Assistance Program

Braxton, Upshur, and Webster County assistance programs.

Financial assistance and social services

is a private, non-profit corporation that provides services to low-income families and individuals with developmental disabilities living in nine counties in West Virginia. Mountain CAP of West Virginia is a private, non-profit corporation that helps low-income families and individuals with developmental disabilities living in nine counties in West Virginia. The community action agency is a government organization that helps residents in a particular region with social and economic needs. The services that this non-profit provides are listed below.

How can I find affordable and safe rental housing? The agency can help families find apartments or homes, and case workers partner with the West Virginia Housing Development Fund as well as HUD to find appropriate homes for low income families and seniors.

Right From The Start is a program that can help new moms and their babies. The program will coordinate home visits by a licensed social worker or registered nurse to help promote a baby’s healthy growth and development. The Services we offer are: -Feeding -Immunizations/Well Child Care -Safe infant sleep/back to sleep -Nutrition -Arranging transportation to doctor appointments -Making referrals to public aid such as WIC and DHHR -Finding baby care items

Mountain CAP’s Child Development Center offers a similar service. The programs offered focus on helping a child learn through a Creative Curriculum. They will discuss the teacher’s and family’s role in the children’s learning. The staff plans weekly activities that can include language activities, math, art, music, and science. In addition to the day’s activities, participants can also enjoy a healthy breakfast, lunch, and snack.

to low-income families and individuals to improve the energy efficiency of their homes Mountain CAP of West Virginia, Inc. helps low-income families and individuals make their homes more energy efficient. The government program can help families save money on utility bills by conserving energy. The Department of Energy and the Department of Human Services offer weatherization services in all counties, including Upshur and Webster. These services are paid for by the U.S. government. This is a program that can help people save money on their heating and cooling costs. Applicants must meet income guidelines. This program provides free assistance to qualifying lower income families and seniors.

Addressing homelessness and providing assistance with housing is a key focus. The Mountain CAP can provide emergency rental assistance to families who are about to be evicted, depending on how much money is available. The agency also offers housing and shelters in counties such as Webster for people who are transitioning. The government may give grants to help pay for security deposits, and the agency may have referrals to nonprofits that offer other solutions.

If you want to buy a home, there are services to help you with that. The staff and housing counselors can help people to find more affordable mortgage options and to offer Home Buyer Education classes. They can also provide certified credit and debt counseling. The organization offers programs that were created by the federal government agencies, and the organization partners with them. This could mean that the Department of Housing and Urban Development offers lower interest mortgages from the United States Department of Agriculture. Non-profit credit counseling is a service provided by organizations that help people manage their debt. These organizations offer budgeting and debt management advice, and often provide other services such as credit counseling and financial education.

Mountain CAP is a company located at 26 North Kanawha Street in Buckhannon West Virginia 26201. I would like to speak to someone at (304) 472-1500. To learn more about what they offer, click here.

The Salvation Army Buckhannon is located on 36 North Kanawha Street. To set up an appointment, please call (304) 472-6165. The agency helps people with food, clothing, and financial assistance with utilities, heating bills, and rent. There are a variety of resources available from free Christmas toys or meal boxes to drug and alcohol rehabilitation programs. The Buckhannon Salvation Army provides assistance programs to help those in need. Programs include food assistance, clothing assistance, and financial assistance.

The Buckhannon Housing Authority can help connect low-income people with public or private housing options. The also help with the section 8 housing voucher rental program, which is based on how much money you make. To get more information about their services, you can either call (304) 472-1305 or click here for details on section 8 in West Virginia.

Heart and Hand House provides financial assistance for low-income families with expenses such as prescription medications, rent, and utilities. These services are all meant to help the mothers and their children. Other services available include clothing, food, baby layettes, furniture, employment needs, and education. These services are all meant to help mothers and their children.

This charity provides loans to income qualified residents that will need to be repaid. No matter what, the staff from Heart and House will help clients by giving them money or connecting them to other agencies in the Upshur or Braxton area. The number 744-6741 can be pronounced as seven hundred forty-four, six seven four one

The Cross Lines Information and Help Agency is a service provided by the Upshur County Minesteral Association. It offers assistance and information to those in need. The agency provides assistance with transportation, clothing, food, utility bills, and prescription medications. The address for the college is 68 College Ave, Buckhannon, WV 26201. The phone number for the college is (304) 472-0743.

This is a organization that helps seniors in North Central West Virginia. They help with things like food, transportation, and housing. The website focuses on helping elderly, older adults, and senior citizens. The Veterans Affairs Care Services provides health care and support services to eligible veterans. The Medicaid Waiver program provides financial assistance to eligible low-income individuals and families. Case management services help connect individuals and families to community resources. Homemaker services provide assistance with household tasks for eligible individuals. The Veterans Homemaker Program provides homemaker services to eligible veterans. The onsite food pantry provides food assistance to eligible individuals and families. Services provided by a professional and qualified homemaker may include socializing with the client, preparing meals, helping the client move around, monitoring daily changes, shopping and running errands, and performing light housekeeping tasks. 1412 Buckhannon Pike, Nutter Fort, West Virginia 26301 To dial (304) 624-0099

Food, clothing, and general support

The Clothing Outreach Ministry of Shiloh offers the Reigning Center. The address is Gauley Pike-Lockards Plaza in Flatwoods, West Virginia. To reach someone by phone, dial (304) 765-5098.

St. Michael’s Mission is a food bank in Burnsville that provides canned food to people in need.

The United Christian Food Pantry is open to helping people of all religions and backgrounds. No matter what your beliefs are, we will do our best to support you in your time of need. The phone number is (304) 364-5477.

Health care services

There are several places you can go for advice and support, including: The clinics and center below may have information on basic care, immunizations, listing of clinics, or options for low income and/or uninsured patients.

The two main options are the Braxton and Upshur County Department of Health and Human Resources. The Braxton center is located in Sutton, West Virginia. To reach the Braxton center, please call (304) 765-7344. The Upshur County is located in Buckhannon. To contact someone by phone, dial their number. The number for the person you are trying to reach is (304) 269-0532. The third center is located in Webster Springs. Call (304) 847-2861. There are three public health clinics that can help families and children.

The Braxton Community Health Center’s Specialty Clinics can provide care for those who are under or uninsured. Some services may be offered at a reduced price depending on your income. Free medical care means that people can get medical care without having to pay for it. This can be provided by the government or by other organizations.

There are two other medical and dental centers nearby, St. Joseph’s Urgent Care Clinic and Buckhannon Medical Care.

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