Rent Assistance

Clermont County rental assistance.

The Clermont County Department of Community and Economic Development provides housing assistance to residents who are struggling to pay their rent. This assistance can come in the form of grants or access to shelters and transitional housing programs. There are organizations that can help with housing expenses, like security deposits, rent, and utility bills.

The agencies usually have short term emergency help as well as long term support, like info on section 8 vouchers from HUD. There is not enough money to cover everyone’s rent, so if you need help you will have to contribute what you can. If the tenant has an eviction notice, they may be referred to specialty services for help. This may include support from an attorney in Batavia or information on applying for government grants.

Some families in Clermont County may have to move to transitional housing if they can’t pay rent. This allows them time to get back into the community.

The Clermont County Veterans Services Commission provides housing assistance and other services to veterans, their spouses, and families. To get help, call (513) 732-7363. Federal government grants may help with expenses such as short term mortgage payments, energy bills, and other costs. There are other programs available to homeless veterans in addition to emergency rental assistance. These programs may provide food, job opportunities, and shelter.

The Clermont Metropolitan Housing Authority helps low income residents and seniors find affordable housing or apartments. Their address is 65 South Market Street in Batavia, Ohio, and their main phone number is (513) 732-6010. There are also references to government-issued vouchers that can be used to help cover rent costs.

The Salvation Army of Batavia helps people who have been evicted by providing them with rent payments or loans for housing needs. The non-profit also has shelters and is involved in helping with different social services.

The Loveland Inter Faith Effort is a non-profit organization located in Loveland, Ohio that provides support to the Loveland school district area. Families that are struggling can apply for up to $150 to help pay for their rent, heating costs, or food needs.

You must call for an intake. The number is (513) 248-1114. The Miami Milford Ministry is located at 844 State Route 131 in Milford, OH 45150.

St. Andrew SVDP is a church located at 552 Main Street in Milford, Ohio. The church provides rent assistance to families in the Clermont County zip codes of 45140 and 45150. They can provide you with information on public assistance programs, affordable housing, and security deposit programs.

The Society of St. Vincent de Paul provides temporary financial assistance and loans to people in need, including the disabled and working poor. This fund can be used to help pay for back rent and other expenses.

The Legal Aid Society of Clermont County provides legal assistance to low-income individuals and families. They also offer information and resources on rental assistance. They try to help seniors, people who have been in abusive relationships, and people who have low incomes from being forced to leave their homes. This means that while the attorney may not be able to pay your rent directly, they may be able to refer you to someone who can help you with that.

Short term housing programs in Clermont County

The Clermont County Youth Services is situated at 3003 Hospital Drive in Batavia, Ohio. To reach the customer service line for the Cincinnati Zoo, please dial (513) 732-2277. The shelter provides a safe place for youth and teens.

The James Sauls Homeless Shelter is a place where people who are homeless can go to stay. It is located at 2403 Old State Route 32 in Batavia, Ohio. To reach the customer service line for the Cincinnati Zoo, dial (513) 732-6464. The homeless can get food, help with finding a place to live, and referrals to programs that can help with security deposits and rent once they are stabilized.

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