Brevard County Housing Authority programs.

The Brevard County Housing Authority may be able to provide low income residents with applications to various rental or housing programs when the waiting list is open. Some government programs will help pay for housing costs, and also provide education and training to tenants.

The local agency works with the Housing and Urban Development and private entities to provide affordable housing options. They help residents who have very little money. Some of the people that receive help from this organization are senior citizens, the working poor, disabled people, and others.

The Brevard County Housing Authority Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher Program provides rental assistance to low income families with a source of income. The money for this program comes from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development. This federal agency also sets the rules for who can get assistance and how much they will receive.

After a family locates housing, if the client is enrolled into section 8, the local public Brevard County housing authority will enter into a lease agreement with the property owner. This document contains information on the legal rights and responsibilities of landlords and tenants, security deposits, and move-in dates. The voucher system allows people to move over time as well, so HUD allows mobility with the voucher.

Section 8 will not pay for the full amount of rent in Brevard County, Florida. The client of the housing authority will also need to pay an additional amount, which will be up to 30% of their income. To be eligible for a voucher, the person must be a citizen or have eligible immigrant status for family members, have a total household income that does not exceed income limits specified by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, agree to provide financial and leasing information for the family as requested in the section 8 consent forms, and agree to participate in the Family Self-Sufficiency program.

After you have achieved financial stability, you can contact the HUD agency for information on purchasing a home in Brevard County. The goal of many section 8 beneficiaries is to eventually no longer need assistance from the program. Saving money, applying for a mortgage, and budgeting are all processes that take time.

Brevard County Housing Authority’s Post-Purchase Counseling program helps people who want to sell or refinance their homes. Housing Counselors help people assess their financial readiness to buy a home. They will try to find the best possible solution that meets the needs of the client.

Topics discussed during the counseling sessions include housing options, the application process, and available resources. There will be an assessment done of the borrower’s current interest rate versus potential new rate, amortization schedules, the number of months it will take to recover closing costs, and information on how to apply more of the monthly payment toward principal balance. This assessment will help the borrower to decide if refinancing is the best option.

Referrals to supportive services in Brevard County

The case managers at Brevard County Housing Authority have many different relationships with organizations that clients can use for assistance. If you are staying in one of their apartments, you may also be given the following.

The adult education classes offered are focused on employment and education. If you qualify and have a pattern of attending, you will be given a bus pass and a weekly stipend. Sessions are held in Melbourne, Florida.

The GED program is for college graduates who want to improve their skills. They can join in. It helps them with the college admissions process by providing support and assistance. The program also includes assistance with applying for loans, paying for college application fees, and a portion of book expenses.

GED classes are for adults aged 18 and over who live in Brevard County. 17-year-olds may also attend if they have a high school waiver. There is an introduction to the school, classes, and examination process. The fee for taking the GED is paid by the agency.

Brevard County Housing Authority has responsible payee services from partners that handle financial matters. The program’s mission is to act on behalf of the client, most of whom are seniors or disabled and rent their homes. The staff will help the clients to manage and budget their monthly benefits or income. The staff is responsible for managing the finances and coordinating the activities of the beneficiaries and other service providers.

The service will make sure that the client’s money from their benefit payments is used to pay for things that they need like housing and food. The staff works with clients to help them lead a more stable life and become independent.

The number of people who qualify for a Section 8 HUD voucher each year is very small. A lottery is often held when the waiting list for an event or activity opens up. The application process can take a very long time, sometimes even years. For more information about housing in Brevard County, Florida, please contact the Housing Authority of Brevard County at (321) 775-1592. The other location is on Stone Street in Cocoa, Florida. The authorities’ phone number is (321) 636-8534.

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