Broward County transitional housing and emergency homeless shelters.

There are several housing programs in Broward County, Florida that can help people who are facing eviction or homelessness. Some of the financial assistance for Florida residents comes from non-profit organizations, while other aid is offered by the state or federal government. If you are homeless or at risk of becoming homeless, you may be able to access an emergency homeless shelter, transitional housing, or other low-income support.

Families who are about to be evicted can get help. The currently homeless can receive help. Individuals can find a place to stay or be placed into low income apartments or housing, as well as receive other case management services, such as employment counseling, meals, and clothing.

Broward County agencies may know of other financial resources that could help qualified clients. This can include subsidies for paying rent or a security deposit, or funds for first month’s rent. There is very little money available for funding. After a client is settled in a transitional housing program, they may be eligible for financial aid. The main programs and organizations to contact are below.

It helps low-income, homeless, and disabled individuals and families. The program is for those who are trying to get back on their feet and become self-sufficient. The non-profit BC HS Elderly and Veterans Services Division runs a transitional housing program that is funded by the federal government’s HUD program. The program helps low-income, homeless, and disabled individuals and families who are trying to become self-sufficient. The program provides housing and resources that help participants transition back into regular housing and life. The telephone number for the program is (954) 563-4357. Broward County residents who are over the age of 55 and have low incomes can get help from the county.

The Family Success Administration Division provides housing and social services to the chronically homeless. The book also talks about ways to deal with substance abuse.

The transitional housing program at Catholic Charities – Providence Place supports low income families in Broward County who are facing eviction, and the homeless. Affordable housing may be available in the form of apartments or low income housing. There are a lot of resources that are available.

The Housing Authority of Broward County is a government organization that provides housing assistance to low-income families and individuals. Some of the services they offer include section 8 HUD vouchers, which help families with rent, and other housing needs such as utility assistance and weatherization services. Refer people to places where they can get help with housing. To find more information about the Broward County Housing Authority, look online or contact the authority directly.

The City of Pembroke Pines has a Transitional Independent Living Program that helps people who are transitioning from being dependent to being independent. The program is located at 925 SW 83 Avenue in Pembroke Pines, FL, 33026. To sign up for the program, call (954) 894-4598.

Covenant House provides homeless youth under the age of 21 with supportive housing, including apartments. To access these services, call the center at (954) 568-7951. Other resources include an independent living program, operation, and other supportive services. Call the number (954) 563-4357.

If you are in need of assistance in South Florida, Hope 4 Families is a non-profit organization that can help. You can reach them by calling (954) 563-4357.

Keystone Halls, Inc. offers both shelter and ongoing case management services for homeless individuals who are in recovery from substance abuse.

The Vets Multi-Purpose in Oakland Park, FL provides a variety of services to veterans and military members in Broward County. These services include help with benefits, housing, employment, and more. A shelter program that provides temporary housing and financial assistance, car repairs, job programs, and other resources to people in need.

The Lippman Youth Shelter is a place for young people to stay in Oakland Park, Florida. The phone number is (954) 568-2801.

Neu Ways, Inc is a company that provides services to help people with developmental disabilities. The main office is located in Fort Lauderdale, FL. The company has several centers in the county that people can go to for help.

The program provides housing, food, and other services to help residents get back on their feet. There are places where people can go to get help and be independent. The Salvation Army provides services to help people with rent, landlord/tenant mediation, and homeless prevention.

The Plymouth Colony is another Salvation Army program that helps people in need. The program is for families who are currently homeless. Case managers will help their clients become self-sufficient by providing educational opportunities, facilitating weekly case management workshops, and connecting them with community resources. The address is 950 Sherman Street, Hollywood, FL, 33320. This is a telephone number.

The address of Deeper Life is 1527 Argyle Drive in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. The phone number is (954) 462-5364.

The EASE Foundation provides assistance to those working towards self-sufficiency. The main phone number for the foundation is (954) 797-1077. This organization provides low-cost housing, as well as beds, education, job training, and other support services. There is also a program specifically for women.

SOS Children’s Village of Florida Inc. is a state licensed, non-profit child welfare agency that has been providing family-style homes and services to abused, abandoned and neglected children and teens in Miami-Dade and Broward counties for over 20 years. The Woodside Gardens Transitional Independent Living Housing Program provides housing and support services for 18-23 year old foster children. The program offers a variety of services to help residents transition to independence, including education and career planning, financial management, and life skills development. Support and advice are always available.

Steps To Change is a organization that provides social services, housing, and more for the disabled and adults recovering from mood altering substances. Their main location is in Lauderdale Lakes, Florida, and they can be reached at (954) 676-5485.

is a faith-based organization Agape Love Inc. is a non-profit organization that is based on Christian principles. The organization provides help to those in need, regardless of their religion. This company’s name suggests that its customers should surrender their problems to a higher power and trust that things will work out for the best. They take in families and individuals who are homeless and help them get back on their feet. They offer food, shelter, and clothing as well as other services.This is a homeless shelter that is faith based. They help families and individuals who are homeless by giving them food and shelter. They also offer other services to help them get back on their feet. The charity provides short-term housing, case management, meals, and other support services.

is a non-profit organization that promotes the responsible use of the outdoors. The Shepherd’s Way Inc. is an organization that encourages people to be responsible when they are enjoying the outdoors. This is the address for emergency housing in Fort Lauderdale, FL.

The locations and contact information for the shelters are as follows: The Broward County Emergency Management offers cold weather and summer heat shelters. For more information, please dial (954) 926-7417. Many elderly people use the centers.

Can you give me some information about emergency security deposit, rent assistance, and programs for moving costs? The other office is located at 1700 Blount Road, Pompano Beach, FL, 33069. Please call (954) 935-3014 to begin the intake process.

The Outreach center helps people who are homeless by providing them with a place to stay. One is located at 2056 Scott Street, Hollywood, FL, 33020. To reach customer service, please call (954) 926-7417.

If you are homeless in Broward County, you can call the Broward Partnership for the Homeless at (954) 563-4357 for information and referrals.

The center provides services such as food and clothing to those in need, as well as a homeless shelter and money to help with a new home deposit when they are stable.

The COSA organization provides help to people in America who need it. They have a phone number listed that people can call to get in touch with them.

The Deeper Life Church in Fort Lauderdale, FL has a short-term emergency shelter on site. If you need assistance, please call the church at (954) 462-5364. If you are looking for a job in southern Florida, this organization can help you.

The Henderson Behavioral Health Center is a place where homeless people in Broward County can go to get help. They offer emergency shelter, guidance, and other supportive services for people with severe mental illness. There are other programs that can help you with housing besides government subsidized housing and section 8. Talk to someone who can give you more information about these programs.

The Jubilee Center of South Broward is a non-profit organization that helps people in need. They offer a variety of services such as food and clothing assistance, job training, and more. They are located in Hollywood, Florida and can be reached at (954) 920-0106.

They have locations all over south Florida and they also have a community housing program. So if you are struggling to keep a stable home, this could be a great options for you and your family. This program provides temporary housing for pregnant women and families who are struggling with homelessness and are not eligible for other assistance programs. The program partners with local churches and religious organizations to provide safe housing and support. Food, groceries, and other assistance is provided as well.

The Omega Church Homeless Program is a program that helps homeless people in Oakland Park, FL. The program provides food, shelter, and other assistance to homeless people in need.

The Church of Love Thy Neighbor is located in Ft Lauderdale, Florida. The church’s phone number is (954) 971-9813.

The Salvation Army offers transitional housing, lodging, and job programs for single parents, women, and the homeless. For more information, call (954) 524-6991.

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