Credit counseling Sacramento.

These agencies offer help with managing credit and avoiding foreclosure. Many organizations work to provide these services either for free or at a low cost to families and individuals all over the country. The following are the leading non-profits for credit counseling services and resources in Sacramento, California:

Contact one of the organizations to inquire about credit counseling and education programs. The services can provide help with personal money management and debt repayment, including mortgage delinquency, home default and foreclosure counseling.

Specialists from the non-profits may talk to creditors, banks and mortgage lenders and others to try to help the person. They negotiate payments on behalf of the client for debt management programs or loan modifications. The counselors will also offer sessions on workshops and topics related to foreclosure counseling, credit, money management, bankruptcy, and other housing issues. I want to help people get their finances in order so they can pay their bills, debts, and home loans.

You can schedule an appointment for free credit counseling, which includes developing a budget, understanding your credit report, and creating a plan to pay off debt. They also offer debt management plans for a monthly fee. Clearpoint Credit Counseling Solutions is a non-profit organization that provides free credit counseling and debt management plans to individuals in the Sacramento area. Their main phone number is (800) 750-2227. They help with bankruptcy, managing debt, workshops, and education on finances.

There is another place you can go located at 8795 Folsom Blvd in Sacramento, California. The phone number to reach them is (800) 736-2227.

The Community Services Block Grant Program provides budgeting and referrals to other organizations.

The Cordova Senior Center is a place where seniors can go to get help with financial matters, such as reverse mortgages, medical debts, saving money for heirs, and other senior programs. The Senior Center is located at 3480 Routier Road in Sacramento, California.

Lutheran Social Services provides transitional housing for families in need. They are located at 3200 V St. in Sacramento, CA, and their telephone number is (916) 453-2900.

The Sacramento Urban League is a leading organization that provides free foreclosure counseling. There are many programs offered by the federal government and state of California that can help with mortgages. They provide many different housing services for people who are renting and for low income families.

If you need help with your finances, the Opening Doors – Prosperity Project can give you budgeting advice and tips on saving money. Their office is located at 2118 K Street in Sacramento, CA 95816. You can reach them by phone at (916) 492-2591.

The Sacramento Home Loan Counseling Center offers personal financial counseling with a focus on housing, mortgage, and foreclosure assistance. A government-approved housing agency.

They also offer many other services to help the community.

The Consumer Credit Counseling Service in North Sacramento can help you with a variety of financial issues. They have programs to help with budgeting, credit repair, and debt management. You can reach them at (916) 344-8830. They can help you improve your credit score. If you are facing foreclosure, there are specialists who can help you figure out a way to keep your home. These services also help with credit card and medical debts. If you are considering bankruptcy, it is important to get assistance from a legal or financial professional to ensure that the process is done correctly. This is another housing agency in Sacramento that is certified by HUD. This agency offers many services for free or at a reduced cost.

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