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Coastal Community Action assistance programs.

The Coastal Community Action agency can provide referrals, information on government benefits, and access to self-sufficiency programs. They are a non-profit organization that helps the counties of Craven, Carteret, Duplin, Onslow, Jones, Lenoir, and Pamlico in North Carolina. The following are some examples of administered resources and details.

There are several state and federal government benefits that low income families can apply for, such as section 8 housing vouchers, weatherization, and LIHEAP energy bill assistance. The organization also provides services to children and seniors, including Head Start programs. Although the main focus is on helping the client become independent.

The Section 8 Rental Assistance program offers housing assistance. The purpose of the federal funding is to provide subsidies for rent payments to those who qualify for assistance. This program provides low-income housing assistance to residents of Carteret, Onslow, and nearby counties. The voucher is often combined with the HUD Section 8 Family Self Sufficiency program from Coastal Community Action. This program helps families become self-sufficient by providing them with the resources and support they need to find employment and become financially independent. This means that families can get help with paying their rent, and case managers will help them become more independent.

The agency will also help connect people with the United Way of Coastal Carolina for additional support. The organization has also worked to help ensure that participants in the FSS program have access to transportation. The organization has provided funding for transportation for the HUD FSS program and has also worked to ensure participants in the program have access to transportation. If you need help with things like car repairs, catching up on payments, or car insurance costs, additional assistance may be able to help you. In order to qualify for assistance with transportation costs, individuals must meet certain criteria. They must have a job, or be looking for a job, in an area such as Jones or Lenoir County. People can learn new job skills or take educational classes.

The Weatherization Assistance Program is funded by the federal government and the North Carolina Energy Office of the North Carolina Department of Commerce. This is designed to help people who are spending a lot of money on their energy bills and provide them with savings. This program will help lower the costs of heating and cooling for those who qualify.

This means that people who live in counties where the poverty level is below 200% of the federal poverty guidelines, or people who receive money from Work First or Supplemental Security Income, should be able to get help from this program. The Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) helps families enrolled in the program with their energy bills.

This organization prioritizes helping senior citizens, the disabled, and families with children. The weatherization assistance is made available for those with single family homes or mobile homes in Duplin and Craven. If you are renting an apartment or house, you will need to get written permission from your landlord before any work can be done on your unit.

Other housing help is available from the Single Family Rehabilitation Program. This service intends to gradually improve the number of affordable homes in eastern and northern North Carolina. The program helps people who own their homes and who have allowed them to fall into moderate disrepair. It provides financial assistance to repair the damage. This program is for low-income families who have elderly or disabled members.

Some cases have funding available. This will allow repairs and improvements to be made to the property so that it meets the standards required, which means that residents can stay in the home for longer periods of time. This means that people who want to get help from Coastal Community Action must make less money than most other people in the area.

There is the Urgent Repair Program for emergency home repairs for those who need assistance in the Carteret County area. This component can help low income people make minor to moderate home repairs. The main priority is to help those who are elderly, have young children, are single parents, or are disabled.

Older adults in eastern North Carolina may be eligible for the Housing and Home Improvement funding program. This program provides financial assistance to older adults in order to help them maintain their independence and meet their basic needs for shelter. People who qualify for assistance can receive help with appliances and furniture. Other forms of aid may include financial assistance for home modifications, minor renovations, or basic repairs.

The goal of the Coastal Community Action Family Development Services program is to help families and individuals achieve their goals. This program is designed to help families become self-sufficient and develop life skills. There is also a Head Start program for children.

This program is for people who are in poverty and want to improve their lives. This will help them to be able to support themselves financially. Coastal Community Action may offer support for the elderly and/or disabled. This may include help with shopping, cleaning, and transportation. They could receive assistance when transitioning into subsidized housing and if they are receiving income.

The program offers workshops and seminars to help families and individuals gain financial literacy. This website provides advice and resources on a variety of topics related to housing, finances, and employment. It can help you with things like reducing debt, applying for financial aid, and finding and keeping a job. If you are eligible for the Self Sufficiency program, you may also be eligible for financial assistance.

The Senior Companion Program has volunteers that work to help improve the Onslow and Caven community, as well as helping adults who need assistance in being independent in their own homes. This means that people who are terminally ill, elderly, sick, disabled, or frail are included. It is also for those who help with caregiving and who are considered caregivers. The Senior Companions are able to help with various tasks that may be difficult for seniors to do on their own. This includes things like grocery shopping, paying bills, offering friendship, and providing transportation to doctor’s appointments.

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The Coastal Community Action locations are in the following places.

The following are three addresses in North Carolina with corresponding telephone numbers: – 11313 HWY 55 East, Grantsboro, North Carolina 28529, (252) 745-0104 – 303 McQueen Boulevard, Newport, NC, 28570, (252) 223-1630 – 5601 HWY 70 East, Newport, NC 28570, telephone (252) 223-0278 Phone number: (252) 447-5059622 West Street, New Bern, NC 28560, (252) 637-1700201 Professional Park Drive, Beaufort, North Carolina 28516. To get information, call (252) 728-2786.

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