Assistance Program

Community Action of Southeastern West Virginia assistance programs.

This non-profit agency helps low income families by providing them with guidance and support. Other people who can use their services are senior citizens, the disabled, and unemployed people in the counties of Monroe, Summers, and Mercer.

Helping the elderly is an important job. The program provides low-cost or free meals to residents of West Virginia who are 60 years of age or older. There is also support for people who are closely related to the client, such as a spouse, a disabled family member, or someone else who is facing a medical crisis. Community meals are provided at different locations in Summers and other counties.

The community action agency and the Appalachian Area Agency on Aging free Nutrition Program provides not only hot meals (such as lunches), but it is also a method for socialization for seniors. This program gives seniors the opportunity to come together and enjoy a hot meal while also providing them with a chance to socialize with others. Volunteers and staff at local Senior Centers help out thousands of people every year.

Weatherization services are available across four counties in West Virginia: Monroe, Mercer, Raleigh, and Summers. Staff from Community Action of Southeastern West Virginia help homeowners by providing free, efficient weatherization improvements. Many low income families have difficulty paying their heating and utility bills. The energy conservation program will help them save money on these expenses.

Transitional housing is a type of housing that is designed to help people who are experiencing homelessness to transition back into permanent housing. Transitional housing is usually time-limited, and provides a range of supportive services to help people stabilize their lives and find permanent housing. The Kennedy Center is a unit located in Mercer County. The Hinton Center is a mental health facility that provides a variety of services to residents of the county. The Hinton Center is a place where people with mental health problems can go to get help. The center offers a variety of services, including counseling, medication, and therapy. The Hinton Center is a place where people can go to get help for their mental health problems. The center offers a variety of services, including counseling, medication, and therapy. The locations and staff offer a variety of services for clients in one stop. There are services to help people in a crisis, to prevent them from being evicted, and to provide information about rental and security deposit programs for low-income people.

The Teen Pregnancy Prevention and Project Yes is for students and teenagers in Mercer, McDowell, Monroe and Raleigh. The staff and counselors can help the students with their academics, if they become pregnant, and also help them find summer employment.

Case managers that are part of Family Assistance can help people with things like getting referrals, information, and applying for financial aid. You can find out information about the West Virginia Department of Social and Health Services (DSHS) from its website. I need help with government benefits and public aid.

Family Assistance provides help to individuals who need details on state public assistance benefits. This help can include referral, information, advice, and guidance. Different types of assistance are available for those in need, including help with Medicaid, food stamps, disability benefits, and more. This means that there are extra social services available through programs such as food banks and shelters. Community Action of Southeastern West Virginia will help people who are less fortunate to be independent and to address their problems.

The school has a community action program that is affiliated with the West Virginia Board of Schools and Universities. There are a few areas where you can get certified in computer usage. This school offers training in certificate-based programs as well as enhancing teacher skills in grades K-12.

CASEWV provides Early Head Start/Head Start programs. This program is designed to help low-income children and parents in West Virginia by providing financial assistance. A variety of free services are offered to children under the age of 6 to meet their needs. Pregnant women are also supported. This means that if your family’s income is at or below the poverty line, you may be able to get help from Head Start. The organization provides services that promote health, education, nutrition, parent involvement, mental health and disabilities, and social services.

The community action organization for southeastern West Virginia is located on Federal Street in Bluefield, West Virginia. Call this number: 304-324-0450.

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