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Clinton, Franklin, and Essex County Salvation Army assistance programs.

The Salvation Army is a charity that helps less fortunate individuals and families by providing them with services. They can get help with finding and paying for food and housing costs, including rent or utility bills. Angel Tree provides low-income families with free Christmas toys, furniture, clothes, and school supplies. The Salvation Army in the Plattsburgh and Franklin County area can help you if you are struggling with drug or substance abuse. They offer many different programs to help you get on the path to recovery. There is limited funding available in Clinton County, but people can get referrals, concrete assistance, and advocacy.

Free food and financial help from Salvation Army

A food pantry in the Plattsburgh region is a place where people can go to get food. The food bank provides enough food for a few days to people in the community, regardless of their personal situation. The pantry will usually have a soup kitchen that can serve a hot meal to the poor and less fortunate in Franklin and Essex County.

The food bank also offers other services. The Salvation Army provides assistance to those in need in the form of food pantries. The staff at these pantries can help clients apply for public aid, such as SNAP Food Stamps or WIC, if they are eligible. This assistance can help ease the burden of those struggling to make ends meet. The pantries also have information on where to find thrift stores and clothing closets nearby that can provide diapers, hygiene items, school supplies, and even baby formula. There are also food stamp applications from public aid in NY, and the Salvation Army refers clients to this support.

The service provides help for people who are about to be homeless or who are already homeless. The program provides case management, counseling and referrals for housing related assistance for a short period of time.

Rental assistance is a form of homeless prevention that helps people pay for rent. Both those who are about to be evicted and those who are already homeless can benefit from this. families who need extra help to get access to community resources can register for different levels of service This can include finding a place to live in Clinton County New York for a short or long period of time. The Salvation Army provides financial assistance for rent, energy bills, and other housing-related needs that are not met by other government or non-profit programs in the community. This assistance is much more limited than what is typically offered by these other programs.

Many people who apply for government assistance are families who are employed at least part time, currently homeless, and non-disabled individuals. If you need help with housing-related expenses or your rent, you may be eligible for a housing voucher. Assistance is based on need and is not limited to a certain amount. This organization provides skills training and access to community resources to help their clients live independently. They also offer assistance in finding housing.

Social workers help people who are in a crisis by providing support and linking them to resources that can help them. These services are provided to help people secure and maintain permanent housing.

The Salvation Army has two local centers in New York, one at 4804 S Catherine St and the other at 75 Montcalm Ave in Plattsburgh. The number for the second location is (518) 563-5431.

There are many ways to provide healthcare. If you need help applying for government programs like Medicaid, Medicare, or Child and Family Health Plus, you can work with a Salvation Army social worker.

The Salvation Army’s Emergency Shelter can provide residents with a place to stay if they have nowhere else to go. If you use the facility, you can also talk to a counselor about homeless families of any kind. There are many types of families, including single parents, extended families, men with children, senior citizens, older male children, and single women. Some shelters may also have a special area for families with infants, newborns and toddlers.

Free Christmas, Thanksgiving and school supplies in Plattsburgh and Essex County region

There are many organizations in the Essex and Clinton County region that work with the Salvation Army to provide help during Christmas or Thanksgiving. This means that families who may not be able to afford Christmas gifts will still be able to have a few presents for their children. If you need help with food for Thanksgiving, you can apply for a holiday food basket or a free turkey through Plattsburgh’s Thanksgiving assistance programs.

The programs will also provide people with all the fixings for a delicious holiday dinner. This means that families who may not be able to afford to feed their children during school breaks will have access to food and groceries. If you want a turkey dinner or food basket at Thanksgiving, you need to hit the target.

The Salvation Army gives priority to seniors and people over 60. Special programs and resources are for those who are at risk of becoming homeless. You can get free help and resources for things like housing, food, nutrition, and utility bills. If you need help, ask someone for referrals to local agencies that can assist you. There might be other Agency on Aging center assistance programs in your area.

Low income children in the region can get free back to school supplies and hygiene products through specific programs. The Salvation Army works with businesses in Clinton and Franklin County, as well as the city of Plattsburgh, to help students of all ages. Whether you need a backpack or winter coat for school, or shoes or pens/pencils, help is available.

Contact information

There are many offices that offer social services, financial aid for bills and other support. To speak to someone at the thrift store or to get financial help near Plattsburgh, please call 518) 561-2951. If a person is not near a specific location, that person is given directions to the location.

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