Assistance Program

Bullitt County assistance programs.

The best place to go for help in Shepherdsville and Bullitt Kentucky is the local Multi-Purpose Community Action Agency, Inc. There are many programs and options available, including those listed below.

Financial assistance for bills

The Emergency Assistance program provides financial assistance to low income and elderly people. If you are struggling to pay for basic needs like food, utilities, rent, or medical care, you may be able to get help from the government or other organizations. Families and individuals who are experiencing a temporary financial crisis can receive budget and debt counseling, as well as financial assistance for paying bills. This will help them identify problem areas and avoid crisis and emergency situations in the future.

Energy and utility bill help

The Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) helps low-income families pay their heating and cooling bills. LIHEAP can provide help in the form of a cash grant, which is sent directly to the utility company, or a crisis grant for families in immediate need of help. This program is funded by the state of Kentucky and the federal government, and the program has a subsidy component which helps people pay for the program from November through December. The program will help to qualify participants, and they must meet income guidelines and be responsible for their heating expenses and bills.

The Crisis component is an option that runs from January through March or until the funds are expended, whichever comes first. To qualify for the Crisis assistance, the participant’s income must fall below a certain level. They must also have a disconnect notice, or be within 4 days of having no heat due to a loss of service or an empty fuel tank.

The Weatherization program provides repairs and updates to homes to help conserve energy and lower heating and cooling expenses. Some repairs and improvements that could be made to a home in order to make it more energy-efficient would be to fix or replace any old or damaged insulation, and to add more insulation to the home in order to help keep heat in during winter and cool air in during summer. Another way to make a home more energy-efficient would be to stop any air infiltration, which is when air from outside enters the home through cracks or openings.

Debt and budget help, and self-sufficiency program

A counselor can help you access services that can assist you with budgeting, finding employment, improving your skills, and more. They can also provide help with financial support for bills and other household expenses.

is one of them The Multi-Purpose Community Action Agency, Inc. is one of the offices located in Shepherdsville. You can call (502) 633-7162 to learn more or to apply for help.

Additional resources in Bullitt County

There are food pantries in the area where people can go to get their basic needs met. The locations usually provide free groceries, meals, and boxes of food, but other help may be available as well. Many charities that operate these centers also provide assistance to low income families such as clothing, Christmas meals or gifts. Some companies may offer financial assistance to help with the cost. Find Bullitt County food pantries.

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