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Centre County Salvation Army assistance programs.

The Salvation Army is a place where families in Centre County and nearby regions can turn to for help during a crisis. The organization will give as much help as they can. The charity may be able to help with bills, housing, and the charity also administers holiday assistance in the Centre County Pennsylvania region, but there unfortunately are limits due to demand and availability of resources.

The Daily Emergency Assistance program can help with basic needs like food and shelter. The Salvation Army provides many services to the community, including this one. In a crisis, families that qualify and individuals with lower incomes will be provided with basic human services. This can include grants for utility bills, lodging, rent, emergency vouchers for food and gasoline and prescription medications. These grants can help with necessary expenses so that an individual or family can get back on their feet.

The individual will need to have an interview as part of the application process. This assessment will give the case manager a better understanding of what the person needs. This means that you will need to sit down with someone and go over your finances in order to make a budget. This person may also give you advice on how to improve your credit score. The clients of the Centre Salvation Army will be assisted by getting referrals to appropriate non-profit organizations, churches, housing programs, or utility resources. This will help them get the resources and assistance they need.

The annual Back-To-School Program begins in late summer. Lower income families who qualify will receive new clothes, backpacks, notebooks and other school supplies for their teenagers, children and youth. It will usually be held over a day or two and it will provide an opportunity for the child and their parent to go shopping in the morning. After the items have been selected, food and a meal will be provided to the students and their families.

There are several holiday assistance programs in the region, including in Huntingdon County. The Angel Tree Program is a charity that provides Christmas gifts for children in need. The Angel Tree is a tree that has angel ornaments on it. These ornaments have the name, age, and gender of a child in need on them. People can take an ornament off the tree and buy a gift for that child. The businesses or organizations will put up a special tree which will have “angel tags” on it. This item will have a local child’s first name on it, as well as a list of clothing or toys they need. Community members adopt a child in need and provide them with the items on their holiday wishlist. The Salvation Army will make sure that the donated items reach the child in need and they will handle the distribution of the items. The organization has extensive experience in running the program, which is available in most states. All families who participate in the Angel Tree program will receive a free grocery voucher that they can use to buy food for a bountiful Christmas meal or holiday basket.

Another option for Thanksgiving Dinner is to go out to eat. This project is offered in partnership with local churches. This will allow groups and charities to host a Thanksgiving Eve dinner every year. The service will be provided free of charge to the general public, including those on low incomes, the unemployed and homeless. The dinner offers a free, delicious meal to participants. Many older people also participate, and the meal may even be brought to the homes of those who are unable to leave their homes.

The Salvation Army provides assistance to people who have been impacted by a local or national disaster, as well as first responders in Centre County. The Salvation Army will train local volunteers and other key staff throughout the year. The organization will offer workshops, drills, and exercises to anyone who needs support or is being trained. A mobile feeding unit is available in Centre County. It will give out food, meals, and other aid.

There are other programs offered for students and children. This means that the Ladore Camp & Conference Center and Harvestview Christian Fellowship are both included. The purpose of after-school programs is to improve the lives of young people by providing them with activities, guidance, and other support.

The main Salvation Army location in the region is located at 2603 E College Ave, Suite G, State College, PA 16801. You can make an appointment by calling (814) 861-1785.

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