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Cochise County assistance programs.

Where can I get free food and financial help for bills in Cochise County? Low income families, the disabled, elderly, and less fortunate can be given either free stuff or grants to help them from charities, churches, or the Department of Economic Security. Another major focus is on making sure that children have what they need for school or for the “season,” such as back-to-school supplies or Christmas gifts. Another focus is on supporting new parents. There may be free diaper banks near you that can help you with getting diapers for your baby.

There are many programs available to help people in need, including financial assistance for basic needs, free health care, and dental care. There are many programs that provide hot meals for people in need, most of which are run by volunteers.

Find financial assistance programs, counseling, and other aid

One of the best non-profit agencies to contact is Catholic Community Services of Cochise County. This organization has many partners and works closely with dozens of local charities and non-profits to help people with things such as paying bills and offering counseling. The services they offer include dental care, counseling, and help with rent and mortgage payments. There are also services like free Credit and Debt counseling, Tax Return Preparation, Transportation Assistance, and more. Give the non-profit a call at 1-800-234-0344.

Bisbee Catholic Charities provides support to the entire county and SE Arizona region. There are a variety of resources available for senior citizens, such as meals, transportation, and housing. In addition, there are a number of assistance programs available to low-income individuals. Pio Decimo Center provides assistance with basic needs and emergency assistance, including housing, clothing, and medical bills/health care. If you need help, there are people who can give you referrals and guidance. Cochise Catholic Charity provides assistance programs to help those in need. These programs include food assistance, clothing assistance, and financial assistance.

There are other local non-profits in Bisbee and Cochise County that can help with financial assistance programs for things like utility bills, rent, prescriptions, and other expenses. Some of these include Salvation Army (520-364-4005) and Society of St. Vincent de Paul (520-364-7573).

The Tombstone Sacred Heart Church may have some financial assistance available for things like gas, rent, or utility bills. Other forms of aid include food and medical equipment, such as walkers, canes, and wheelchairs. This is a phone number.

This church may be able to help with rent and energy bills when people are facing a crisis. This means that people who need work or school clothes, as well as food and meals, can get them from this organization. Based in Pearce, Arizona. The number to call is (520) 826-3869.

The SouthEastern Arizona Community Action Program has locations in Bisbee and Willcox. The non-profit helps people with their electricity and gas bills by giving them cash assistance and grants. Other energy needs that can be addressed include repairing or replacing appliances and making home repairs that will increase the energy efficiency.

Other support that SACAC offers may include rent money, and these grants may be offered to families if they are facing eviction. Other aid includes helping people become self-sufficient, as well as assisting and advising them in applying for public benefits (such as food stamps), and referring them to additional services. Please call either of the following numbers for more information on the Southeastern Arizona Community Action Program: (520) 432-5401 or (520) 384-3120.

The Department of Economic Security is another option. Many families that use SACA in Cochise County may also be eligible for public assistance. There are many government programs that offer assistance to people who are struggling financially. These programs provide things like food assistance, medical coverage, and cash assistance. The staff can provide more information on what resources are available. This website provides information on public and government aid programs available in Arizona.

The Saint Andrew the Apostle organization provides financial assistance for prescriptions and utilities in emergency situations. The low income may also receive help with shelter, transportation, and household items. The address is616 Bartow Dr, Sierra Vista, AZ 85635-1812, and the main phone number is (520) 458-0500.

Cochise PPEP Human Services is a type of agency that helps low income people, immigrants, and seniors. A number of emergency assistance programs are administered to help people become self-sufficient and case manage their situation. Many referrals for aid come from friends or family.

The organization can help with housing needs by giving advice about housing options, or by providing financial assistance for things like rent, utility bills, mortgage payments, or a security deposit. You can meet with a specialist who can tell you about different types of public aid, like food stamps, TANF, or federal job training. There is also a lot more available in the county. Pep Human Services helps people who are struggling with mental health, addiction, and other issues. The organization provides resources and support to help people get back on their feet.

The church provides food boxes containing turkeys for Christmas or Thanksgiving meals. Some assistance with electric bills may be available. This is a phone number.

The Douglas Saint Vincent de Paul organization provides financial assistance, groceries, and clothing to people in partnership with the Saint Luke’s and Immaculate Conception Catholic Churches. SVDP is a charity organization that provides help to those in need. Call the St. Vincent de Paul hotline at (520) 364-7573 to find the nearest location.

The Sierra Vista Salvation Army Corps Community Center provides financial assistance to people with disabilities, seniors, and those facing a crisis. Hot meals, food, and brown bag suppers are distributed to families in need. This is a phone number. The Salvation Army is a faith-based organization that provides assistance to people in need. In Arizona, the Salvation Army provides a variety of services, including food and clothing assistance, disaster relief, and social services. The Salvation Army also operates a thrift store and a number of other programs to help those in need.

The Sacred Heart Church is located in Tombstone, Arizona. It is a historic church that is still in use today. Give the phone number (520) 457-3364 a call. The needy can get help from the government to pay for some of their expenses, like gas, utilities and rent. Other assistance may include hygiene supplies and food.

The St Vincent De Paul society in Benson, Arizona can provide people in need with clothes, food, help with travel expenses, and small household items. Emergency financial assistance can be used for rent and utilities. Clark St. The address is 181 S. Clark St. To reach the Patagonia store in Benson, Arizona, please call (520) 586-9438.

There is help available for people who are struggling to pay their rent or mortgage. Pio Decimo counselors help people in need by providing resources and services. They also help people apply for assistance programs. They offer services including housing for low-income seniors, transitional housing for homeless families, and rent and housing counseling for anyone considering a new or used home purchase.

If you are struggling to make mortgage payments or are at risk of foreclosure, you can meet with a housing counselor. If you are struggling to make your mortgage payments, the Arizona hardest hit fund may be able to help you. They also provide help to renters who need assistance with their landlords. Call 520-622-2801.

There are several other organizations that offer assistance with rent and eviction prevention. The offices of Cochise County are located in different areas, and every year thousands of people receive either advice or financial assistance from them. There are rent assistance agencies located throughout Cochise County that can help with rent payments. To find out how to receive assistance from this organization, you will need to look up their contact information and find out what conditions need to be met.

Budgeting, financial education, and credit counseling

Pio Decimo is an agency that helps people get back on track. They offer a program that provides qualified individuals with free tax preparation through an IRS trained volunteer staff. Advice and counselors assist families with developing household budgets, manage and eliminate debt, and encourage long-term savings and self-sufficiency through matched savings accounts using tax refund dollars to help people get started. To reach someone by phone, dial 520-622-2801.

Cochise County Arizona free food pantries

Valley Food Bank might have food and meals available. This is a phone number.

is a non-profit organization. The Douglas Area Food Bank is a non-profit organization that helps people in need by providing them with food. The needy can receive a food box every three months. The food pantry gives out food items on a first-come, first-serve basis. To find out the hours for this location, please call (520) 364-4170.

The Tombstone Food Bank provides clothing, food, and shoes to those in need. The phone number is 520-457-3681.

The Bisbee Food Bank/Loaves and Fishes can help you if you have a referral from a local non-profit agency or church. If you are in need of food, you can get a free food box from a food bank or other organization. The New Life Assembly of God in Bisbee, Arizona is located at 1056 Highway 92. The church can be contacted by phone at (520) 432-3872.

The Community Food Pantry of Benson Arizona has a program called Food Plus for Seniors that provides monthly groceries at a reduced cost or for free to low-income people who are 60 years or older. The following is a phone number: 586-9208

The Wynne Chapel provides food boxes and commodities to people in need every month. The Richland Way address in Cochise, Arizona is (520) 826-3353.

Free medical and dental services in Cochise County

If you need medical or dental care, you can go to St. Elizabeth’s Health Center. The facility is a community health clinic that cares for people regardless of faith. They offer health care services for those who do not have insurance and those who have insurance but cannot afford it in the Bisbee and Cochise County region. For the past 50 years, St. Elizabeth’s has been providing medical and dental services to individuals and families of all ages, as well as assistance with their bills.

St. Elizabeth’s hospital charges patients based on how much they can afford to pay for their medical bills. The hospital bill is lower for patients who can’t afford to pay as much. The health care clinic relies on the help of many volunteer health care providers, including nurses, doctors, dentists, behavioral health professionals, nurse practitioners, and other medical professionals. To reach the customer service line for the Tucson Journal, dial 520-628-7871.

Many residents in Cochise County lack both basic health care and dental insurance. There are centers that can help people with health and dental needs, whether they are immigrants, unemployed, low income or just struggling. Exams, surgery (dental and physical), medications, and other care can be provided. There are free clinics in Arizona that help low-income people.

This clinic provides medical and preventive care for both adults and children. This includes assistance with things like diabetes management programs and well-woman check-ups. This support can come in the form of financial assistance, emotional support, or simply providing information about available resources. The organization provides services that evaluate and treat mental health and behavioral issues. This includes medication treatment and other forms of care. If you’re in Bisbee, call (520) 432-3309, and if you’re in Elfrida, call (520) 642-2222.

The Douglas Family Health Clinic provides affordable medical services, including primary health care for infants, children, and adults. The clinic offers a variety of services, including vaccinations, treatment for acute and chronic illnesses, free blood pressure screenings, non-emergency trauma care, well-baby check-ups, lung function testing, and EKGs. The clinic also provides sports and school physicals. This is the address and phone number for a place in Douglas, Arizona.

Tombstone Family Health Clinic is a local medical center. If you would like more information or would like to begin the intake process, please call (520) 457-2374.

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