Assistance Program

Burkesville and Columbia Salvation Army assistance programs.

There are two Salvation Army service units, one that supports Cumberland County and one that supports Adair County. They have locations in both Columbia, Kentucky and Burkesville, Kentucky. This organization provides a variety of social services, including a summer camp for kids, food and holiday meals, and emergency financial assistance.

Programs for children

During the summer, students who are out on break may benefit from the Camp Paradise Valley summer camp. The address is 1881 Salvation Army Camp Rd in Burkesville. To place an order, please call 270.406.6730. This option is cheap for parents. The playground will give kids a place to go during the summer.

There are many activities that take place at Paradise Valley. There are lots of different activities available, like field trips, recreational events, and craft classes. Some of the resources that the Salvation Army has at the Burkesville camp also focus on helping people develop their skills and knowledge, as well as helping them keep up with their studies. One of the programs we offer is computer literacy classes.

The Salvation Army After-School Programs provide students with many activities. This means that parents who work are using these services, including single parents. There are many benefits for children who receive tutoring and homework help from volunteers. They can learn character traits, conflict resolution skills, and enjoy arts and crafts classes. Attendees are also given free snacks to help them stay healthy.

Some other programs that may be helpful for low income children in Adair county are free holiday gift baskets and school supply assistance programs. Every year, dozens of families receive free Christmas toys or meal baskets. Many students also get free supplies or clothing for the school year. This allows them to not have to spend as much money on school supplies and clothes. The assistance is available for those that are in need of money to pay for school books, holiday present, or food.

The Salvation Army in Burkesville and Columbia provides many services to the community and relies on the generosity of local donors to help fund these programs. People and businesses both contribute money. These groups are responsible for providing the material for these school and holiday programs. Some people make financial contributions or give gift cards to support a cause or organization. This can also give the charity the ability to buy things for kids.

Family Services in Cumberland and Adair County

Case managers meet with people who come to the center and who need financial assistance every day. For example, people who are hungry or who need shelter. Requests for assistance are handled on a case-by-case basis by the Salvation Army, with the goal of helping the client become self-sufficient. If the church-based charity is unable to help, they may provide referrals for other needs, such as applying for SNAP food stamps, birth certificates, SSI disability, and photo IDs.

If someone needs help with clothing or transportation, they can get vouchers for a thrift store or bus tokens. They may be given food boxes from food pantries in Columbia, Kentucky. This means that if someone is struggling to pay their rent or energy bill, they may be able to get help from the government. There are programs which offer funds to ensure families don’t lose their electric or heating service during the winter. There are also other programs that can help with energy bills in the state.

There are other social services offered by the Columbia and Burkesville Salvation Army. One focus is on helping elderly people. The two organizations partner together to provide housing solutions for seniors. These solutions not only provide a place for the senior to live, but also access to health services, transportation, socialization, and volunteer opportunities. Special visits are also held during holidays including Christmas, Thanksgiving and Easter to spread the joy to the elderly.

Homeless Outreach is a service that helps connect homeless individuals with the resources they need. This can include help with finding housing, getting access to government benefits, or connecting with job resources. The Salvation Army provides homeless individuals with food, shelter, and other necessities in the local community. Solutions for people who are homeless or at risk of becoming homeless range from providing overnight shelter to providing hot meals, blankets, beverages, and supplies from winter warming kits (hats, gloves, blankets, and hand-warmers).

The last category of services are the Emergency Disaster Services. Organizations like the Red Cross provide support to people who have been affected by disasters. They offer practical and emotional assistance to help people recover from the physical and psychological effects of a traumatic event. This means that during a crisis, families may be given free food, clothing, hot meals, shelter, or short-term financial resources. They also partner with other government agencies in Kentucky to help with things like providing resources and funding.

Locations of Salvation Army centers

The Salvation Army Burkesville Service Unit is located at 216 W Chestnut St, Kentucky, zip code 40202. This is a telephone number. The Columbia Service Unit is located at 216 W Chestnut St. and can be reached by dialing 502-583-5391. This unit provides assistance to individuals in need.

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