Assistance Program

Christian Help Center emergency assistance and support services.

The Christian Help Center helps people in need by providing financial assistance and guidance. This helps families in difficult situations to have more stability. There are resources available for unemployed individuals, senior citizens, and others who need referrals or guidance.

The charity provides free food, clothing, and living expenses to people in need. They rely on donations and volunteers to help them with their work. This means that we will not spend any money on you until we have looked at your case and decided that you deserve our help.

Another focus is on helping families pay for their energy bills during the colder winter months in North Carolina. To help with this, people can apply for public benefits like LIHEAP or for energy bill assistance. When you come to the Christian Help Center, we will talk with you about all of the possible options you have during your time of crisis.

Financial aid and free basic needs

The food bank in Roxboro North Carolina has a set number of hours it is open, and the amount and types of food in each box or bag of groceries will depend on what has been donated and collected. The Christian Help Center will do its best to give out free, healthy food to families and individuals whenever possible. This service is usually only available once per month and is for income-eligible households and individuals. The pantry provides food to clients based on their income. This includes groceries, perishable items, and canned goods.

Hot meals may also be served. The number of meals given out by organizations such as soup kitchens and food pantries continues to rise as economic conditions remain challenging. Soup kitchens in the area typically see around dozens of people each month coming to get food from the pantry or another feeding site.

The Christian Help Center is looking for both money and non-perishable food to help low-income families and individuals. They want to make sure no one goes hungry, especially kids and old people.

Eviction prevention is a term used to describe various actions and programs designed to keep people from becoming homeless or being evicted from their homes. There may be federal government grants available to pay back rent to trained agency mediators who work with tenants and landlords to discuss eviction problems and try to find other alternatives to stopping homelessness, including but not limited to negotiated agreements between all the different parties.

This organization educates landlords and tenants about their rights and responsibilities, and provides them with resources like financial education workshops and one-on-one counseling sessions. They also help tenants apply for emergency funds. There is also support for families to help them remove any barriers that have caused them to need homeless prevention services.

In order to qualify for the program, you must be able to verify your income and provide documentation for all family members. Additionally, you must be employed and provide information on your tenancy or mortgage status, as well as other miscellaneous costs such as household bills. There are not a lot of resources available from the center or any local charity in Warren or Vance County. The Christian Help Center may be able to provide clients with one-time rental assistance to help prevent them from being evicted from their homes.

There may be some money to help prevent eviction, such as help with rent or utility bills. This is determined by how much money is available. The Christian Help Center relies on donations from churches in the town of Roxboro and other places in North Carolina. If a small amount of money is available, it may be paid out.

Education, debt, and free advice from the Christian Help Center

The Christian Help Center provides a Case Management Program to help low-income and elderly people and families. There are many organizations that can help you with things like Medicare, Health Care, Public Assistance, Social Security Disability, Food Stamps, and Emergency Assistance for energy bills. The staff can also help families to find somewhere to live that is within their budget.

In counties like Person and Vance, there is safe, respectful and effective permanent supportive housing. This is an option that is available to many people and families. The goal of this program is to help people who are homeless or at risk of becoming homeless to gain stability in their lives.

This organization provides transitional housing for people who are struggling and need help getting back on their feet. They will have access to resources such as job training and financial assistance. There are a number of counselors and staff that will assist clients with finding a resolution to their hardship. The clients will be able to join job training and placement assistance, find day care at an affordable price, use local transportation, and participate in recreational activities.

The Christian Help Center provides many services that are based on faith. One is a service that provides advice and assistance to people who are in debt. The team partners with multiple Christian-based credit counseling services. This means that they help you with things like reducing your debt and creating a budget, as well as giving you other advice. There are many organizations that offer free credit counseling services to people of all faiths. These organizations can help you develop a budget, work out a repayment plan, and provide support and guidance to help you get out of debt.

Adult education and GED preparation are both part of case management. The Learning Center High school can help adults with literacy, getting a GED, Math instruction, and also provide extra help for students who are in other training programs.

Many of the services offered by the Christian Help Center or other agencies in North Carolina are quite different from other adult education programs in the state. There is more personal attention given to students in smaller groups or one-on-one, so that they can be better helped in achieving their goals.

Applying for assistance and more information

This means that the app can be used in more than one county. The charity is based on faith and is located at 122 Depot Street, Roxboro NC 27573. Applications can only be processed at specific times. To speak to someone at the main center, please call (336) 599-6070.

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