Catastrophic Illness in Children Relief Fund.

In 1989, New Jersey established the Catastrophic Illness in Children Relief Fund to provide financial assistance to families with seriously ill or injured children. The program is a financial assistance benefit that provides state residents with help. There may be funds available to help with health care costs and medical bills or debts. The organization provides financial assistance to families in New Jersey with children who have a medical condition, illness, or unpaid medical bills. The applicant cannot receive assistance from their health insurance, other state or federal government programs, or other sources of funding.

Since it was created, almost 130 million dollars has been granted to families across the state. There is a lot of support available. The Catastrophic Illness in Children Relief Fund is a way to help families with high medical bills and to help them cope with a child’s significant medical or health problems. The state is focusing its aid on children and adolescents.

The fund helps families take care of their sick children while also managing their medical bills and debts, which has a positive effect on the family’s well-being.

How am I eligible for aid?

There are no limits to the amount of assistance or coverage the fund will provide for any medical condition, diagnosis or disease. There are no income limits when applying for aid, and families of any income level may qualify for assistance. The state will pay for eligible medical and health care expenses that are not fully covered by the applicant’s health insurance plan, state, or federal programs. The Catastrophic Illness in Children Relief Fund can help with things like doctor and hospital bills, medicine, home health care, psychiatric care, and things like modifying your home or car to make it easier for a sick child to get around.

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If a family’s child has high medical expenses that are not covered by insurance and these expenses are more than 10% of the family’s total income (up to $100,000 plus 15% of any income over $100,000), then that family may qualify for financial aid and grants from this fund. Other conditions for eligibility include that the child was 21 years old or younger when the medical expenses were incurred, and that the families were residents of New Jersey.

This means that the family must have moved to New Jersey less than 3 months ago in order to qualify for this program. This does not require long-term residency. This means that any healthcare expenses that you have incurred in the last 12 months will be considered for the Catastrophic Illness Fund. This includes any medical bills dating back to January 1988. For expenses that occurred before 1988, the state suggests looking into medical debt settlement options.

The program defines catastrophic situations as when the child’s illness has a severe financial and economic impact on the family’s overall financial situation. Our goal is to help applicants who would have serious financial difficulties without our support.

When families apply for assistance from the Catastrophic Illness in Children Fund, state officials will look at how much of the family’s income would go toward paying for medical care not covered by insurance. A family’s health insurance coverage may not be enough to cover all of their medical needs.

Many people who seek help have increasing medical bills that can quickly become overwhelming for a family and possibly even lead to bankruptcy. The fund has helped thousands of families who are working parents with somewhat decent health insurance policies. However, their out-of-pocket health care expenses were still greater than 10 percent of their income.

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To apply for the New Jersey Catastrophic Illness in Children Relief Fund, call 1-800-335-FUND to request more information or to apply.

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