ride to the doctor in Bradford or Dixie county.

The Community Action Agency provides home repairs as part of the Farmers Home Administration program. This program is available to low-income families and individuals who are unable to afford needed repairs. Grants and low interest loans are available to help low-income homeowners with necessary repairs, such as those that improve safety. Both people who own their homes and people who rent out property can apply. Weatherization is the main energy conservation program, which can also be combined with other programs to save energy.

The Suwannee River Economic Council has locations in Starke, FL and at 1210 Andrews Circle. Please call (800) 824-5308. There are other offices located at 314 NE 255th Street in Cross City, Florida (phone (800) 597-7579) as well as 1439 SW County Road 307A in Trenton, FL (352) 463-2940. This button will take you to a page where you can reword the text.

The True Vine Ministry is located at 422 North Street Clair Street in Starke, Florida. This is a food pantry that provides food for the region. To find out the hours for this location, please call (904) 964-9264.

The United Christian Services organization provides assistance to low-income individuals in Dixie County. Several programs that provide assistance are administered. The agency can provide residents with boxes of food a few times per year if they qualify. There is a process in place to screen items, and the center may not always have items to provide. People who are homeless or don’t have a home in Dixie County may be able to get a free hot meal and either a voucher for gasoline or a bus ticket/pass. United Christian always needs donations. They also collaborate with churches, utility companies, and government agencies, and can help people apply for other programs. 264 NE 10th Avenue, Cross City, FL 32628 is the address of a business in Cross City, Florida. To contact the office, please call (352) 498-5702.

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is a non-profit organization that provides services to seniors and disabled adults in order to help them live independently. The Area Agency on Aging for North Florida, Inc. helps seniors and disabled adults live independently by providing them with services. These services can include anything from help with daily tasks to transportation assistance. A different non-profit that helps people who are elderly and adults. The SHINE program helps elders get the health insurance they need, the Caregiver Support program provides assistance to caregivers, the Senior Wellness program helps seniors stay healthy, and the prescription medication assistance program helps seniors afford their medications. People over 60 may be able to get help with paying their utility bills, but it will be a limited amount. They also offer an elder helpline which provides information, referral and assistance to seniors, caregivers and the general public in Florida. The number 488-0055 can be pronounced as “four eight eight zero zero five five”.

Northeastern Florida Lutheran Services provides assistance to counties in the area, as well as others. The agency’s volunteers and staff help seniors, the less fortunate, and immigrants. There are many resources available to help you if you are struggling. You can look into job training programs, food pantries, youth services, and the Ryan White program for assistance. They also partner with groups that help migrate people. If you are looking for Lutheran services in Northeast Florida, click here.

Free or reduced cost medical services for low income

is an independent outpatient mental health clinic that offers a variety of services to children, adolescents, and adults. Acorn Clinic, Inc. is an outpatient mental health clinic that treats children, adolescents, and adults. They offer a variety of services, such as individual therapy, family therapy, and medication management. This clinic provides medical care to everyone, regardless of their income. They have a sliding fee scale that makes it affordable for everyone. The clinic provides basic and preventive health care services. Those who qualify for reduced price services and can provide proof of income will be able to take advantage of reduced prices. Call me at (352) 485-1133

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Physicians care is a health center in Starke, Florida that can help low income and uninsured people. Please call (904) 964-6500.

The community clinic offers a reduced fee for those who qualify based on their income. There is a set process that must be followed in order to apply. The address is 1550 South Weber Street. To make an appointment or get information, call (904) 368-2300.

The Lake Butler Family and Pediatric Clinic is a local clinic that provides health care for those who are less fortunate. This means that drugs can be given, medical examinations can be carried out and family members can be cared for. Call this number: (386) 496-2803

The River Valley Medical Center is a hospital that helps people in Lafayette County. The clinic offers those who qualify general health care at a rate that may change. This means that Medicare, Medicaid, and PPC will also cover the cost of your medical bills. The address is 710 West Main Street, Mayo, FL 32066. Please call (386) 294-1226.

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