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Catholic Charities Butler County Ohio assistance programs.

Catholic Charities provides information and assistance to senior citizens, their caregivers, immigrants, and the disabled in Butler County Ohio. The agency staff will give you information about community resources that might be able to help you. – To provide support for families and individuals with sickle cell disease – To create awareness about sickle cell disease and its effects – To promote research on sickle cell disease and its treatments

The solutions offered by the Su Casa Hispanic Center are designed to address multiple issues faced by the Hispanic community, and are offered in Spanish to make them more accessible to this population. If someone is struggling with hunger, the agency may be able to help by providing a hot, nutritious meal and also helping the senior apply for SNAP food stamps. If the issue is housing, then information on home repairs and low income housing may be provided. They also help with things like legal aid for immigration issues, taking care of people who need respite, and providing language assistance. Catholic Charities provided support in various ways.

Services for families and/or medical care

The Catholic churches in Butler County offer a wide variety of family services. The Community Services Department provides educational classes, parenting resources, early childhood mental health care, pregnancy testing and more. The Food for All program provides families with free food or infant formula.

Catholic Charity centers in Butler County offer health screenings. This usually happens in partnership with community clinics or doctors who volunteer their time. This will help identify any care needed and staff can refer clients to assistance programs. This may be free health care provided by Medicare. There are programs that offer discounts on prescriptions for the elderly, such as the NACO card or pharmaceutical assistance programs. There are also free clinics in Ohio that can provide medical care.

HICAP provides counseling and advocacy services for health insurance matters. Catholic Charity has counselors who can help with Medicare, Medicaid, Veteran Benefits, and other programs. Catholic Charities will provide training to health-care consumers on how to best advocate for their needs.

Catholic Charity food for all programs

There are two types of Catholic Charity Services available in Butler County Ohio: Meals on Wheels for the home bound, and Congregate Meals sites. There are various churches that have programs where they give out free boxes of groceries to people in need. There are several places in Hamilton, Ohio and Butler County where you can get a hot, nutritious meal five days a week. While it is appreciated if you donate, it is not necessary.

All food served will meet the standards set by the United States Department of Agriculture. This means that the food is made to fit the needs of an adult in that area. This food will contain specific vitamins and minerals. The goal is to provide a nutritious meal that will promote longevity for the senior.

Housing support, including legal aid

Catholic Charity Sponsored Home Modifications uses volunteers from the community to help people with disabilities make modifications to their homes. The goal is to provide seniors aged 60 or older with free minor home repairs. There is no charge for the work. Other home improvements can be made for disabled homeowners as well. This service is not for emergency purposes. If you need that, then you should look for other options.

Catholic Charities provides free installation of home updates such as ramps, grab bars, and more to help people with disabilities. There are also home security and safety devices available, but there are income limits that apply. Some work requires no payment, while others may have a small fee. Find how to get home repairs from people who are willing to do the work for free.

Free or low-cost legal aid is available for people who are very low income, refugees, or immigrants, as well as families living in poverty. There are services offered by the county government that can help elderly people with different kinds of legal issues. This can include help with getting government benefits or other public assistance, dealing with housing-related laws, resolving disagreements between landlords and tenants, health laws, consumer protection, powers of attorney, and nursing home law. They can offer guidance on creating a will as well as other activities that are normally only for seniors.

The legal aid is available for immigrants in Butler County Ohio. They help undocumented immigrants adjust to life in the US, get green cards, find housing, and deal with DACA issues, among other things. The goal is to help them adjust to their new surroundings.

Employment and caregiver assistance from Catholic Charities in Butler County

The Senior Community Service Employment Program is for unemployed seniors who want to work. Perhaps they are seeking a new source of income or wish to learn new skills. Catholic Charities will help clients by providing work experience and job training programs so they can return to the competitive job market.

The Senior Community Service Employment Program (SCSEP) helps seniors find part-time work through government grants. This work is temporary and helps the community. This means that the government will pay for part of their salary. Catholic Charities offers training for low-income persons age 55 or older who are trying to re-enter the job market. Lacking the proper skills, like knowing how to use computers or having the latest IT skills, can often be a hindrance. This employment program provides older workers with access to on-the-job training through local WorkSource Centers in Butler County. What are some ways that senior citizens can make extra money?

Caregivers can often have an important role in providing care and support to patients. Having a baby is said to be one of the most difficult things a person will do in their life. So support is arranged for family caregivers in Butler County Ohio. This support includes professional respite care, which gives caregivers a break from their duties, support groups, and educational resources. This is for those who provide care for a person who is 60 or older or disabled. The Catholic Charities Caregiver Assistance Network helps caregivers by providing them with resources and support.

The agency offers counseling and training for caregivers. This will help them to make better decisions and solve problems that are relevant to their roles. A plan will be made by Catholic Charities to help manage and take care of people. This will be to assess the needs of seniors and program to meet those needs. Other support services may include referrals to home assistance programs.

Applying for resources from Butler County Ohio Catholic Charity churches

There is more than one church that is a part of the charity organization. They help people regardless of what they believe in, what color they are, how old they are, or what gender they are. The address for this location is 1910 Fairgrove Ave, Hamilton, OH 45011. This is the phone number for the Cincinnati Zoo. Call the Cincinnati Zoo at (513) 863-6129.

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