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Delaware Energy Assistance Program (DEAP) and help from weatherization.

The utility bills, which include heating and cooling, can be paid for by the Delaware Energy Assistance Program. The State Service Centers division offers a free grant program that may provide financial assistance for weatherization expenses. The state of Delaware has a partnership with Catholic Charities which provides financial assistance to those who qualify, helping with utility bills.

These programs are funded by the government and the Department of Health and Human Services. They can help low income families with their home energy needs, such as utility or heating bills, or saving energy and money. To apply for weatherization and low income energy bill help in Delaware, go to the website below.

Free government grants in Delaware from DEAP to help pay utility bills

Low income households and the vulnerable are the main recipients. There are a few main components to DEAP, which are as follows:

The Summer Cooling Assistance Program provides financial assistance to low-income households during the hot summer months of June to August. It can help offset the costs of electricity and air conditioning, which are necessary to keep homes cool. There are many programs that can help individuals with high utility bills, seniors included. Some programs will provide air conditioning units or fans for free.

The main LIHEAP program helps pay for energy bills during the colder months from October to March. Aid can be given to low-income families to help pay for their heating expenses, which can include natural gas, kerosene, electricity, propane, coal, or wood. Delaware may have a grant program to assist you with your heating costs, no matter what your heating source is.

The Delaware Energy Assistance Program can help people in a crisis or emergency situation. This component, which is offered only during winter, can help households who are in a crisis and have no other options. This assistance comes in the form of a supplement to the fuel assistance benefit, which is indicated in the table above.

We will provide a credit on your account for any assistance you need with your heating or electricity bill. You need to tell the state who your electric provider is so your monthly energy bills will be the right amount. The Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) in Delaware can help people pay their electric bills, but it will not cover the entire cost.

Conserve energy for free from weatherization

The Delaware Weatherization Program is a statewide program that helps people save money on their energy bills. The money for this comes from the government, but the actual work is done by local organizations. These organizations provide free weatherization services to eligible low-income residents.

(serving New Castle County). In the past, weatherization agencies have included First State Community Action Agency (serving Kent and Sussex County) as well as Neighborhood House, Inc. (serving New Castle County). The New Castle County Department of Planning and Development provides services to residents of New Castle County. The New Castle County Department of Planning and Development helps people who live in New Castle County. If you want to apply for help with your energy bills through LIHEAP, you need to go to Catholic Charities. Their information is above in the LIHEAP section.

The Weatherization Assistance Program is a U.S. Department of Energy program that helps people reduce costs on their home heating and utility bills. The change will make homes more energy efficient, healthier, and safer to live in. The Delaware Department of Energy Weatherization Assistance Program focuses on serving populations like senior citizens, children, the elderly, and disabled residents, as well as those whose homes have an excessive heating cost. There is usually a waiting list for the program.

The state will provide a professional energy audit of your home. Improvements can be made to a home by air sealing, insulation, fixing emergency gas leaks, shell work, ventilation, and more. There is no charge to the homeowner for any updates.

On average, people will save $430 per year on heating and cooling bills. The program helps lower income households reduce their heating and fuel expenses.

How to apply for government funded low income energy bill help in Delaware

The applicant needs to demonstrate that they are experiencing a crisis, and provide evidence to support this claim. DEAP can assist with a one-time emergency payment for eligible households who are in a crisis and are unable to meet their immediate energy needs. This could include a shut-off notice, no money to pay for fuel, or being out of fuel. To apply, please call the number below. The New Castle County phone number is (302) 654-9295. Call (302) 674-1782 if you are in Kent County, and (302) 856-5371 if you are in Sussex County. The number to reach someone by phone is (302) 856-6310.

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