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Broward County free legal aid and representation.

Disadvantaged individuals in Broward County who cannot afford representation can get free assistance. There are two main organizations that offer free legal assistance, Coast to Coast Legal Aid of South Florida (CCLA) and Legal Aid Service of Broward County. The support they provide can help tenants that are facing eviction, seniors or the disabled apply for government benefits, and much more.

State and federal income tax preparation clinics will help families in need to complete and file their taxes. This includes low income families, the elderly, and families with children. In addition, lawyers and specialists will help people apply for all the credits they are entitled to, such as those for a child.

Having an attorney may be beneficial if you have been audited by the IRS. They can help represent you in any hearings and also assist with preparing any amended returns. The procedures that the IRS uses to handle tax-related issues are called due process procedures. These procedures are designed to protect the rights of taxpayers, and to ensure that the IRS treats all taxpayers fairly and equally.

The project provides free legal services to the homeless population in Broward County. The lawyers can help with applying for benefits like Supplemental Security Income (SSI). People can also learn about different types of housing assistance programs in the area, like section 8 housing vouchers.

Both tenants and homeowners can get legal aid for housing concerns. This support is for those who are very low income and would otherwise be facing homelessness. The main services that Legal Aid Housing Law provides are both foreclosure and eviction prevention. Attorneys in southern Florida are working to reduce homelessness.

Tenants who have received an eviction notice can find out more information about what their rights and responsibilities are. In some cases, staff from Coast to Coast Legal Aid of South Florida or its partners will even offer mediation or can direct clients to organizations that offer emergency financial assistance. They may also know of other places that have affordable housing or apartments.

If you are in danger of foreclosure, there are programs available to help you. This may include legal consultation, help with applying for mortgage loan modifications,representation in court, or answering questions on the process. Low income homeowners can get help from legal aid when they go through the process of buying a home. If you are struggling to pay your property taxes or homeowner association fees, you may be at risk of foreclosure. Foreclosure is a legal process that allows your lender to take back your home if you default on your mortgage payments. If you are facing foreclosure, there are a number of resources available to help you keep your home. Broward County Legal Aid Service can help you figure out if you should file for bankruptcy to delay the process.

Other housing issues include resolving disputes over utility disconnections, helping with tenant demands for repairs, security deposit disputes, general eviction defense, and offering legal support for tenants when home or apartment is not safe.

If you are having trouble applying for benefits from the state of Florida or the federal government, there are places you can go for help. This service is part of the Broward County Special Projects Unit legal aid team. The top priority is to help people become self-sufficient and have a stable life, and in some cases government benefits are part of that solution.

Coast to Coast and Broward County Legal Aid will help people who qualify to get money from TANF, pay for child care, get food stamps from SNAP, and find educational and work opportunities. Another major focus is helping people apply for Medicaid and disability benefits, and appealing if they are denied.

There are many other support services and non-profits in the region for people who need more basic needs. Some companies offer their employees perks like a clothing allowance, a gas card, bus passes, or information on transportation. If a client needs help with finding low income apartments, food, vocational and addiction rehabilitation programs, clothing, or other resources, they can be referred to county resources.

The Mission United Veteran’s Project provides free legal assistance to veterans in partnership with the United Way of Broward County and various law firms. This is for military members who have low incomes, as well as their immediate family members. The VA can help with benefits, housing and more. There is also help for Employment Law, lawsuits, wills, and more.

Immigration assistance is for people who are vulnerable and need help in the region. The Legal Aid Society provides free legal support for civil matters to low-income individuals and families. This includes help for victims of trafficking in persons, obtaining lawful immigration status, and more. The staff will also try to help someone achieve permanent residence in Broward County or citizenship in the US if possible. They can represent people who need help with immigration at the Department of Justice Executive Office of Immigration Review and the Board of Immigration Appeals. Call the number (954)736-2474.

If you are a juvenile, student, or child in Broward County who is facing going into the civil welfare system, you may be able to get help from Coast to Coast Legal Aid of South Florida or other partner law firms. They collaborate with charities, government agencies, and social service organizations in southern Florida to help young people in the area. The Children’s Advocacy Project is a group of people who work together to help children in need. The children they help are those who are poor, have been abused, have a disability, or have been neglected.

The staff from the firms will help the children in need to have access to education, shelter, healthcare and low income housing. They provide free legal assistance to people affected by neglect, abuse, or abandonment. This means that if you are a young person, and you are entitled to government benefits, the paralegal or other staff will help you to access those benefits.

The Children’s Education Rights Project is a similar service to the Legal Aid Service of Broward County that helps children with their educational rights. This will focus on those with a disability or physical or mental condition. This non-profit firm will help students who have Disabilities to get an education that they are legally allowed to have. The firm will make sure that the students in Broward County have access to the public education.

Apply and get free legal advice and consultations

The primary office is located at 491 North State Road 7, Plantation, Florida 33317. If you need information or want to start the intake process, please call (954) 765-8950.

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