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Community Action Commission assistance programs.

The Community Action Commission provides assistance with housing preservation, heating and energy bill assistance, as well as general financial literacy. They provide financial assistance to the counties of Cumberland, Perry, and Dauphin Pennsylvania. The case managers from the non-profit work with clients to help them improve their living situation.

Financial help and grants to pay bill from Community Action Commission

The state’s PP&L On-Track program and other resources can help you pay your energy bill. Some electricity companies offer a reduced monthly payment for customers with limited incomes, including seniors and the disabled. This means that the amount of the subsidy will be based on how much money the household makes, how much electricity they use, and how many people are in the family. This means that customers who have unpaid PPL bills can have them erased. You can call 800.342.5775 for more information or to start the application process. The Community Action Commission runs a program called On Track for customers of PP&L who live in the area of Cumberland, Perry and Dauphin County.

PP&L will be able to provide you with energy education and free weatherization services if you are able to enroll. If you make your monthly OnTrack payment, the company will lower your monthly bill payment and forgiveness a portion of any debt or unpaid bills you owe each month.

The Community Action Commission offers energy conservation from E-Power. The company has partnered with Cumberland to offer free energy efficiency education and measures to help customers save money on their apartment or home. The program offers energy conservation education to low income customers so they can make informed choices about their usage.

The family center offers housing assistance, including affordable housing options, to families. The goal is to help residents become and remain stable and self-sufficient. Cumberland County may provide eviction prevention and referrals to rental assistance. Certified housing counselors from the non-profit provide an array of services to assist families in each area of the continuum. These services include educational programming to help families understand their options and make informed decisions.

The Prepared Renter Education Program (PREP) is a program designed to help Pennsylvania renters understand and prepare for the challenges of renting a home. The program is a collaboration between the Pennsylvania Housing Finance Agency (PHFA) and the Community Action Committee (CAC). Self-Determination Housing Project of PA (SDHP) is another important partner. It gives people the ability to have what they need to be good tenants.

CAC has highly trained specialists who help renters. They can get information on where to look for housing and how to pay for a security deposit. Also get insight into the challenges they may face based on their personal circumstances.

This service can help you with a security deposit in Cumberland, Dauphin, Perry, and some other nearby counties. In addition, Community Action Commission has relationships with charities and non-profits. If the home or apartment is not livable, then no help will be offered. Where can I find information on security deposit or rental assistance programs?

Financial management, budgeting, and employment type programs

The goal of the Family Self Sufficiency Program from Community Action Commission is to help working families that are living in poverty to improve their situation. This is done by providing case managers that will help guide and support the family. Throughout this process, clients receive help with developing goals, creating budgets, finding employment, managing finances, and more. The non-profit will provide support and assistance for a maximum of five years. The agency will work closely with families and individuals to help them become more self-sufficient over the long term. This includes providing support and resources so they can find and maintain employment, access affordable housing and transportation, and improve their financial well-being. This includes help in finding a job in Dauphin or nearby counties, as indicated below.

The goals for the project will be determined. This model focuses on helping families overcome obstacles so that they can become self-sufficient. This includes providing assistance in areas such as housing, education, finances, employment, child care, transportation, and health care. Each of the satellite offices for Family Self Sufficiency services are open in various locations, including Cumberland County, Pennsylvania.

The staff help families with low incomes, seniors, retirees, and anyone living on a budget to save money when they go grocery shopping. The school offers healthy nutrition classes as well as workshops with partners, including Feeding America. Community Action Commission can help reduce food insecurity by providing food assistance and resources to low-income individuals and families. There are many ways to save money on food. You can find resources online or in your local community.

Mortgage help and home loans resources from Community Action Commission

Homeowners, homebuyers, and low- to moderate-income renters can take advantage of First-time Homebuyers Education services. HUD certified counselors provide families and individuals with the tools and resources necessary to improve their housing conditions. Assuming the role of a homeowner comes with certain responsibilities like keeping up with maintenance and repairs.

There are education workshops available for both individuals and groups who are interested in purchasing a home. The topics covered in these classes include: credit report analysis and repair, evaluating readiness for a mortgage, understanding fair housing laws, money management skills, and how to budget for mortgage payments.

Homeowners can also get guidance on alternative sources of home loans and mortgage credit, as well as tips on how to apply for special programs available to potential homebuyers. They may also provide advice on how to avoid predatory lending practices. Or If you want to purchase a home using the Section 8 Homeownership Voucher Program, you can work with a HUD counselor. They can help you locate low income housing and provide referrals to community services and regulatory agencies.

This means that if you are struggling to keep up with your mortgage payments, or are at risk of falling behind, you can receive free counseling from a housing expert. This service can help you create a plan to get back on track, or even avoid foreclosure altogether. Housing counselors help people with things like getting money to help pay for their mortgage, making a plan to pay back money they owe, and figuring out how to manage their money. We also help homeowners who are being taken advantage of by unfair lending practices. This means that there are many different types of financial aid available. There are many different types of financial aid available from state, non-profit, and federal sources. There are programs available that can help with mortgage payments in Pennsylvania.

The Community Action Commission provides assistance to homeowners who are struggling to keep their homes or are in the foreclosure process. They can provide referrals to other regional sources/government programs that may be able to help, as well as assist clients in other ways.

The United Way of the Capital Region provides services and programs to promote financial stability in partnership with the Community Action Commission. The Prosperity Center offers resources and support to help individuals and families improve their financial wellbeing. The center provides clients with the tools they need to manage their finances effectively.

If you qualify for help from COMPASS, they will also help you apply for different social benefits that you might be eligible for. This means that there is help available for people who live in Pennsylvania to get a job so that they can support themselves. Classes and assistance are provided to help with online job searching and resume writing.

Applying for help from Community Action Commission

Each organization has their own way of giving financial aid, advice, or material support. The Community Action Commission has several offices in the area that it serves. There are many other emergency programs and social services that are available.

The Perry County Office is located at 129 Market Street, Newport, Pennsylvania 17074. To contact the office, call (717) 567-6515. The Shippensburg Office is located behind Memorial Lutheran Church, 130 South Penn Street, Shippensburg, Pennsylvania 17257. To contact the office, call (717) 532-8611. The West Shore Office is located at 125 North Enola Drive #204 B, Enola, PA 17025. To contact the office, call (717) 732-1944. The Main CAC Office is located at 1514 Derry Street, Harrisburg, PA 17104. To contact the office, call (717) 232-9757. The Growing Center is located at 100 Hall Manor, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania 17104. To contact the office, call (717) 232-2408. The Royalton Office of CAC is located at 201 Wyoming Street, Royalton, PA 17057. To contact the office, call (717) 616-8443.

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