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Chittenden County assistance programs.

To find information on different government programs, non-profit organizations, and charities in the Chittenden County Vermont area, try looking on the internet or contacting your local government office. The organizations can either provide direct cash assistance to for paying expenses, including energy bills and housing costs such as rent, or they can help people connect with government programs that can offer financial assistance. The agencies can help connect individuals to services provided by food banks, community clinics, and other organizations across the Burlington region.

Chittenden Community Action is a non-profit organization that helps the community by providing resources and support. There are many grants and financial assistance programs available. The Crisis Fuel Program, WARMTH, and ShareHeat can help with energy bills, heating oil, and kerosene. They can also help if you’re in danger of being disconnected from your energy service. If you need help paying for your housing, there are government programs that can assist you with things like rent and security deposits. Counselors can help residents apply for food assistance programs such as Food Stamps, WIC, School Breakfast and Lunch.

There are other services that are administered. These services can help you with things like finding and keeping a job, setting employment goals, managing your money and debts, and resolving problems with your landlord. The agency is dedicated to helping those who are less fortunate, have low incomes, and are seniors in the Chittenden County region. 255 South Champlain Street, Burlington, Vermont 05401 is the address of the Champlain College, and the phone number is (802) 863-6248.

The Charlotte Food Shelf and Assistance runs a food pantry where people in need can get free meals and groceries. They also offer nutritional assistance to help people improve their diets. A small cash fund can help pay for utility or heating bills if needed. The Charlotte Congregational Church is located on 421 Church Hill Road in Charlotte, Vermont. The church can be reached by calling (802) 425-3252.

Cancer patients in financial crisis may be eligible for emergency financial support from this program. Immediate family members may also be eligible for support. The charity provides assistance with medical bills, rent, housing costs, respite care, Cobra payments, utilities, food, transport, childcare and other essential expenses. The address is 111 Colchester Avenue, Burlington, Vermont 05401 and the phone number is (802) 847-4848.

The Joint Urban Ministry Project provides assistance with basic needs such as food, clothing, and shelter. They also offer programs for job training and education. Some of the things that they give out are utility assistance, food, diapers, baby food and formula, and medicine. Transportation refers to any means of getting around, including bus passes and gas vouchers. Toiletries are items such as soap, shampoo, and toothpaste. Cleaning supplies are items such as bleach, sponges, and garbage bags. Nonperishable food items are canned goods, dry goods, and snacks. Household goods are items such as furniture, linens, and dishes. The address 38 South Winooski Avenue, Burlington, Vermont 05401 can be reached by calling (802) 862-4501.

The Saint Joseph Co-Cathedral provides limited financial assistance for paying utilities, rent and security deposits, and can distribute some personal needs and food vouchers. The website also provides information about other services, non-profits and charities in the community. The address is 113 Elmwood Avenue, Burlington, Vermont 05401. The phone number is (802) 951-4290.

The Salvation Army in Burlington offers a wide range of assistance programs to help those in need in emergency situations. This can include free food, heating and utility assistance, information on loan programs, and prescription cost assistance. In addition to tuition, school supplies and clothing are also offered.

There are also services that provide reasons. They offer holiday assistance, including free Christmas gifts or meals through the Angel Tree program. The school has a store on the premises where students can buy used items. The address is 64 Main Street, Burlington, VT 05401 and the phone number is (802) 864-6991. To learn more about the Chittenden County Salvation Army, please visit their website.

The Champlain Valley Office of Economic Opportunity is a regional non-profit organization. Its goal is to help low- and moderate-income residents of the Champlain Valley region of Vermont to become economically self-sufficient. The organization provides services such as job training, financial counseling, and tax preparation. This group is focused on helping individuals by providing them with basic necessities and long-term stability. The location provides a place to live for people who are transitioning, as well as financial assistance for things like heating bills, weatherization, and other needs. If you are struggling to find housing or a place to rent, there are some programs that may be able to help you. One example is Vermont Tenants. A person’s worthiness is not based on their material possessions.

The Charlotte Congregational Church is facing limited funding. This organization may be able to help with utility bills and vouchers for providing gas or food on a case by case basis. The address is 421 Church Hill Road, Charlotte, Vermont 05445-0012, and the phone number is (802) 425-3176.

The Richmond Congregational Church partners with the Salvation Army to provide assistance with food, electric bills, fuel and heating costs, gasoline and bus fare, and prescription drugs. This is an address and phone number.

Regional holiday programs provide assistance to low income families and those living in poverty. These programs can help with food, gifts, and other necessities during the holiday season. When applying for free Christmas toys or a meal, including at Thanksgiving, the Chittenden County family needs to show that they live there and how much money they make. If someone is qualified, meaning they meet the requirements, local charities will provide them with things like gifts for children or free food boxes. Looking for help with holidays in Chittenden County?

Vermont Catholic Charities is an organization that provides various social services and programs for low-income individuals. The last resort agency is a government organization that provides financial assistance to people who are struggling to make ends meet. Sometimes we will only have enough money for basic needs like food vouchers, security deposits, and preventing evictions. This includes paying for things like rent and utilities.

The majority of the resources that Catholic Charities and churches in Burlington offer are for non-financial assistance. The agency provides services to seniors such as coordinating housing, counseling, and referrals. The organization provides assistance and counseling to new mothers and also provides meals and support for children. The address for Vermont Catholic Charities is 55 Joy Drive, South Burlington, Vermont 05403. The phone number is (802) 658-6111. You can also get assistance by clicking more Vermont Catholic Charities.

The Committee on Temporary Shelter is a non-profit organization that helps people who are in danger of losing their homes or being evicted. They provide financial assistance for paying mortgage or back rent and security deposits. The Housing Resource Center is a place in Burlington, Vermont where people can go to get help with finding housing. The center is located at 95 North Avenue, and the phone number is (802) 861-0110.

Food banks in Chittenden County

The locations below help many families every month by giving them meals, groceries, Thanksgiving and Christmas meals and gift baskets, and even items such as clothing and household products.

Hilltop Light Ministries provides baby formula and groceries to families in need. The address 421 Shelburne Road in Burlington can be reached by calling (802) 863-0524.

The Sara Holbrook Community Center is located at 66 North Avenue in Burlington, Vermont. This center provides a variety of services and programs for the community, including a fitness center, meeting rooms, and a variety of recreational activities. For more information, please call (802) 862-6342.

The Colchester Community Food Shelf provides food to those in need. It is located at 245 Main Street, Colchester, Vermont 05446. The phone number is (802) 879-2444.

The Hinesburg Community Resource Center provides residents with access to groceries, free food, milk, and other necessary items. To find Ballards Corner Road in Hinesburg, dial (802) 482-4946.

The address for Essex Center / Jericho-Underhill Ecumenical Ministries is 273 Route 15, Jericho, Vermont 05465. The phone number for the organization is (802) 899-4288.

Milton Family Community Center is a community center located at 23 Villemaire Lane in Milton, Vermont. It has a telephone number of (802) 893-1457.

The Richmond Food Shelf And Thrift Store provides food, clothing, holiday meals, and other aid to those in need. 58 Bridge Street is the address of a building in Richmond, Vermont. The building’s phone number is (802) 578-4283.

The Shelburne Ecumenical Food Shelf is a food bank located on the ground floor of the Town Offices Building on Shelburne Road.

The Westford Food Shelf provides food assistance to residents of Westford, Vermont.

Clinics and health centers

Community Health Center Of Burlington may offer free or low-cost health care to those who cannot afford it or who have difficulty accessing care. Some of the services that may be offered include taking medication, getting vaccinations, and having dental cleanings. The address for the Fleming Museum of Art is 617 Riverside Avenue, Burlington, Vermont 05401. The phone number for the Fleming Museum of Art is (802) 864-6309.

The Community Health Center of Burlington provides medical and mental health services to people in the community who need them. The Pearl Street Clinic is a healthcare facility located in Burlington, Vermont. It provides medical care to patients and offers a variety of services. To begin the intake process, please call (802) 652-1080.

The Community Health Center of Burlington and the Safe Harbor Clinic of CHCB are located at 184 South Winooski Avenue in Burlington, Vermont. The telephone number for both clinics is (802) 860-4310.

Burlington area credit, foreclosure and debt counseling

Cvoeo is a financial futures company located at 255 South Champlain Street in Burlington, Vermont. The company can be contacted by phone at (802) 860-1417.

Burlington Greenpath Debt Solutions offers services to help with debt, some of which may be free or low cost depending on your qualifications. The services we offer include but are not limited to helping you fix your credit, giving you advice on how to handle your debt, helping you create a budget, giving you foreclosure and mortgage counseling, teaching you financial skills, and helping you go through bankruptcy. The non-profit organization GreenPath offers low cost debt management programs to help pay off credit card debts and stop collection calls. The address is 41 IDX Drive, Suite 210, South Burlington, Vermont 05403. The phone number is (888) 776-6735.

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