CenturyLink Internet Basics discounted service.

If you are a low-income CenturyLink customer, you may be able to get high-speed internet at a reduced price. The company will offer this type of assistance from the Internet Basics program. The service provides low-cost computers and support to households that meet income requirements or that receive certain state or federal government benefits.

The company provides internet and phone service to millions of customers in several states. Some families can’t afford to pay for an internet connection. This program may be able to help them.

The final cost for each home will be different based on many conditions. This means that the company may charge more or less than $10 per month in the future. The program provides more information on how to apply.

Application criteria

The discounts are only offered to customers that have a very low income, this includes customers that meet poverty guidelines. Some companies offer a discount to people who either make below a certain amount of money, or who are on some form of public assistance. There are many programs that can help someone qualify for free or reduced-priced food. Some examples include the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP), and free school lunches. This sentence is talking about how CenturyLink offers a service that can help families with children succeed in school.

Many of the same guidelines that apply to the Lifeline program will also apply to the Internet Basics program. If someone is enrolled in a telephone discount plan, they may be able to save money on high-speed internet coverage.

After one year, any type of assistance will no longer be available. If the family’s circumstances change, they will need to reapply for assistance. If you are able to enroll, CenturyLink will offer download speeds of 1.5 Mbps or higher, but this will depend on what state the family lives in as well as the type of technology that is available in that region. If the customer is willing to pay more money, they may be able to get a higher speed.

This means that not only can you get the internet program, but you can also get a low cost computer from CenturyLink. The price of this product is much lower than the typical retail price, as low as $150. Families who are given a computer as part of the Internet Basics program will also receive free training on how to use it, as well as the software that comes with it. Classes are held in different locations depending on where it is most convenient.

The program will end after one year. They need to notify CenturyLink if their income increases or they stop receiving qualifying benefits. If this is not done, the provider can choose to take legal action to get back any money the family saved by making a false application.

The assistance is only for the primary home and one account per customer. If the applicant is already receiving some form of service from the company, then they will not be qualified for the position. Documents that show how much money you make and who you live with as well as any benefits you receive from the government will need to be given to the organization you are trying to get help from. This policy is in place to make sure that those who can’t afford internet service are still able to get help. If someone is caught using an illegal application, they will be asked to pay back CenturyLink.

The phone number for the Internet Basics program is (866) 541-3330.

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