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Cape Human Resources assistance programs.

Families in Cape May County, New Jersey who are struggling can get help from a non-profit community action organization. This organization can provide assistance with things like food, housing, and clothes. Cape Human Resources is an organization that helps people who are struggling, including those who are low income, unemployed, or seniors. It provides many different assistance programs. They mostly help by partnering with the government or state.

There are a few different utility bill assistance programs offered, which can help with things such as heating costs, weatherization, and water bills. Some of these programs include the Home Energy Assistance Program (HEAP), weatherization, and NJ Shares. The school is funded by the federal government with additional support from the state of New Jersey.

HEAP is a national program that provides assistance to low-income households. This program helps low income families in Cape May County pay their utility bills during the fall, winter, and spring. Customers will either receive a grant to pay their bill, or a credit will be applied to their account. The crisis component is used to prevent a disconnection.

Cape Human Resources requires applicants to provide proof of income, assets, expenses, and additional information. The county gives priority to the needs of the elderly, disabled, and seniors. first come first served

If you are a New Jersey family who does not qualify for traditional assistance, you may be eligible for help through the NJ Shares program. The Statewide Heating Assistance and Referral for Energy Services can help people who do not qualify for LIHEAP. The SHARES program provides financial assistance to people who are struggling to pay their utility bills. The program can help with electric, water, heating, and gas bills. If you don’t qualify for the Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program or the Universal Service Fund, there may still be some help available for you. To find out more information, please call 1-866-657-4273.

Weatherization is a program that helps low-income, elderly, disabled, as well as physically and financially challenged individuals make their homes more energy-efficient. This government program will help people to save money on their heating bills by making their furnaces and heating systems more efficient. It also applies to all aspects of conserving their home.

The Program will help low-income customers save money on utilities and control their energy costs by installing weatherization materials and providing consumer education. Cape Human Resources will use government funds to improve a home’s energy efficiency by installing measures like weather-stripping, caulking, and insulation; repairing or replacing heating and cooling systems; and sealing up any holes in the building envelope.

The food pantry at the Cape Human Resources is very popular and is a vital service. The food bank is partnering with FEMA to provide food to people affected by emergencies. The community action agency provides free groceries, canned goods, meats and more to those in need. Funding and donations determine how often and for how long the program is offered. The amount of food a family needs is based on the ages of the household members, the size of the family, the family’s income, and the family’s dietary requirements. You can get help applying for SNAP (food stamps), advocacy services, the WIC program (for women, infants and children), and referral services to other government aid and public benefits programs. To reach someone by phone, dial their number. In this case, the number to dial is (609) 465 4531.

Day care is a place where young children can go while their parents are at work or school. This non-profit organization and its partners are dedicated to providing a positive and stimulating learning environment where each infant and child can grow and develop at their own pace. The center provides free healthy meals and snacks, offers basic education, and promotes playful interaction. If you want more information, you can call (609) 465-4531.

The Summer Youth Program offers employment and internships for dozens of students. The teenagers that enroll will do chores for seniors, help maintain the grounds, and do other activities that are beneficial to the senior community. There are other positions that help support local churches, charities, and non-profit groups.

The program provides summer employment for youth, which may give them a small income and help reduce financial stress in an economically challenged environment. The program not only provides students with financial education, but also fosters a sense of responsibility in them and helps them better manage their own finances. Both the Sturdy Savings Bank and the Cape Human Resources department offer students a three-day financial literacy course.

Cape Human Resources may offer other benefits and government information. The company’s headquarters is located at 100 East Main Street. The zip code for Whitesboro, New Jersey is 08242. Call this number for information on their resources.

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