Rent Assistance

City Mission Society funds for rent and deposits for Homelessness Prevention.

There are many agencies and charities in the Boston area that work together with City Mission Society in order to help put an end to homelessness. There may be help available for renters and homeowners in the area.

Lift Up provides assistance to women with children, including single moms, who are at risk of losing their homes or apartments. This assistance is primarily for younger women or even teenagers. emergency financial aid for housing payments may be provided. This means that there are only a few spots available and people who want to apply must first go through an evaluation process.

There are other services that can help families maintain their housing, like job or educational skills training, or referrals to other benefits. The goal of Lift Up is to improve the economic situation of women and to help them find stability in the long term.

This process may take multiple years to complete. Throughout the program, participants will need to stick to their individualized service plans and goals. There may also be services that help manage your case and speak on your behalf. Individual sessions are available, as well as workshops and resource groups that cover different topics. Lift Up has helped many women in Suffolk County find jobs and become employed.

Non-profit agencies have an emergency needs network to help people in need. This is for people with low incomes and families who are having a lot of difficulty. If you are a moderate- or low-income family, you may be eligible for emergency financial or rental assistance. This program helps people keep their homes so they don’t become homeless.

This is an effort by the community to address the housing challenges in the Boston area. The Emergency Needs Network is a group of organizations that help people in need, including Project Hope, Women’s Lunch Place, The Tenancy Preservation Project, Metropolitan Boston Housing Partnership, Crittenton Women’s Union, Greater Boston Legal Services, HomeStart, Martha Eliot Health Center, Travelers’ Aide, and Span, Inc.

There are many sources of referrals and information. If someone does not qualify for rent help or a grant, a referral may be able to assist them. There are other organizations that can help with housing besides this one. So low income families can get help and support finding resources and services which will provide long-term financial assistance or in some cases a loan with no interest.

The case managers from City Mission Society and ENN tell the client’s family about other sources of financial assistance. This may include access to fuel assistance, Mass Health benefits, emergency money for security deposits, housing resources, SSI applications, food stamps and more. There are other self-sufficiency resources available that can help with things like job search programs, vocational counseling, and child-care. These resources can improve their lives. Having a stable job can help prevent homelessness.

There are far too many children in Boston who are homeless with their parents. Some children may not have any access to holiday gifts or toys. The City Mission Society Christmas Shop may be able to help you. It makes families and children happy during the holiday season. This is a resource that is available to everyone, regardless of faith, religion, or background.

CMS and its partners collect toys, games, gift items, or meals. People in the community donate these items, and the agency collects and sorts them for people who are less fortunate. If it weren’t for the generosity of people and businesses in the community, both infants and teens would have no Christmas at all. These donations allow them to get free toys and presents. If you are able to, please donate to the shop.

The City Mission Society is located at 14 Beacon Street, Suite 203, Boston, Massachusetts 02108. The telephone number is 617.742.6830.

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