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Community Action Southwest emergency assistance programs.

Community Action Southwest provides help to low income families who qualify in Washington and Greene Counties. The agency helps with housing, energy bills, food, and encourages people to be independent. This means that things like employment and education will be covered.

The goal is always to prevent homelessness and address nutritional needs. The agency will also provide assistance to children from low income families, and this is mostly available from Head Start. The agency will also provide assistance to children from low income families. This assistance is mostly available from Head Start. Some of the other main programs offered by the community action agency are as follows: -A program that provides low-cost or free medical care to low-income families -A program that helps low-income families with utility bills -A program that provides food assistance to low-income families -A program that offers job training and placement services to low-income individuals

Financial help for bills and housing needs from CAS

There are both temporary and permanent housing options available. The US Department of Housing and Urban Development provides grants to organizations like CAS to help homeless families and low income individuals with things like stable housing.

This is done by using lots of different resources. This can include helping someone with their individual case, finding them a place to stay if they’re homeless, and helping them with life skills. CAS provides help with finding a place to live, getting a job, and connecting with other resources in Pennsylvania.

Foreclosure prevention is provided by the Northwest Savings Bank and the United Way of Washington County. The Pennsylvania Housing Finance Agency may provide some financial assistance for mortgage or housing payments.

Program counselors from Community Action Southwest help clients figure out what to do and how to refinance their home loan if necessary. Additionally, they provide access to national foreclosure prevention programs that are operated through the national Foreclosure Mitigation Counseling Initiative. These programs aim to help families keep their homes by providing counseling and support.

CAS provides counseling services and guidance to prepare residents for buying a home. They work with potential homebuyers to make sure that their mortgage does not exceed 30 percent of their household income and help them be successful homeowners in the long term. In addition, counselors help clients look at their credit scores and figure out how to make them better. They also help with finding ways to come up with money for a down payment and getting pre-qualified for a loan if needed.

If you are homeless or otherwise struggling to keep a roof over your head, you may be able to get financial help from Washington County Human Services and CAS. This could include money to cover your rent, utility bills, or other housing costs. The company provides LIHEAP applications to help with heating bills and more.

Care Managers are case workers who visit clients homes to asses their needs and provide referrals to appropriate programs. This may include resources such as home meal delivery, in home care and support services, food stamp applications, adult day care, PACE assistance, energy bill assistance, or rental and tax rebates. The Care Management Program also provides follow-up services to ensure that all qualified low income clients receive all necessary services.

The food assistance and Nutrition Services offer various programs aimed at women, infants and children under the age of five. These programs include educational resources that teach healthy eating habits and provide necessary nutrients for growth and development. The goal of Community Action Southwest is to help lower income families learn about practices that can improve their health and prevent poor birth outcomes.

In addition to the education and guidance, the program provides free supplemental foods, including milk, cheese, eggs, peanut butter, fruit and vegetable juices, dried beans, iron-fortified cereals, and formula for babies. If you need help beyond what we can offer, we can connect you with other community service programs or charities. Families in Pennsylvania can get information about local food banks from the Department of Human Services.

Community Action Southwest credit counseling, employment and support services

These classes will help people to understand and manage their finances on a daily basis. This will give them the knowledge and ability to make informed decisions about their money. Many individuals in the region do not understand that current decisions can have an impact on long-term financial stability. They may not be able to do simple interest calculations or may have difficulty in other areas. CAS offers workshops to help with money management skills such as spending, saving, and borrowing.

The Assets for Independence program helps people who are employed and want to buy something by opening a savings account at a local bank. They put money into the account, and the government matches it. The money should be used to pay for a bigger home, college, or even a small business. For each dollar that a client deposits, the state of Pennsylvania provides a matching grant.

The Volunteer Income Tax Assistance Program is for low-income families or those who are unemployed. This program provides assistance with tax preparation and filing. The IRS is sponsoring this. The VITA program offers free income tax preparation and filing services to qualified individuals by trained volunteers. This program stresses the importance of the Earned Income Tax Credit, which is a tax credit for low- to moderate-income working families. The credit is based on the amount of income earned and the number of children in the family.

The adult education program is designed to help clients over age 17 gain the skills needed for jobs that pay enough to support a family or passing the GED exam. Each student is assigned a case manager from CAS who helps them find a job, enroll in post-secondary courses and programs, and overcome any obstacles to success.

Residents of Washington, Greene, and Waynesburg can visit their local Computer Learning Center to use computers and receive help from trained staff. The computer labs are available to help educate people in basic computer use, accessing the internet, keyboarding, Excel, and Microsoft Office programs such as Word.

Head Start is a program that helps young children get ready for kindergarten. It focuses on the whole child, and works to ensure that kids are cognitively, physically, and socially prepared for school. It is important for parents to be involved in all aspects of their child’s education, especially in the Head Start program. This means that parents should get involved in their children’s education by volunteering in the classroom and participating in decisions about the school’s programs and activities.

There are many socialization sites and classrooms for groups located throughout Washington and Greene Counties. The Head Start program even offers a home-based option. Families can choose to have their children participate in full-day or part-day classes.

The services that are provided, such as educational programming, are appropriate for each age group and are customized to each child’s individual needs. Head Start provides free dental and medical exams, food, and more to support physical development and health. They will also arrange for any necessary follow-up treatment, including immunizations according to CDC recommendations.

The Early Head Start program from CAS provides services to dozens of toddlers, infants and pregnant women each year. These services can be received at a center or in the home. The Early Head Start program is a federally funded initiative that aims to improve child development and growth. Programming focuses on health, nutrition, education and development. This means that children with disabilities from Washington and nearby counties in Pennsylvania are also able to join and attend the school.

These senior centers provide a place for the elderly and their spouses to come and spend time together. They offer activities and amenities that cater to the needs of this age group. Each location will help the older population live better lives by giving them access to resources they need. The assistance programs offered include recreational activities, social interaction, and workshops on topics such as enrolling in Medicare.

There are two main locations of the Community Action Southwest, or CAS. One is in the city of Houston and the other is in the city of Pasadena. Main St.; the north center in Anne Arundel County, at 7477 Baltimore-Annapolis Blvd.; and the south center in Prince George‚Äôs County, at 8737-G Cherry Hill Road. The three locations are the center in Washington County, Anne Arundel County, and Prince George’s County. The address is Beau St, Washington, Pennsylvania 15301 and the phone number is 877-814-0788. Dayton Yellow Springs Rd., Fairborn. The Greene County location is at 58 E. Dayton Yellow Springs Rd., Fairborn. The address for the Waynesburg Police Department is 15370 Greene St., Waynesburg, PA. The phone number for the department is 724-852-2893.

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