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Denver Inner City Parish financial assistance programs.

Denver Inner City Parish provides assistance to those who are homeless and at risk of eviction. Services include food, shelter, and clothing. There may also be assistance for other people who have a low income, and the non-profit organization provides different types of services. The charity does its best to assist the disadvantaged even though all resources are limited.

Local food pantries and distribution centers

The FERN – Food Exchange Resource Network is a parish operated distribution center and warehouse in Southwest Denver that partners with local pantries and food banks. The site provides a variety of healthy food options for free, including vegetables, fruits, low-fat milk, whole grains, and baby formula. The goal of FERN is to help low-income residents feed their families or children by providing them with fresh food. The Denver Inner City Parish provides food for people in need by working with different food pantries and organizations.

The DICP Food Bank is another option for food assistance. This is one of the longest running programs of the non-profit. Provides food to anyone in need, regardless of factors such as age, race, or income.

The Food Bank is set up so that people can choose what they want and need, instead of getting a box of pre-selected groceries. By using less packaging, companies can reduce the amount of waste they produce and show more respect for their customers. The center is at the FERN Warehouse on South Zuni Street, and you can call them at 720-881-7520.

DICP has been hosting a free, annual community Thanksgiving dinner and Christmas gift distribution for many years. The family style dinner is offered at multiple locations throughout the city. The event will include free food, presents for children, toys, and more. The success of these holiday programs relies on the generosity of the community through donations and volunteers.

The FSET program provides low-income individuals with services that will help them get a job and become self-sufficient. FSET services include job readiness training, job search assistance, and job placement. Many people who use this Denver Inner City Parish service are receiving assistance from the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP). The goal is to help FSET clients become independent and self-sufficient, so they don’t have to rely on public assistance.

Rental assistance from Denver Inner City

The Rental Assistance Program from Denver Inner City Parish gives money to homeless or at-risk households. The funds can be used to pay for a security deposit or the first month’s rent for a new apartment in Denver. This program also offers help for people who are about to become homeless, by giving them money to pay for one month’s rent, so they don’t get evicted.

Additionally, when all shelters are full, DICP provides free vouchers for temporary shelter in local motels or hotels. The winter shelter is also available for people who are homeless due to domestic abuse, fire, evictions and other crises.

Employment resources as well as educational programs

This organization provides educational opportunities for those who did not finish high school, in the Denver area. The non-profit will help people earn a GED, which will improve their employment prospects, income and allow them to escape poverty. DICP provides Adult Education courses at locations around Denver to help residents earn their GEDs or enroll in other programs.

Project ReNew helps people who are struggling to find work and get back on their feet. This includes people who are homeless, veterans, disabled, or have been in prison. There is also help in overcoming addiction and developing personal habits that help them toward success. This help can come in the form of therapy, support groups, or medication. The goal of Project ReNew is to help participants become self-sufficient by providing them with clothing, sober transitional housing, and free transportation services.

The WAGEES program is a new program that is being offered to high school dropouts or ex-offenders. This program is being offered by the DICP in partnership with the Colorado Criminal Justice Reform Coalition as well as Life-Line Colorado. The resource will help the clients get a new start in life and become more stable. This program provides free services and financial incentives to participants to help them improve their employment prospects, education and enrolment into job training.

Contact information for Denver Inner City Parish

The office of Denver Inner City Parish is located at 1212 Mariposa St., Denver, CO 80204. To get more information, call 303-629-0636.

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