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Caring Place financial assistance programs in Williamson County.

Caring Place is a non-profit organization that provides several programs to help people in need. These programs include food assistance, clothing assistance, and housing assistance. Caring Place also provides other services such as job training and financial literacy classes. They provide either food from a pantry or a service called Daily Bread. A focus of the Re-Build Program is also helping the elderly by providing financial aid. The organization is based in Georgetown Texas and focuses on the Northern Williamson County region.

Free food and meals from Caring Place

If you or your family are in a crisis or facing hunger, you can turn to the Caring Place Food Pantry for a seven day emergency order of groceries. If you qualify, you may be given a box of food that has about 30 pounds of food for each person in your household. As long as the client can provide documentation that the crisis is ongoing, families in Williamson County will be able to access the resources once every 30 days.

The charity provides free meals from a soup kitchen. This means that whoever comes first can take their pick of the items available. There is no need to apply to a meal service in order to take part in this community program – everyone is welcome to benefit from it. Every day, volunteers go to businesses like HEB and Starbucks to pick up donated baked goods. They take these goods to the Caring Place, where anyone can come and get them. There are other soup kitchens in the area that can help if this one is not able to.

The non-profit will also work with the Capital Area Food Bank in Austin. They are trying to give families in Williamson County fresh fruits and vegetables. This means that on these days, something is given out or distributed. This community program does not require an application or income restrictions, and they agency will not set any requirements for participation.

The Caring Place and the CAFB offer a free food distribution program called HOPE (Healthy Option Program for the Elderly) for seniors in Austin. No need to make a reservation. HOPE provides free monthly assistance to individuals over age fifty-five who live in the Georgetown area. In order to participate in HOPE, you must submit a HOPE application and renew it annually.

The Caring Place Holiday Meal Assistance Program provides income-eligible families with HEB gift cards to pay for groceries or meals for the holiday. This means that clients can pick foods that fit with their family’s customs and beliefs.

Financial help and additional services

Sometimes, people may offer to help you pay your bills. The Caring Place helps families with emergency needs by giving them money. If you are a non-profit and have the proper documentation, we can assist you with Rental Assistance, Loans, Eviction Prevention, Limited Utility Bill Assistance, prescriptions, eyeglasses, and Transportation Needs such as Car Repairs, Gasoline, and emergency Shelter.

There is sometimes non-financial assistance available. This will provide assistance to those who are struggling due to difficult life circumstances. The Caring Place is a thrift store that provides clothing and limited housewares to people in need.

The Re-Build Program helps people in Georgetown and Northern Williamson County who need emergency assistance. The available assistance can help with safety modifications or minor repairs and upgrades around the house, especially ones that help with handicapped accessibility. An appointment is needed to start the enrollment process. If a family needs help rebuilding their home, they can go to the Caring Place. The Caring Place is a place where families can go to get help when they need it.

If you’re a traveler, you can get help from us too. We provide non-financial assistance to families who need help getting to their destination in Williamson County. The agency may provide gas cards or food from the pantry to help with expenses.

Each year during fall, the Caring Place provides families who qualify as low to moderate income with Wal-Mart gift cards. This voucher can only be used to buy new coats and other essential clothing for children from birth to age eighteen. All children must go to school to get the benefits from this program. This means that the program is only available for a limited time and that specific dates will be announced later on.

Family Eldercare sponsors the Caring Place, which provides free cooling fans to those who qualify. To use this service, households must have seniors who are 60 years old or older, dependent children, or members with disabilities. The number of fans provided to each household is based on the number of rooms in the home and how many are available.

The Caring Place provides air conditioners for families in Georgetown Texas who meet eligibility requirements, including documented medical necessity. Depending on whether Eldercare has units available, families in need may be able to get an air conditioner for their home. The program begins in the summer when it starts to get hot. You need to fill out a form for both services. There are other programs available that can help with the cost of air conditioners.

The Benefit Bank of Texas is an online program that makes it easy to apply for benefits from the state of Texas and the federal government. It organizes all the programs in one place. Caring Place volunteers can help you figure out if you qualify for programs like FAFSA, Veteran’s Education and Training, SNAP, Medicaid, CHIP, TANF cash aid, and tax credits like the Earned Income and Additional Child Tax Credits.

Phone and contact information

The Caring Place is located at 7740, 2000 Railroad Ave, Georgetown, Texas 78626. Call the number 512-943-0700.

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