Rent Assistance

Butler County rental assistance

If a family is struggling to pay their rent and is at risk of being evicted, they may be able to get help from the county. The majority of financial aid for housing costs will go to applicants who can demonstrate both a need for assistance and the ability to make future rental payments on their own. The best places to contact for emergency housing assistance in Butler, Pennsylvania would be the local non-profits and government organizations.

After looking over the applicant’s request, a decision is made whether or not to provide money for paying back rent. If there is no funding available or the tenant does not qualify, then referrals may be given to legal aid or government grant intake sites. Butler County provides various types of rent assistance, which are often accompanied by case management and other social service work.

If your family is having a tough time and you don’t have much money, there are places you can go for help. This means that if you are behind on rent, you can get help in the form of a cash grant or loan that you don’t have to pay back. The money will be paid directly to your landlord to cover the rent that is owed.

It also can help with getting a job, and other needs such as food or clothing. The Community Action organization in Butler County can help with needs such as rent and utility bills, getting a job, and other necessities such as food and clothing. This housing resource is part of a program that helps families achieve economic success.

The Salvation Army in Butler, Pennsylvania provides housing programmes including shelter, emergency rental assistance, utility bill help, and basic needs such as clothing or furniture.

The Butler County Public Assistance Office provides financial assistance to help people pay their rent or mortgage to avoid eviction or foreclosure. There may also be no-interest loans available for security deposits, referrals to low income housing in Butler County, and other support.

The Department of Human Services in Butler, PA provides grants from the Emergency Shelter Allowance (ESA) to help people in need. For more information, please call 724-223-4300.

They have an eviction program, a utility assistance program, and a food pantry. The Catholic Charities of Butler County focuses on helping the homeless and those in need. They have an eviction prevention program, utility assistance program, and food pantry. For more information, call 724-287-4011. This sentence is informing the reader that there are places where seniors and disabled people can go to get help with rent, employment, counseling, and other financial aid.

Pennsylvania State Representative White can help constituents with problems related to housing, utilities, and other forms of support.

The Lighthouse Foundation is a non-profit organization located in Butler, Pennsylvania. The foundation provides housing and support services to homeless, at-risk, and underprivileged individuals and families. The mission of the organization is to promote independence and self-sufficiency through comprehensive programs and services.

The Housing Authority of Butler County provides transitional housing for people who have been homeless in the past. The facility is located at 325 New Castle Road in Butler, PA, 16001724-285-2753. Clients will be expected to pay a portion of their income as rent, but will also have access to job programs and other resources.

The Legal Services of Butler County can help you with civil legal matters, including eviction help. The address is 220 S Main St, Butler, Pennsylvania 16001 and the phone number is (724) 282-3888. The legal aid for housing does not cost any money.

The Society of St. Vincent de Paul in Butler, PA provides referrals to resources that can help with things like rent and finding transitional housing. Families who were homeless and now have an income can request assistance with utility or security deposits.

The Butler County Area Agency on Aging – Legal Assistance can help you with legal issues concerning your housing, such as unpaid rent, possible evictions, and repairs that need to be made. To contact them, call 111 Sunnyview Circle at 724-282-3008.

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