Clinton County Community Action Program.

The programs run by Clinton County Community Action Agency are focused on needs such as food, educational services and utility bills. There are also extra resources given to working poor families to help them deal with their difficulties and achieve stability.

The Community Action Food Pantry provides people with basic necessities like food. If donations and resources are available, this organization provides up to three days’ worth of free food to qualifying households who are struggling to put a meal on the table. There is no cost to the households for this service. The food pantry in Clinton County provides non-perishable items such as canned goods and dry goods, as well as fresh produce, meat, and dairy products. The food pantry services are available to each household once per month.

The staff at Community Action is committed to helping all Clinton County residents have access to affordable housing, including seniors or the disabled. The agency began to build apartment complexes for people who make too much money to live in public or government housing, but not enough to afford their own housing.

There are several senior complexes in Wilmington, including Clinton Commons I off Thorne Avenue, the Community Commons off Nelson Avenue, and a center at Nunn Avenue.

The Ohio Home Energy Assistance Program (HEAP) helps low-income households pay for heating and natural gas bills. The amount of money given in the grants varies depending on how much money the government has available, how much money the family making the request has, how many people live in the house, and what kind of fuel is used to heat the home.

The Weatherization Assistance Program helps low-income households save money on their energy bills by providing free energy-efficiency upgrades. Weatherization services can include adding insulation, sealing air leaks, and repairing or replacing heating and cooling equipment. This is an option for income-eligible Clinton County residents who need a place to live. The program’s main goal is to make your home more energy efficient, improve your health and safety, and save you money on your energy bill.

The Weatherization crew insulates the walls, attics, and floors to eliminate air leakage and tests all gas-fired appliances to make repairs. The company will also do a Blower Door test, which is used to check for air leaks in the home. They may also replace water heaters or furnaces that are not working properly.

This program is offered by Community Action and helps residents of Clinton County who are struggling to get a loan for a car because of a bad credit rating or lack of a down payment.

The agency will help the client find a donated vehicle that meets their budget and needs. They also take in donated vehicles to give to extremely low-income clients who have some form of employment.

Clinton County Community Action resources for seniors and children

The Community Action Senior Center is a place where Clinton County seniors can get together and do different activities. The agency will provide meals and also offer activities to keep people busy for an entire day.

There is a transportation program run by volunteers and staff that drive seniors aged 60 and older to different places like banks, stores, medical appointments, and beauty salons.

The Head Start Program provides services to three to five-year-old children and youth from families who are struggling financially. It offers a variety of services that can improve your health and wellbeing, including nutrition, mental health care, transportation, education and social services.

The teachers at this school are very qualified and have degrees in education. It is a partnership, as parents are encouraged to play a role in their children’s educational and developmental activities, and are provided with information and tools to do so.

Head Start also offers a home-based alternative for those in the county that need it. A qualified teacher will visit the family’s home each week to help the parents provide their children with the same type of developmental support that is available at the on-site service.

There are many more benefits and programs available, including both private and government benefits and programs. Market Street, Wilmington, OH and provides heating assistance to low income families. Clinton County Community Action provides heating assistance to low income families in Wilmington, OH. The address is Nelson Ave., Wilmington, Ohio 45177. The phone number is 937-382-8365.

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