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Daviess, Greene, Sullivan, Knox County assistance programs.

When facing a crisis, families with low to moderate incomes can get financial help. There are many organizations in Daviess and Knox County that can help those in need. Churches, charities, and non-profits are all great resources for those struggling to make ends meet. Anyone in need of assistance should reach out to these organizations for help. There are agencies that can help with paying utility bills or rent, getting free food from pantries, help with deposits or mortgages, and even free medical or dental care. If you are looking for help with job placement, debt counseling, or other services, you can find help in Daviess, Sullivan, and Greene County below.

Pace Community Action Agency manages programs for all of the counties in question. This organization will help with heating bills and food expenses. Other programs offered include Head Start and energy conservation services from weatherization.

Most of the Pace Community Action programs are funded by the federal government and the state of Indiana. This means that if you receive financial aid, you will usually only get it once and you will have to pay part of the bill yourself. They will also require the client to complete a case management process.

Call the non-profit for support. They have offices in Greene, Sullivan, and other counties. Everything from rent to food and security deposits may be offered as financial assistance. You might want to look into getting some job training or taking some budgeting classes. To reach the Vincennes, Indiana office, please call (812) 882-7927. Other locations include the town of Washington at 2 North East 21st Street, and Linton at 109 East Vincennes Street. The Linton location can be reached at (812) 847-2237. This phone number is (812) 254-5611.

The Saint Vincent Depaul Vincennes is a charitable organization made up of volunteers. If a family is in need of financial assistance, they can apply for grants or food based on the results of a case management process. They also operate shelters and offer holiday programs designed to help children. The phone number is (812) 886-9750.

Catholic Charities of Scotland strives to provide social services for those who are struggling to make ends meet, as well as seniors citizens. They offer a variety of programs and services aimed at helping those in need, and work to ensure that everyone has access to the resources they need to improve their quality of life. The churches may offer assistance with back rent, food, and access to a thrift store. The other focus is on helping with heating bills during the winter. A phone number is a series of numbers used to call someone using a telephone. This particular phone number is 812-235-3424.

North Knox Social Ministries can help you with money for bills or rent. They can give you financial aid or loans. Other resources include things like food and employment counseling. If you need help paying for public assistance, you can also ask for referrals. The main office is located on Murlin Street in Bicknell, Indiana. The phone number is (812) 735-3262.

Residents in every county can ask their Township Trustee for help. Each municipality may have government grants available to income qualified families who are facing a crisis. There may be funds available to help with costs such as prescription medications, back rent, burial costs, and utility or water bills. Other living expenses can be made at the discretion of the individual. For more information or to apply, please call the town office.

The Salvation Army has locations in both Known and Sullivan County. There are two locations: 2300 North Second Street in Vincennes, and 502 North Court Street at the Word of Life Church in Sullivan. There are many programs that offer help.

The non-profit provides food and emergency shelter to the homeless. There may be money available to help pay your rent so you don’t get evicted. Other kinds of support may include Christmas gifts from Angel Tree, back to school supplies, and more.

The Word of Life Church has limited resources available to them in Sullivan County. The staff will help people apply for a government grant or SNAP food stamps when possible. People with disabilities or who are elderly can learn about benefits such as SSI. There is more information available on how to apply for disability benefits, or you can contact the agency by phone at (812) 268-3130.

Places to call for free food and non-monetary support

Feed My Sheep is a religious organization in Daviess County that helps the needy. The Odon Church of the Nazarene will be giving away nonperishable canned goods, and sometimes fresh fruits, dairy, or vegetables. The address is 633 East Elnora Street in Odon. Please call the number (812) 636-4349. There is another location on 601 West Oak Street in Washington. The number to reach the phone is (812) 254-5429.

The Church On The WayHope House provides both emergency food and clothing for those in need. Other goods may be products that help with hygiene. The address is 704 West Van Trees Street, Washington, Indiana 47501. The phone number is (812) 698-0716.

The Jasonville United Methodist Church has a food bank and soup kitchen that provides food for people in need. The food bank and soup kitchen are located at 303 South Meridian Street. There are diapers, groceries, and more on the website. The Main phone number is (812) 665-2760.

The Son Shine Shop is located at 14 North Washington Street in Worthington, Indiana. The main phone number for the school is (812) 875-2286.

Son Ministries is a Christian organization located in Linton, Indiana that provides various services to the residents of Greene County. These services include food and clothing assistance, financial counseling, and spiritual guidance. The organization also hosts various community events throughout the year, such as a Christmas party and an Easter egg hunt. Please call (812) 384-7456.

The Solsberry Christian Church has a charity that provides free food, diapers, and Christmas meals. Even baby formula may be offered for low income families from a church. To get information, call (812) 825-8277.

The Roosevelt Mission is a place located on East Vincennes Street in Linton, Indiana. The phone number for the Roosevelt Mission is (812) 847-8110.

The Lebanon Baptist Church can be contacted by phone at (812) 665-2018 for information on their hours of operation. The food bank is located in Midland, Indiana.

The Lords Warehouse is located on Eleventh and Buchanan Streets in Monroe City. The phone number is (812) 743-2426.

For information about First Baptist Church Of Shelburn, please call (812) 397-5595. A focus is on helping seniors by delivering items to their homes. A food delivery service for people who are unable to leave their homes.

The Pleasantville United Methodist Church has a food pantry where people can choose their own food, located at 7763 South Pleasant Church Street in Carlisle. The location needs volunteers and donations to stay open.

The non-profit Our Father’s Arms provides Sullivan County families in need with free diapers, baby formula, hygiene items, and an emergency bag of groceries. This is a phone number.

Low cost community clinics

The Daviess Community Hospital Medical Clinic has a billing system where the amount you are charged each time can vary. There is medical care for things like small injuries and illnesses, getting shots, chronic health problems, and similar conditions. The location is in Washington, and you can make an appointment by calling (812) 254-6696.

The Good Samaritan Primary Care Clinic offers free medical and dental care to those who are uninsured and have low incomes. There are programs that can help with the cost of prescription medications, as well as OB/GYN and specialty care. These services manage diseases that last a long time and/or require ongoing care, as well as provide basic, everyday health care. The address is 429 South Sixth Street, Vincennes, IN 47591. The phone number is (812) 885-3703.

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