Assistance Program

Comanche County and Lawton Catholic charities assistance programs.

The Lawton Catholic Charities provides food banks, thrift stores, information on government and social services, and other aid to those in need. The charity will speak with people who are struggling to understand what is preventing them from improving their situation. This means that depending on the results, either referrals or assistance will be provided. This depends on whether or not they can help, based on things like available resources and the person’s qualifications.

Catholic Charities in Lawton is giving away free groceries. The assistance is available all year to help a family with their nutrition needs and to prevent hunger. The assistance program eligibility is based upon income guidelines for federal government poverty levels, but adjusted for family size.

The amount of food given out by the church-based pantry is based on how many people are in the family. The more people in the family, the more food they will be given. The free food comes from Feeding America Foodbank, local farmers or stores, USDA donations, and other local Lawton Oklahoma contributions.

The Emergency Fund pays for many things, including free medications. The charity provides emergency financial assistance to low-income residents of Comanche County who are experiencing a financial crisis. The type of support offered includes the following: – Providing resources – Offering advice – Giving encouragement – Listening

Government assistance for those struggling to pay for rent or energy bills. Healthcare needs such as medical bills, medications, and dental bills. Assistance with transportation costs for an interview and some qualifying work-related expenses. Vouchers for prescription drugs for those in need.

The fund is stocked by money that people give to the church. This allows Emergency aid to be used for all of those expenses that a family may have that are critical. The cost of living and rent is not too high, however there are some tough times that families might go through.

A volunteer takes calls from social workers requesting financial help for their needy clients every weekday, with the exception of designated holidays. Volunteers review requests and decide if they meet the qualifications for the program.

The thrift store has free parking and it’s more fun to bring a friend. Lawton Catholic Charities is a store that sells quality used home decor items, men and women’s clothing and accessories, jewelry, household items for new moms, and material items. This means that things like artwork, books, lamps, and selected furniture pieces can be used to make the space more visually appealing.

If you shop at the Thrift store, you will get a good deal. They are also able to help the community by spending money at businesses that fund charitable programs. It reduces waste in landfills by reducing the amount of stuff people throw out. The money that is raised at the store goes towards supporting community programs.

Comanche County Catholic charities provides education and employment assistance to help individuals transition from dependency to independence. The church based organization helps people who come from disadvantaged backgrounds by using their knowledge and expertise to assist them in getting an education, job training and employment. Vocational services are created specifically for each person depending on what they need. Ending poverty in the region can be effective.

The church is located at NW Ferris Ave, Lawton, OK 73507-5629. To get more information, call 580-353-1811. The center always needs donations and volunteers.

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